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  1. I'm new to forum, I have a 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500 Standard Cab 2 door ( Not a HD ) My Center support Bearing for my driveshaft is Bad. I have searched continuously for a video that has the support bearing (SB) in the same location and cant find one. My SB is Not hanging like others but it was located above the frame. Is this correct? My truck has ran fine for years until this went and I was wondering if the SB was supposed to be installed below the frame ( appearing to hang). Thanks for everyone's cosideration and help
  2. Ok so I have a 99 sierra 2500 4x4 6.0. Parked it last night no problems. Get in this morning back out and put in drive . As I pushed the gas and started straightening the steering wheel the front driver side made a loud pop sound. After that accelerating I had a vibration for a while. Stop and take off no pop but vibration. I drove for about 45 mins vibration went away. I put in 4wd low no issues 4wd hi no issues. Any clues?
  3. Hi all, I have been in the vibration forums for a couple months now and have decided to make a new thread dedicated specifically to the Class Action Suit that I have been working with a lawfirm in Boston. Over the course of the last month, the firm has been actively investigating the issues many of us are seeing in our vehicles. Let me be a little more specific, They have hired outside investigators who are working with the top level partners at the firm to actively research, test, and and inspect the trucks, looking into the Vibrations, Radio Reception, and Transmission issues. I have been sending them any and all information that I come across, that is sent to me or posted in the forums that could potentially help them. In the mean time, I am and have been taking names, email addresses, phone numbers, trucks, locations (city & state) and if you have yet to rid yourself of the truck (trade or otherwise), and now what your issue(s) are/ were. It doesn't matter if you have gotten rid of your truck or not, at worst we may only be able to use your case, at best, we may be able to get you some form of compensation (I can not say for sure, that is up to the attorneys to figure out, what extent that this can go) If you would like to be added to the rapidly growing list of people who wish to be contacted please send me a PM with the information mentioned above. (please note: I can not guarantee the attorneys will contact you, however the more people who join the list, the more powerful the case, and the better off we are) Good Luck with your trucks, Jesse D. ------EDIT------ I decided to combine the yes and and about to send information to Jesse D. into one line item. those of you that have sent me your info or those who were in the about to category please resubmit your vote to the correct line. those of you who haven't voted but already sent me your info, please submit your vote, i would like to try to keep this as accurate as possible. I do have some names from people I have talked to who are not on the forum, so I know it will never be 100%. Thank you Jesse D.
  4. 9/15/15 - I took delivery of my 2016 Yukon XL Denali around noon. This truck was DX'd from another dealership approximately 100 miles away and was driven here on Monday (9/14/15). I took a quick test drive and was focused on the buffeting issue. It was definitely there but didn't seem to be as bad as previous vehicles that I had driven. On my way home I noticed some severed vibrations above 70mph all the way up to about 80mph. I called the service department yesterday afternoon and made an appt for this morning. We needed the room that this vehicle provides fairly quickly (lots of travel with soccer, aging parents, etc. - my wife, two young daughters and two puppies less than a year old). Some say why didn't you just swap it out with another one? This configuration was exactly what I wanted and, unlike White Diamond, the Summit White's are hard to locate, especially a 2016. 9/16/15 - took car in and described in detail what i had experienced (the buffeting and the vibration). 3 hrs later they informed me that a GM representative happened to be onsite and that they found 3 of the 4 tires to be significantly out of balance (via road force balancing). They have 20-30 (I don't recall which exact number) tires in stock of the same exact model that's on my Yukon XL (22"). They are having to put a tire on a rim to get them all matched which should solve the vibration problem. I was put into a Chevy Impala from Enterprise (there is world championship bike race in town for the next week so all larger rentals are gone, apparently). EDIT: They called me back and offered up a 2016 Acadia Denali from the dealership. Not a Yukon XL BUT certainly not an Impala. Stay tuned.
  5. Hey guys just bought a 2016 Chevy Tahoe LTZ on November 10 and it has been shaking and vibrating at speed above 67mph. I noticed a lot of vibration driving on the way home the first day,so took it back the very next day. The dealer did balancing and gave it back to me but it still vibrated so took it back the next day again. This time dealer kept it for 2 days and replaced 2 tires which could not be balanced and then gave it to me. The truck still had the vibration so I took it back immediately and asked them to look at it. The mechanic acknowledged that vibration is present and said that it is normal and all of them do this. So I test drove an indentical suv and that did not vibrate. So the dealer kept it another few days and are now changing all the tires again. At this point I think there is something wrong with the suv as it has been in the shop for more days than I have driven it. It has only 500 miles and all are due to service advisors's test rides to check for shake. Dealer has been courteous so far but I don't think they have a clue about what is wrong with it. Any pointers what could be the problem? I am seeing lot of other posts with similar problems on the forums but no resolution so far. Reached out to GM but no replies so far. Very concerned and frustrated with this purchase.
