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  1. Hi All. I know this topic has been touched on numerous times now, but I thought I would add my two cents on the Rough Country 3.5" Lift and my experience. I wanted to create this post for other who may have the same lift and need some guidance on what to expect and what to do to correct the known issues. This is for a 2008 Chevy Suburban LT/Tahoe LTZ. I am sure this will apply to Avalanche as well, but may give other vehicle owners a starting point. Plus, I have not found this information on the internet anywhere. I purchased this lift for a friend to lift her 2008 Chevy Tahoe with Auto Ride. I knew it wasn't made for Auto Ride, but i did an Auto Ride delete. After all, thinking base suspension, resetting to stock is a no brainer. However, I questioned some things that did not seem right during the installation namely the knuckles. The UCA's that came with the kit were tough enough, however, they sat at a 45 degree angle. Setting caster could not be done. She had a budget and I did what I could under her budget. Also, the front axles were almost at max angle too. Well, I have a 2008 Chevy Suburban without Auto Ride, and I wanted the same lift for my vehicle. I bought the lift, but what I did different was that I also purchased Skyjacker 3.5 - 4" lifted knuckles. The cost was $671 and you have to contact Skyjacker to purchase them separate from their kit. This solved the UCA angle problem and brought it back to stock spec. It also brought the front axle angles back to to stock spec as well. Then three new problems arose. One, toe could not be set and the wheels were way out of whack. Two, as mentioned in other posts, camber/caster could not be set because the new knuckles have an offset neck. This cause the tires to stick out at the top, and maxes out the UCA within the bracket. Three, when installing bigger tires, one side sticks out farther in the rear toward the passenger side, and the driver side is tucked in. Fixing issue one: I had to modify the outer tie rods by having 1" cut off with a chop saw. I went to a muffler shop and they did it for free. Then I realized I still did not have enough adjustment, so I cut off half an inch of the tie rod itself. This preserved integrity but also gave me what I needed in terms of toe in/out adjustment. The new lift knuckles tie rod side of the knuckle curves in, whereas stock is straight. Fixing issue two: Purchasing and installing offset ball joints into the UCA's to correct the camber/caster issue created by the new lift knuckles. When I realized the problem, right away, the camber is just "almost" there but not quite. As mentioned in other posts, you will run on the outer edge of your tires. By installing this part it restores camber/caster adjustment by pulling the UCA "out" from maxed in position allowing for adjustment. The part number from MOOG RK100215 Driver side and MOOG RK100214 Passenger side. (Cost: $137 per UCA depending on where it is purchased). These UCA's come with the offset ball joint. I took mine in to Tire Rama, and because it is a "specialty" part, they installed my part without issue. Tire Rama was very cheap. I paid $162 for the install and $81 for the alignment. (This may vary based on your location) Everything is now fixed and aligned without further issue or worry. (NOTE: The RC UCA's did not work on my application. The cup on the RC UCA is too deep to accommodate the offset ball joint.) Fixing issue three: Purchasing an adjustable track bar allows for the rear wheels to be evened out. The stock track bar is not adjustable. This might not matter to some people, however, you can get the dog leg effect where the rear of the vehicle does not drive in a straight line with the front of the vehicle. Spohn makes one for my vehicle and it costs around $125. You will need to cut the UCA bracket before UCA installation if you decide to go with these parts mentioned above. I am a newb, not to working on vehicles, but to doing lifts. The lift I did on my vehicle is my only second one. The lift itself is straight forward. I added new tail lights, headlights, fender flares (Had to get the ones made for the Chevy Avalanche,as they do not make the pocket style for suburban), tinted windows (3M 20%front, 35% rear over stock tint), dual cat back exhaust w/flowmaster super 10 and 18" tips. I ran with an 18" 10 ply GoodYear Wrangler Duratrac Tire, and a 18" Fuel Vapor D569 wheel with -12 offset. My project is almost complete as of today, all that is left is to tune it. I hope this helps someone. I wish I had this information sooner myself.
  2. What's up ya'll. I've had my front and rear Rough Country floor mats in my 2014 Silverado Double Cab for a bit over a year. I shot a quick update video to show you guys how they are holding up and protecting my floors
  3. I want to lift my 2017 silverado 1500, any thoughts on 7.5" lift from rough country??? Reviews please thanks guys!!!
  4. * Rough Country 3.5" lift w/o UCA (2007-2017)......$200 Shipped -One shock is brand new - 14k miles - Selling as I upgraded to 6" * 1.5" Wheel Spacers (Set of 2)..............................$55 Shipped -Nuts included * OEM Rear Shocks P/N #22891329 (2014-2017)..$40 Shipped(Each) - 2 Available - 25k miles * OEM Front Strut (2014-2017)...............................$50 Shipped - 18k miles -Strut ONLY *DL8 Mirrors(Heated and power adjust)..................$250 Shipped -Quicksilver Metallic -No scratches or issues Payment through PayPal Goods and Services Let me know if you would like pics Thanks!
