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  1. Figured I'd start this thread as a place holder for now. Will add mods as I go. My truck is a 2016 4.3 Chevrolet Silverado regular cab standard box 4x4. Purchased in June of 2019. Current Mod List: -Folding tonneau cover -Catch can -Tinted windows -Removed lower portion of valance -Black plastidip lettering -Red tow hooks -Painted mirror caps -Light smoke on tail lights -Aftermarket air filter -Colour matched handle covers -2 inch leveling kit Future Mods: -33 inch tires -D5S 35W HIDs -Black bear tune -Colour matched bumpers -Airaid MIT -Tint front turn signals -Throttle controller -Rear wheel well liners -Upgrade to 8 inch oem stereo How it sat when I got it:
  2. As the title says, I need some advice from people who have lowered their trucks. It's a 2001 silverado 2wd stepside. I'm thinking of 20 or 22 inch rims but I dont want any rubbing. Max width would be great too cause I'm going to be twin-turboing it. Also this is my first truck so I don't want to be doing any fender tubbing or anything else permanent. Any help would be appreciated! Edit: I haven't lowered it yet. Kinda forgot to mention that ?
  3. Hey guys. I have been driving a used 2007 Silverado Classic for about a year now. The truck has a regular cab, regular bed, 4.3L V6, and did not come with a tow package from the factory. After I started to realize I would need it for towing some smaller to medium trailers, I got the basic 4 way package and hitch installed at U Haul this past December, and also installed a Hopkins 7-blade/4-pin piece to the wiring cable just above the spare tire. However, I also would prefer to hook in a trailer brake system to save on wear and tear on my brake pads when moving larger trailers that I might occasionally haul. While the standard 2007 Silverado Classic (it's really just a 2006 Silverado) that comes with a tow package comes with the wiring, the wiring to the STUD #1 fuse in my engine bay fuse box, which normally has the power to a trailer brake controller, is absent from anywhere I can see around the box on mine. I also notice that the wiring to the trailer brake output in my truck is not connected to anything, and is just an empty wire running back to the end of the truck. STUD #2 is already connected under the box, which does not show the usual "install all the wires yourself" advice on most trailer brake controller videos from etrailer.com I am wondering if the red/power and blue/trailer brake wiring is hiding anywhere within any bundles and just needs to be connected together into the fuse box and to a trailer controller, or if I have to tap into my firewall and wire up everything myself. Here is a representation of the truck I have below: Here is the fuse box. Stud #1 seems to be used by the trailer brake controller's power wire, as most etrailer.com videos show these are already wired on towing equipped vehicles.
  4. A few months ago I replaced the stock speakers that came with my truck. I put in Rockford Fosgate 3-way speakers. It worked for a while, now no sound comes from the speakers. They will come in every now and then, but not often. I think it’s the head unit. What could be the issue?
  5. I have had a 76, 76, 79, 82, 83, 85, 85, 94, 99, 04, 04, 10, and a 15. I loved my 15. Was the same basic truck in a Chevy version without a trailer brake controller bought new in 14. Put 40k miles on it. Always wished it had the integrated trailer brake controller. I never planned to sell the truck but GM decided to build the 2015 Z28 and I traded the 15 Silverado in on that car. Great decision as I love that car and I knew it would be much easier to find another truck later down the road or not. This was a lot of work. I paid to much for it as GM is not offer any rebates right now. I could wait for them, but then this truck might sell and there are no other like it. It has every single one of my must have options a few of my wanted options. I think the only thing missing is the spray on bed liner but thats is easy to add. My plan was to finance the Fireball package at time of purchase but I was unable to find anyone willing to lend me that much over invoice. At least not when I have the Z28 payment as well. I think, I will leave the truck stock for a year and then just pay cash for the Fireball upgrade. No mater what at some point the truck will be super charged. Will be lowered in a few weeks. I found the truck 6.5 hours away in NE after many calls and chats with GM. GM always wants your zip code and only searches for vehicles within so many miles. They deny this, but try asking a few different times, with different zip codes you get different results. I was told several times this truck wasn't in stock anywhere in the US but I kept searching. Took 3 full weeks to find it. I even tried to order the truck. I have my order number but the allocation was closed 3-23. I was told there was basically no way GM would build my truck at this point. They are getting ready to build the 2019's. I canceled that order this morning. Persistence... I finally got my 2015 Z28 in Dec of 2017 brand new hiding in a dealership in TX and I found my exact truck in NE. It wasn't really hiding but it seems no one but me wants a loaded regular cab. I drove a few 4 doors even ones with the 6.2 and they are pigs compared to the regular cab with the 3:42's. I want a truck for sport and fun not to haul the family around. My family actually all fits in the regular cab as we are a small family. Anyway here is another picture of another black 2018 Sierra. The difference is this one is mine. I have not seen the truck in person. Deal is done and they have the funds. Hope they really keep it locked up inside. I added my Z28 just cause.... Truck will get the same stripes the day I get it home.