  6. Actual photo of my brand new 2018 Silverado High Country. It's been at the dealer for about 2 weeks now - still has the temporary tag on it. I asked them to look into the vibration in the steering wheel. Haven't seen it since. I think the dealer is doing what they can and trying to fix it. But they don't seem to be getting any support from Chevrolet/GM. Nothing like replacing that new car euphoria with a good swift kick in the balls. #Chevrolemon
  7. anyone else have a problem after lowering there Silverado. After I did a 2x4 drop when I hit 80 mph the driveline starts to vibrate. Anyone find a fix for this.
  8. Hi Everyone, So my truck has been at the dealership two times officially now. This 3rd time I had my friend look over it and he said the truck was within GM's specs. I don't know what GM's specs for vibration are but my vibration is in the mid 70mph range and excessively vibrates and then smooths out. This is a constant cycle throughout my commute. I am going to pull my driveshaft and take it to a shop that specializes in driveshafts. I know several people have had their driveshafts replaced under warranty and it did not correct the issue. My thoughts are if your truck originally came with an out of spec driveshaft chances are there is a whole stockroom somewhere in the Parts Department that has out of spec driveshafts mixed in with the ones without issue, hence the reason some people have no luck with driveshaft replacement. I really feel this could be one of the major issues behind all of this especially when there is documentation instructing the technicians at the dealerships to use hose clamps to balance the driveshaft. I'm sorry but I don't see hose clamps as a permanent correction to this issue. I will update this post when I get the results from the driveshaft inspection. Please feel free to share your thoughts and bounce ideas around. Collectively I believe we can find an aftermarket fix for this issue, it may not 100% resolve the issue but will at least save people from taking huge losses on trade in (if you did not go through a buyback/lemon/customer satisfaction program). (A lot of people are trading in / selling their trucks because of this issue) ***UPDATE 01-22-2016*** I contacted the Team at Precision Shaft Technologies (http://pstds.com/) in Clearwater FL and they were able to squeeze me in as a walk in. (Not there normal protocol. They were super friendly, informative, and VERY helpful!) I drove up there and pulled the driveshaft in their parking lot. They then put the driveshaft on a machine and it was a near perfect balance. They added one small shim to the U joint to get it perfect but I'm sad to say the vibration is still present and there was no change. However, when I returned home I put my truck up on jack stands and ran it up to the speed I had issues at (per GM's service docs) and there was NO vibration. I was extremely confused at this point. I dumbed it down and looked at the rear wheels while the truck was in drive (idle speed) on the jack stands (be sure to block your front wheels and disable traction control / StabiliTrak if you plan on doing this on your own). I noticed my left rear wheel has a slight flat spot it in so much so that it's extremely difficult to notice. I have not had a chance to swap a known acceptable wheel to the rear at this time. When I do I will update this post. A recap for a description of my vibration: -72-74 MPH there is a cyclic vibration. Roughly every 7-8 seconds the truck has a vibration and then the vibration disappears.