  5. Sup everyone! Will be installing some new lighting in a few weeks and wanted to see what others have done. here is my line-up: I will be using Rough Country's 52" Curved LED bar across the windshield: http://www.roughcountry.com/52-inch-curved-x5-led-light-bar-76254.html also the RC flush rear bumper mounted LED reverse lights: http://www.roughcountry.com/2-inch-led-square-flush-mount-lights-70803bl.html also the RC rock lights behind the wheel-wells: http://www.roughcountry.com/led-rock-lights-709rlc.html I am still looking into replacing the OEM HID lights, i would like a whiter light. if anyone has any ideas or knows where to obtain better HID lights for the 2017 Silverado post a link, thanks!
  6. I'm new here and I've been trying to diagnose my '14 Sierra issue for a while. It sounds just like a blown drivers side front strut when I hit bumps at low speeds, almost like a "plop" sound. If I'm on a washboard road it almost sounds like a rattle on the inside. I took to the dealership roughly a year ago and they confirmed I had a bad strut and replaced, but now it's back. Recently, I put a 2.5" RC leveling kit and 33" BFG's on it and within a week I began hearing the exact same noise as before with strut but there is no fluid visible. I crawled underneath and checked everything involved with lift. I happened to grab the CV axle and it has both torsional and tensional slop. My Question: What is an acceptable amount of torsional and tensional play or slop in a CV joint on these trucks? My truck currently has roughly .0625"-.125" play in both directions. Also, my CV shaft has less than .0625" clearance from the bolt head on lower strut. Is that normal?
  7. I have a 2014 silverado 1500 with a 2.5" rough country level and I'm tired of the terrible ride quality. Every bump is very rough and rattles the whole truck. Is there a best shock option I can buy to combine with this level and get better ride quality? I have looked at coil overs but I don't think I will be happy with amount of lift. Any advice or recommendations will be appreciated.
  8. Putting a 6 inch lift and 35's on my truck. I notice it says you need the hypertech programmer to calibrate the tires for larger size. A buddy of mine Recently put at 7.5 inch kit with 325/65/20 on his truck without the programmer and every time he takes a corner, His traction control goes off and doesn't let him accelerate because it senses he's slipping. Does the programmer fix this as well? and does anyone know what size tires you can go up to without needing the programmer?
  9. How's it goin' fellas. I drive a 2014 GMC Sierra (all-terrain package). I have a rough country 2.5" leveling kit installed, along with 2" wheel spacers I got from Rough Country. I currently run 275/55/20, but I am planning to change to 285/70/17 (33's). because of my 2inch spacers, should I buy a wheel that has a positive, negative, or 0mm offset? I DO NOT want the tires to stick out wayy past the fender. However, I do like an aggressive stance (just slightly past the fender).
  10. Anyone know of a reputable shop in the Fort Stewart/savannah GA area to have a lift installed. Found a couple shops off of rough country's site, but they act like they don't want the business. Any help would be great.
  11. I have a brand new Rough Country 2" leveling kit for sale fits 2007-UP GM and GMC 1500 trucks and SUV's with Steel Control Arms. Never installed. Sticker and unopened installation kit included. I went the Bilstein height ride adjustable shock route instead. It is on ebay right now for $44.00 with free shipping. Direct sale here for $40.00 shipped. I'll end the Ebay auction and give you my PayPal info. RC #1307 fits 2007-UP GM and GMC 1500 trucks and SUV's http://www.ebay.com/itm/172205551921?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  12. Hey everyone, just introducing myself. Just picked up a 2016 Tungsten Metallic Z71 4x4, got some great rebates on it, loaded minus leather (hate leather, Phoenix doesn't work for leather). So far LOVING this truck. I've owned a couple old Sierra's and another Silverado, but this is my first brand new one, and man does it look, feel and drive great! Only mods so far is, a 2" Rough Country lift I put on myself, and some black vinyl for the front and back Chevy bowties. I plan on doing BFG TA Ko2's in 285/65r18 on the stock wheels. I've been going back and forth on aftermarket wheels for a while now, and for some reason I keep lingering back to that good Ol factory look. Other things to come, like Magnaflow exhaust, intake, step bars. Anyways, here she blows:
  13. I just purchased a 2014 silverado 1500 double cab, 4WD. I am looking to go with a slightly aggressive wheel/ tire look. ive been looking at some rough country leveling kits and combo lifts (leveling kit with slight body lift). i am really wanting to go with a 20x10 wheel with some 33x12.50 mud or all terrains WITH NO RUBBING at full turn without trimming. Rough country has a 3.25 inch combo kit and a 3.75 inch combo kit OR just a 2.5 inch leveling kit. I am hesitant on buying this set up without hearing from some people that are running this set up or something similar.