  6. Hey! As the title states, I have a standard/regular cab 2014 Silverado. I'm looking for a set of new or near new chrome door handles, Key on one or both sides, I guess it doesn't really matter. Would also consider buying a full set of 4 if the price was right, though I only need the two. Thanks for any offers!
  7. Yeah I am one of those who actually likes some badging on the truck but I didn't really care for how Chevrolet did it so I made a few changes. First I color matched the grill and wheel Bowties.. On the tailgate I started by removing the Bowtie and adding the LS emblem but it still looked out of balance to me so I removed the LS and centered the Silverado (I also color matched the tailgate handle). I thought the Silverado emblem was a bit too much for the doors so I first replaced them with LS emblems but that looked a little too bare for me so I found some 1500 emblems. I'm still not sure I like that so I may try something else. I really like the hood on this truck however I felt it needed a little something. I recently came across some pictures of my old 79 Corvette and the L82 emblem on the hood inspired me to do this.. Not everyone's cup of tea I am sure but it's interesting how many people notice something is different from other Silverados but don't necessarily realize exactly what it is!
  8. I cannot decide between 275/60r20 and 285/55r20. I am looking at getting the 2" RC leveling kit for my 2015 Silverado regular cab. RC website recommends the 285/55r20 but it looks like the 275's should fit fine as well, but not sure. two main questions. Do the 275/60r20's cost less? will the 275's kit ok with the 2" RC leveling kit?
  9. OK, here we go. Grumpy Bear gave me the motivation to do a build thread. First, some background - I ain't no "spring chicken," more like 71 years old. Owned stick shift 4wd Chevies most of my life, then a few years ago took a detour to a 4 dr. Jeep Wrangler. Guess you can't "teach an old dog new tricks," - I hated to drive the damned thing - like I was locked inside one of those CATSCAN boxes - major claustrophobia. A few weeks ago, browsing the lots at Tipotex, Chevrolet, notice a base model WT, 2 door regular cab, with G80 locking differential, and not much else. To make a long story short, traded in the Wrangler, offered $4,000 off the list price, and they gave me more for the Jeep than what the Chevy cost. I would've liked 4wd, but, hey, I'm retired, on a fixed income, and wan't really wanted to cough up the extra $7,000-10,000 ordering a new one would cost. I've got a pretty basic 2wd, that I'm going to turn into a "desert runner." Already, I've replaced to stock 255/70 highway tires, with BF Goodrich KO2 AT, LT255/75x17 load range C. This is a truck, right? No P-rated tires. I wanted the stronger 3 ply sideways for caliche ranch roads - less chance of a puncture. Next, have a in bed spare tire carrier on the way. Have to get that tire off from underneath the bed. Ever crawl under a vehicle during a dark rainy night on a dirt road? Also, an underslung tire picks up lots of road debris, and could be hard to lower, or may even be flat when put to use. The front end represents a more complicated issue and I don't know how to proceed. No spacers! I'm interested in wheel travel. Just changing the shock seems to be a complicated process as removing the spring is something I don't want to tackle. Thinking of a complete coil-over-shock such as Rancho Quick Lift or Fox. I've got to check on what kind of "bolt-in" and other adjustments may be needed. Regardless, here's some pics.