  9. You guys seem to post useful info, perhaps you can help. In short, I started noticing significant vibration that progressively got worse, beginning around 10k miles (now have about 25k). I assumed tires and went through the usual troubleshooting... balanced them a couple of times, rotated, etc. Stock 20 inch wheels. I don't have much faith in factory tires, so I replaced them with stock size Michelin LTX MS/2. It rode a lot better for a couple hundred miles, then I noticed vibration getting worse again. Had tires rebalanced. Called Chevy dealer (3 months ago), they were dealing with this issue and had no answers yet and several trucks waiting diagnosis. Started doing my own diagnosis... visited dealer again and he told me Michelins could be the problem. He can put picometer on the truck but they won't fix the center console vibration because it's just something we have to live with according to him. No joke... you can put a bottle of water in the console (60/40 split) and it will occasionally slop out the open top. To be fair, it rides OK... a lot better than my wife's Jeep Wrangler. But in my mind you shouldn't be able to even have this dissussion... the Siverado shouldn't have this kind of vibration at all. All said... I'm still feeling a bunch of pulsation in the steering wheel at idle and more vibration up to 1200-1800 rpm. This is a pulsation up and down with overall vibration, it does not wobble like a bad front tire. It has little to no change with road conditions (cracks, bumps, etc). Not much change if at all if you drop it in Neutral. It seems to me to be more related to RPM than speed or road conditions. You do feel a different ride condition if you're on concrete... a little stiffer ride, but that's not the vibration I'm feeling in the steering wheel. Every now and then you get a sensation like a broken shock (remember the 80's silverado's?), but it's not consistent. Any thoughts or help? I'll get back to the dealer and hook up their pico-meter... I suspect a bad motor mount or some rotating engine attachment with a balance problem. Perhaps other vibration in the frame coming up the steering column. I would think a bad power steering pump except the electric steering kind of kills that idea... I've driven GM trucks my whole life and I've never seen one that runs this well have this much vibration. When I got in it, it rode like a Cadillac. Now it feels a whole lot more like an old Dodge or really old Ford. Frustrating thing is that it's not consistent... same roads, sometimes different levels of vibration. I am convinced it is not speed related, which takes tire balance out of the equation. This is Houston, TX... I just realized that the vibration seems to be a little less severe lately. Daytime highs are 90-95 right now, evenings are quite a bit cooler. Perhaps a coincidence... I'm grasping at straws now. Thanks for any help... or other ideas about how to diagnose it.
  10. What up fella's. I've been back and forth the past few months with my dealership in regards to the severe vibration I'm having on my 2017 Silverado Z71 Crew cab. The vibration occurs between 74-84 mph. It rides worse than the 2011 I traded for it. I feel it in the steering wheel, the gas petal, seats and center console. My main concern is it vibrates the hell out of my daughter in her car seat, which tears me up inside. There is no way we can take her for long drives in it as it makes her physical irritable and sick. Here's a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7giDNI70pTk&feature=youtu.be Last time I took it to the dealership, they rode forced the tires and did a "pico reading" and dealership stated "it is operating within the specified range" and there was nothing they could do for me. Funny thing is I actually rode with the Service Manager and Tech while doing this test and both of them said they felt the vibration/shaking but it rides better than other trucks. Such horse shit.. This is one of many issues I've had with it since I bought it; FE: replace full exhaust system due to bad flapper, removed "rail dust" in paint, replace mass airflow sensor within first week of purchase, replaced "gateway module" which took 30+ days in the shop. I purchased the truck last November and am honestly depressed I'm even having this issue to which no dealership can/wants to fix. Ive requested specifically requested to speak with a GM rep last time I was there which the service manager said ''I unfortunately don't know that info". You guys are my last resort, so I'm looking to see how I get in touch with the GM Rep to see what options I have before I get with a lawyer. Any help you guys can provide is greatly appreciated.
  11. I want to apologize in advance for the length of this... I just need to point out the details. It’s time GM does something for us who own 2014-2015 models, trucks I’ve dubbed "the engineering guinea pigs" thanks to personal experience and the myriad of complaints in this forum. Good day to all of you. I’m presenting you an issue that is causing more concern to my safety in my truck than holding a gun to my head. Starting this off by stating I made the grand mistake of taking my truck in to get the steering update instead of checking ground connections myself. Doing this update bit me in the ass within a week of getting my truck back. Let’s just say that after I received my truck from the dealership in far beyond worse condition than I sent it in with, I’m getting consistent and far worse problems after updating. My truck shut off on me completely, losing control of steering and everything, while approaching a red light at about 45 MPH...with my younger brothers in the truck. I took it to the same dealership that same day, and they weren’t able to do anything. I was beyond frustrated. I’ve never had any vibration at any speed until my service. Now I’m getting vibration at 70mph. When I lightly press the brake, I’m hearing a rotational sound coming from my left front wheel, my mechanic says it’s the bearing but with our trucks having sealed bearings, I’m going to be looking at an $800 hub assembly. Just this Saturday, I made a 45 minute drive up to Ft. Lauderdale and as I arrived, I noticed my engine was producing a sound almost like a lifter noise, even though the dealership serviced my lifters(or one specific lifter, not clear at the moment as to what it was). When I got back in my truck after a few hours, I had no lifter noise...WTF? This is getting out of hand. Here's the part that has me worried: ever since my update, my volt meter is below the half mark all the time (never happened beforehand) and I noticed that my headlights flicker and dim, along with my dash lights sometimes. When I press my brake and use my turn signals, the lights dim significantly and brighten back up but flicker. With my turn signal, my headlight dims when I engage it and as it blinks, my headlights dim and brighten with the blinks. Just the other day as I was backing up out of my buddy's house, my backup camera froze and I got a "service rear camera" message on the display. I’m so confused, how does an update manage to mess up my truck? I'm beyond pissed. The only good this update did was actually improve the shifting slightly, even though I’m still having that infamous 1st to 2nd rough shift. Other than that, this update makes me want to tell GM to F-off and move onto ford or something. Yes, I’m that serious. I’ve been a Chevy person all my life, the majority of my family owns Chevy's... this is just getting out of control. I've searched up all these forums about this and haven’t found too much. Already have links saved and screenshots of individual posts about all this, but I need more insight. Did I make the mistake of buying a first-generation truck? I’m not looking forward to pursue legal action, which will end up costing me an arm and a leg, on top of that I probably won’t benefit much from it. Realistically, I’m also not looking forward to switching sides just yet. I want to make sure I’ve exhausted all my efforts before I make a drastic change like that. This was my dream truck... and I was beyond blessed to be able to own it, and I had so much plans for it. Now? It’s looking like a nightmare, and I've got the urge to get rid of it. HELP. ME. PLEASE.