  14. Just joined the group today but I have been reading many posts over the past few weeks on what everyone has done to spruce up the look on their 2014+ sierra and still keep the factory ride and stay as close as possible to the factory MPG. I picked up my Quicksilver Sierra SLT 2 weeks ago from the dealership and knew I had to get a leveling kit on it asap. The Sierra I purchased came with stock 18's but I was able to do a wheel swap for some stock 20's off a 2016 Denali that was on the lot. I did a lot of reading on other posts and decided to go with the RC 2 inch level so I would still have some rake in the back. I also was going to swap the tires for a larger 10 ply size (due to my vehicle seeing a lot of gravel everyday) but I didn't know what to go for. After a bunch of research, I came to the conclusion that the Hankook Dynapro ATM's in 285/55/20 was my best option for appearance, durability, MPG, and the biggest factor, PRICE. I just picked it up from the shop today and I thought I'd post a pic for everyone. I haven't seen anyone running this setup on the forum so this may be helpful to some of you guys. So overall I added 2 inches in suspension height and a little more than a 1/2 inch in tire height and width. (New tires are 32.4 inches x 11.7 inches). No rub at all and definitely could fit a larger tire, but this is the look I was going for. I will do updates on MPG before and after as well. Ran two tanks of fuel through it stock with mixed conditions 20% gravel, 40% stop and go and 40% highway with an average of 18.0. Some of this in auto 4x4 due to bad weather. So far the ride seems just a hair stiffer but I am also looking for it to be as well. Time will tell. Sorry in advance for the poor pic I currently have, it's almost dark and I am just pretty excited about showing it off. I will get some better ones added this weekend with it cleaned up and from different angles. Before with 18's After with lift and tires
  15. Modifications on Truck ============== Already completed ============== -2" rough country leveling kit -33" KO2 tires -Max Legal % Window Tint -UWS Toolbox -RhinoLined Bed -Detached Plastic front bumper ============== In Progress ============== -WeatherTech Floor Liners -3" Stainless Steel RC Bull Bar w/ -20" LED Light Bar -RC 6 Step Nerf Steps w/ Tool Box Access -50" Light Bar Mount -Light Bar Brackets -Cab Multi-Color Lights -LED cup holder Rings ============== Wish List ============== -Cover King Seat Covers -MegaWarrior Yakima w/brackets and Lights -Kicker Sub and Amplifier ============== If y'all have any ideas for me that'd be great
  16. I'm debating which setup I want to go with, and was helping that some of the guys who have a good understanding of offset, tire sizes, etc can help me out. I read all 117 pages of the wheel/tire thread, but it made my head hurt trying to figure out what I need. My truck is a 2014 Silverado LTZ Z71 Crew Cab with the Standard (6'6") bed sitting on factory 22's (SEY CK156). I will be installing the Rough Country 2.5" leveling kit when I upgrade the wheels/tires. I'm set on getting the XD Rockstar II (XD811) wheels in 20x9: I'll probably get a set of the Toyo Open Country M/T's. Other sets I'm considering are the Nitto Terra Grapplers, and Cooper SST. Here's where I really need some help: #1) I'm debating getting the Bushwacker fender flares. If I do, I'd like an offset that helps push the wheel out and make it "flush" with the flares. The XD811's come in a -12 offset which I was thinking would be perfect (based on what I've seen). My question with this setup is: what's the biggest and beefiest tire I can throw on these 20x9's get that won't rub? #2) If I don't get the flares, then I was thinking I'd go with the +18 offset. It'd be almost flush, correct? Perhaps sticking out just a bit? And again... biggest/beefiest set of tires that won't rub. In advance, thank you!
  17. Hey so I have around 2000$ to play around with and I have a 2014 GMC sierra 4 wheel drive with the only thing put on it is a Rough Country 2 inch level and nitto trail grapplers. I have some idea's in what I want to do but I was wondering if any of you guys have any ideas for me. I'm looking for accessories outside of the truck not necessarily performance mods. I have a toolbox, 5% tint, and rhino lining in the bed. I'm looking for a more showy or buffer look on the truck. My idea is to get everything from Rough Country, but I'm open to other companies. What I have in mind is a 50 inch light bar w/ bracket, a chrome bull bar w/ 20 inch light bar, and some nfab running boards with the 3rd step for toolbox access (I have the 6'6 bed and I've seen them and they look great). If y'all have any ideas for me that'd be great! or if you think any of these clash. Thanks
  18. Rough Country says that the installation time is 8-10 hours. The kit was designed to eliminate welding and according to the country only requires minimal cutting and drilling. Factory width is maintained.
  19. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 9/16/2015 Rough Country has introduced a new six-inch suspension lift kit for the Colorado and Canyon. Aside from the looks the kit offers, the additional ground clearance promises better off-road performance. In addition to the expected suspension components needed to lift the vehicle, the kit contains front and read crossmembers, differential and brake line brackets, as well as front and lower skidplates. Rough Country says that the installation time is 8-10 hours. The kit was designed to eliminate welding and according to the country only requires minimal cutting and drilling. Factory width is maintained.
  20. Full set of Rancho shocks and strut assemblies $400 Set of tie rod ends $20 Rough country 2 inch level for aluminum suspension. $45 Also have factory aluminum steering knuckles which I have no idea what they are worth. Everything listed was pulled off at 4,100 miles Leveling kit has 2,300 miles on it Located in SoCal near Palm Springs area.
  21. Hey guys, I noticed Rough Country came out with the new knuckle lifts. They made the 6, 7.5, and 5. Just wondering if anyone has tried this lift yet and wondered if anybody had any opinions on these vs the regular 5 and 7in lift RCX makes.
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