  10. Hello Everyone, You are looking at an amazing example of a clean, low mileage, Southern California truck. Exterior: the Original tan paint is in amazing condition. I am fairly sure this truck has been cared for since new with cover, carports, or some other enclosures. The paint appears to be original and holds an amazing shine. The Bumpers are straight and nice, doors shut as should and show no signs of sag. The inside of the bed has a few scratched on the "Header" from what appears to have been a plastic bed liner installed fairly early in its life. The liner has since been removed showing an near flawless bed. No dings or holes in the floor or wheel tubs. I am including photos of the only areas I could find issues with. I.E the passenger rear chrome modeling around wheel well has small dings about the length of a dollar bill. The tailgate has a stretch on the passenger side. Interior: This is a highly desirable Grey cloth interior truck. I recently upgraded to a 40/60 bench seat with fold down middle arm rest. The seat and carpet have been steamed clean and show little to no wear at all. The upper dash is in amazing condition with Zero Cracks (dash pad looks to be original since new), the lower dash near the ash tray has several screw holes from what appears to have been a cb install at one time??? The bezel is in great condition having only 2 flaws. 1. the headlight switch is a little rough to the touch and dirty (I have a replacement). 2. 2 of the clips that hold the bezel have come lose. I have replacement). The windows have been tinted within 8% and work perfect. Solid rear glass (non slider). Windshield has one small chip that has been filled by dealer. The headliner shows sings of usage on drivers side, this has not been cleaned to ensure that it wouldn't be damaged. The driver side sun visor has small rip from what appears to be a garage door opener (should have this replaced by time of sale). Heat blows hot, and AC needs recharged, but blower motors blows and is not locked up. A aftermarket CD/MP3 player has been installed in dash and done correctly, new speakers installed in the doors as well. Powerplant: 5.0 Vortex V8 runs super strong and starts right up overtime. truck has been driven less than 7300 miles per year on average, odometer showing just over 129,XXX miles as of this posting. This engine does not run hot, rattle, leak, or burn oil. I do not abuse my cars, this just sits in my garage until the weekends. The transmission and rear end were serviced in May 2016 and all fluids changed. It has a town package installed by a dealer when i purchased, and this will stay with the truck. Other: This truck shows as stock thru and thru. All original suspension, exhaust, and even the air cleaner assembly is original. The current tires and wheels on the truck are in great condition with about 75% life left in tires. Upon the sale I have the original style smooth GM truck wheels that will go with the truck in the event you want to take back to complete original. This truck is 100% rust and rot free, being a SoCal truck its whole life until I brought to NV... I have a clean a clear title in my name, and a auto report(better than carfax) upon request. this truck smoged no problem as well. I have done my best to take all the needed photos and describe all areas of this truck. please feel free to contact me direct should you have any question or want to see photos. Due to site restrictions I am not able to upload the high res images, SO PLEASE USE LINK ATTACHED. I search all over the west coast for these trucks, and only buy the best of the best. This is one of the cleanest uncut, rust free, clean OBS I have come across. $7000 OBO ** This truck has receipts since new, these will come with truck upon sale*** Truck is located in Henderson, NV about 10 minutes southeast of Las Vegas. You can fly in and drive it home, I will pick you up from airport. I will also assist the truck driver if you schedule a shipper and pay in full. I have helped these guys before and have a few I can recommend. http://s1342.photobucket.com/user/briandoleshal/slideshow/1998%20Sierra Thank you for your time, Brian 702-339-1808
  11. Looking to buy a pre-owned 2014-2015 Summit White Regular Cab silverado (v6 or v8) black interior. -Thomas
  12. Evening gents, I recently started work on a regular silverado. I'm looking to install a new cam, but having trouble finding a kit that agrees with the car. Any suggestions?
  13. From the album: Misc

    Not mine but, you don't see Regular Cabs too often.
  14. 1978 1 ton BBC low miles, body beat to *uc&. 2015 HD2500 hauling her to a hopefull resurection.