  12. I have a 2016 Silvarado LTZ Z71 4x4 with the 8 speed... About 13,500 miles on it and it's started to develop a "shudder" and it's been shifting harder. On cruise control it will shudder at around 1300 rpm with speed staying constant. I've driven it in manual on new roads at 35 MPH and it also shudders around the same RPM range. We're talking about vibration enough to shake the steering wheel. Almost the same effect as driving over bumps in the road. When driving it very aggressively at higher RPMs the issue isn't as severe. Also when drifting, aka letting the vehicle decelerate, the issue goes away. Has anyone had the same issue with the 2016 8 speed? Any solutions? I'd like to have an idea of what the problem is before going to the dealership tomorrow. I bet $100 they'll tell me it's the tires.... Thanks for input, JK29
  13. Hi everyone. Been along time since I've posted about my 2015 vibrator. Well what a story I have for you! I'll make it short n sweet as possible. First the dealership, couple of hiccups but overall really good to me. Second the Gm customer service, very pleasant to talk to......that's all. Third Gm district manager, treated me very well with buyback. 1/16 New 2015 1500 double ltz 6.2 20" vibrated bad from day one! Approx 6-7 months later after 4 sets of tires, alignments etc.. was offered buyback. Ordered a 2017 1500 crew ltz z71 6.2 18" loaded on first order date. ( z71 and 18" highly suggested for least amount of possible vibration problems by DM ) 12/20/16 new truck FINALLY arrives. Stunning, rides amazing. 5/17 4K miles started to notice a little vibration. Could live with it. 6/17 vibration worse, rear end was making odd noise off and on. Rear end locked up several times at very low speeds and just dragged tires. Will leave out all the bs. Rear end was blown. Btw I don't beat on my trucks. GM POLICY.... new model year rebuild only! If 2016 and older new rear end. RFB tires 2 no good. 2 new tires( found out were out of spec to, put on anyways) Rebuilt rear end, 2 new tires truck vibrated worse, rear end made bad clunking noise and all around seemed worse. Didn't want to go through another buyback and was told GM probably won't do it. Traded for 2017 Colorado v6 crew long bed. Surprisingly really like this little truck. Ok you ready.... 207 miles on it, took it on highway, vibrated worse than my first truck. Also noticed whole truck had a slight lean to drivers side. Took service manager for ride and couldn't believe how bad it was. Also measured truck and driver side was shorter. RFB tires, perfect, checked everything, perfect. No bulletins for it. Never had a Colorado vibrate. Nothing he could do about it. Said you got a lemon. He was gonna contact DM. ( I wrote a email to DM in detail of what My family and I have gone through the past year and a half, how much money we have lost, how much stress we have had and to please just give me a new Colorado ) He got in touch with New DM and explained he couldn't fix it, it's a lemon. Definitely should do a buyback. Well guess what DENIED!! IM FLOORED... unfixable truck is mine. Almost traded for another New Silverado but couldn't do it. Lemon law would take to long and they would get me for mileage( which is not cheap ) and I have to drive it. 8/17 traded for a beautiful black 2017 v6 twin turbo crew cab loaded f150. Couldn't be happier. Really impressed with motor, better tow, better mileage, seats more comfortable, all around better. Unfortunately For GM ( not that it matters to them ) I will never buy a GM product again and I will steer anyone who asks away from them. BTW... I personally know several 15-17 Silverado owners who's trucks vibrate, most common said things from them is... Dont have time to bring it in. Don't wanna go through bs. Take the wife's car for long drives. Brought it in got new tires still vibrates. Gonna trade for Ram/Ford. So the number of REPORTED vibration issues means nothing.. lots of people don't have time, don't wanna deal with bs, traded or just don't care. In the past year and a half I've asked approximately 50 15-17 Silverado owners if theirs vibrated. HALF said yes and all at highway speeds. Personally I think they all vibrate on different levels. On the low end response well it's a truck, that's how it rides. It's expected. And don't forget service guys going with you for test ride saying, that's the tires their aggressive your gonna get that. Unfortunately I've heard it all. My Silverado crew rode like a Cadillac until 4K miles. Take no excuses!!!! Thanks for reading and good luck to all.