    © GeoJohnny

  15. When I bought my 2015 silverado it came with 255/70/17 tires/rims, but I recently purchased some 22-inch rims with 285/45/22 tires. I'm not sure what gear ratio I have on my truck and I also don't know if I need to changed them. It's a 2015 Regular Cab Silverado LS 4.3L
  16. Hey everyone, I've been around for a little bit, reading up on these trucks while I was looking for mine. I brought mine home last Friday. Figured I'd start a thread to show it off and post anything I do to it. Some background. This is my first vehicle. Grew up with GM trucks, learned how to drive in an '88 Sierra. I've been sharing the family Corolla with my brother the past few years, but it was time to get my own vehicle. I've always been a regular cab guy, briefly looked at a double cab but I have no need for it. Looked at the Z71, but I won't go off road much so went with the LT trim. And I just had to have the Blue Topaz after I saw it in person. Found this baby at the dealer about 15 km from my work. I emailed about 20 other dealers at the same time and none of them had exactly what I was looking for. One of them actually said they could only find one in the province that matched what I wanted which was the one from the local dealer that I bought. Silverado LT, 4x4, 5.3L V8. It has the convenience package and trailering package. It came with the 17" wheels, I wanted the 18's so I ordered them and am going to keep the 17's for winter. I also had the dealer put on chrome door handles. So far all I've done to it is take off the front plastic air dam. I think it looks much better without. Oh, and washed and waxed it of course. I'm thinking I'm going to drop the back so it sits level. I do like the looks of lifted and lowered trucks, but I actually quite like the stock ride height when driving around. So I'll level the back just for looks and leave it at that. I'm planning on getting a spray in liner, hard folding tonneau, and probably tinitng the side windows. Other than that, well we'll just have to wait and see! I have a cousin who has a truck shop so I'll talk to him about doing the rear drop. I'm definitely loving it so far. The are two things I've noticed. One is the FM reception, not sure if there's a fix for that? And, the seat doesn't go very far forward. I'm not a short guy at 5'11, but I have it all the way forward and it's almost perfect. But I don't know how any shorter guys would find it.
  17. From the album: 2014 sierra in progress

    Carven exhaust! 3" TR with a 3" to 2x2.5" Gonna do a single in dual out setup with turndowns at the corner of the bumper. Not in my sweet bumper steps if you where wondering. Then I'm done for a while.
  18. From the album: 2014 sierra in progress

    A/T grille!! I like it with the chrome surround. Now i just need to get another, so i can delete the emblem.
  19. The $1,595 Black Out package adds 20-inch painted aluminum wheels, P275/55R20 all-season blackwall tires, deep tinted glass and black bowties. Chevy prices a 2WD regular cab Silverado WT featuring the Black Out package at $28,895. Of course, the only color option for this package is, you guessed it, black. "The package is available for order now, and customers can have any color they want, as long as it is black."
  20. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 2/20/2015 Silverado work truck buyers now have a slick option to add a lot of style and some dubs to their pickup on the cheap. Starting today, Chevrolet is offering a new package specifically for WT regular-cab and double-cab trucks. The $1,595 Black Out package adds 20-inch painted aluminum wheels, P275/55R20 all-season blackwall tires, deep tinted glass and black bowties. Chevy prices a 2WD regular cab Silverado WT featuring the Black Out package at $28,895. Of course, the only color option for this package is, you guessed it, black. "The package is available for order now, and customers can have any color they want, as long as it is black."
  21. Hi all! This is my 1st post here, as I had previously been on the Ford forums. I had a 2012 F-150 STX RCSB, which I decided I wanted to put a plow on. .. Can't be done on a 2011 – 2012 F-150, unless it has the 6.2 engine. WTF! ... Because of the EPAS steering. I traded the Ford for a 2014 RCSB Silverado with a plow mounted. The 1st thing, which I noticed, was the Chevy didn’t have as much storage behind the seat, as the Ford. I have a bunch of tie downs, bungee cords, etc.. So, I found some “Over the Cabinet Door” wire bins in Lowe’s ‘Home Organization Dept.’, which seem to work out pretty good. I got 2 of them, but there is probably enough room for 4 units. With the hanging hooks, they can be easily hung over the cab backing, where the vinyl joins it.
  22. I have a beautiful 2014 Sierra SLE regular cab, its in Sonama Red Metallic. It has the 20" wheels. The Truck is really tall from the rear, more then ive seen any stock truck. I was going to lower the truck anyways, but its just a matter of which kit. I dont want too low, im looking at the McGaughtys 2/4 drop, and im getting the GM 22" Black 5-spoke wheels on as well. Has anyone installed that kit, are their any problems with that kit? Pictures would help.
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