  14. Hello from Hutto, TX! My husband and I purchased a 2016 Chevy Tahoe (Demo) with a little over 3000 miles on it on February 25, 2017 and at the time of the test drive, noticed a vibration when driving over 70 mph. The sales rep immediately blew it off as just a balancing issue. The sale was contingent upon the dealership repairing the issue so they jotted it down along with other notable requirements not related to repairs. I brought the Tahoe back and dropped it off the following week so they could look at it and have leather installed. The sales rep had called me and told me that it's just a flat spot which is typical from sitting on the lot and that they would air the tires up to 75-80 psi and drive it for 5-10 miles, deflate and everything would be fine. While this seemed odd to me, I let it go; he called me when the vehicle was ready and said everything was fine. Needless to say, I brought it back a couple of weeks later because the vibration didn't go away. It's been in the shop for a total of 20 days - the 2nd time in, they balanced the tires; guess. what? It still has vibration issues; 3rd time back, they replaced the front tires (after doing a picotest); I came in to pick it up and do a test drive, which brought me to the conclusion that nobody actually test drove it, and left it there. They seemed to be a bit surprised that I wasn't going to let it be. Anyway, 2 weeks later and 2 more tires on the rear, then switching all wheels and tires around so they all matched; road force tests, etc. they call me and tell me it's ready to go and guarantee me that it's fixed. Needless to say, it's NOT! After a BBB review and complaint; complaint to GM...I'm waiting to see what the next step is. We did find forums online from owners of 2015 Suburban's, Tahoe's and Silverado's with similar issues. Anyone on here experiencing the same?
  15. Hello all, I have a 2005 Silverado 2500HD Regular Cab W/T. I have been having issues with this truck for quite some time now. Right now I am writing because of a problem with a rough idle that has been getting worse the past week or so. When I come to a stop at a red light or a stop sign the truck can get an extremely rough idle and almost seem as though it is going to bog out / stall. Sometimes I have to throw it in neutral and give it some gas until the light turns green and I can start moving again. Another problem I am having is with starting the truck. Sometimes I turn the key and the truck starts fine. About 50 - 75% of the time when I turn the key it will start to crank but will fail after a second. I can then try again and it will usually start up again no problem. Another problem I am having is with a vibration when traveling at 35 mph and an ongoing vibration starting at about 20 mph - 70mph. The vibration at 35mph is more of a shake / rumble strip vibration almost like there is bubble in the tire. The second vibration is more of a "humming" and I suspect a wheel bearing or cv axle. Some more information: Just last week the message center pulled a message: "Battery Not Charging" and was falling below 14 volts. I just replaced the MAP sensor thinking that would fix the idle but this did not work. Replaced spark plugs about a month ago. Changed out diff fluid Changed out transmission fluid (Full flush & filter) Changed out oil Ran seafoam through engine Ran fuel system cleaner through gas tank So to summarize: 1. Problem with rough idle at stop sign / red light. Very rough idle - almost stalling out - Possible fuel filter, fuel pump, spark plugs? 2. Problem with crank / starting. Will not start on first key turn... takes a second try to get the engine to turn over. - Possible fuel pump, fuel filter, battery, alternator? 3. Vibration at 35mph (Rumble Strip, speed bump vibration / shake) - Wheel Bearing, CV Axle? 4. Humming from ~20mph - 70mph (Very loud around 50 mph when letting off of gas and cruising) - Wheel bearing, CV Axle, Tires? I posted a video of the humming and problem starting at : Thanks for all of your help, Peter
  16. Okay so I trying to track down a vibration at 68-75 mph (no I'm serious) the dealer has already did the road force and force match process and it is better, but not right. Currently my truck has Goodyear LS-2's on it. The dealer has a set of the same rims but with Continental crosscontact tires on them. I watch them upgrade a Tahoe to 22's. the Tahoe has the same NHT towing package and the tires are rated the same in all respects. The dealer said If they try those and I like the ride better we can keep them on the truck and basically do a swap. since my truck has very low miles. I did notice that the vehicles on his lot with higher stock numbers (newer ones) have continentals and the older stock numbers have Goodyears ls-2s. So why did GM change their tire supplier for these size rims (275/55/20) Question is which do you like best Goodyear or continental, and why? the Tire rack compare feature slams the goodyears and says good things about the continentals.
  17. Rumour has it, there's finally a bulletin for the pinion gear that has caused some of the vibration issues.Had mine fixed in 2014.
  18. My 2007 Chevy Suburban 128,000 miles, developed a bad vibration in the steering wheel which made me believe I had a brake problem on the front right wheel. I pulled off the highway and the front right wheel was very hot and smelled of very hot brakes. I had new brake pads and rotors installed 12 months ago(12k miles). I am thinking I have a caliper hanging up. I think I need to do a complete front brake job (calipers,pads, and rotors). In addition I think I should have the wheel bearings repacked or replaced since there was excessive heat on that wheel. Any thoughts on my assessment of this problem?
  19. Hi all, new member to the forum here. Hope I can get some input on the new 2016 silverados from you all. Here's my situation. I am relocating to texas for a new job in august. I am thinking of picking up a new 2016 chevy silverado 1500 before i leave as a want something reliable that i don't have to worry about once im in a different state. This is a big purchase for me and im thinking of either the double or crew cab with a v6. doesn't have to be 4 wheel drive but if i can get a good deal then i will pick it up. I've only needed 4 wheel drive in a couple situations before. my current chevy has not let me down besides a few times with minor and easy fixes. it is a 1998 silverado 1500 that i use to tow the boat on weekends. No major problems with it. i drive a sedan when im not towing anything. from everything that i've read the vibration issues on chevy is a BIG problem and GM still doesnt have any fixes. it seems like a huge headache and one that i don't want to deal with. I have read A LOT about the 2014/2015s but haven't heard too much about the vibration issues with 2016 models. My question is; does the 2016 have the same problem as 2014 and 2015s? also what other problems keep arising? and is it major or minor problems? i think now there should be enough people with 2016s to hopefully answer my question. Ive been driving chevys my whole life and the thought of geting a f150 doesn't sit well with me haha. but if i have to because of GM's problems i will even though i really want a silverado. Thanks so much for any input!
  20. Last month while getting an oil change my dealer made me an offer on my 2009 GMC 1500 SLE Z71 Crew with 70k on the clock that I couldnt refuse, so I traded it on a 2013 GMC 1500 SLT Crew and Im starting to seriously regret the decision. The new truck has the 20" Chome Clad Wheels and high performance suspension package. I had wanted to keep my old Z-71 17" wheels and the brand new tires I had just put on the truck, but the dealer convinced me it couldnt be done as it would mess up all the sensors and require re-programming the computer for the smaller wheels which GM wont do. To compensate they gave me a 5yr wheel/tire warranty on the 20s and said I would love them (truck had everything else I wanted and they wanted to move it making it financially worth my while). The problem: I just turned 2k on the new truck and there is a noticable vibration (I was trying to convince myself it wasnt there until my wife said "why is the truck shaking?") at 40mph and above. I took it in to the dealer (this is the 4th truck they have sold me since Dec 2008) and asked to road test it with the service manager. He gave me his "best vibration guy" and off we went. His conclusion, yes it vibrates, but its normal. This opened a long conversation on the rediculousness of 20" wheels on pickup trucks where I was told that these OEM wheels will not balance out perfectly and there is nothing they can do - this is normal for the truck to vibrate. I was told, "its not like after driving for 30 min your wrist hurts, so the vibration isnt bad" Long story short, they agreed to Road Force all 4 wheels and tires and re-balance, but they make no promises. The truck goes in tomorrow, and if this doesnt fix it, they are telling me its normal operating condition for the truck, nothing more we can do. I'm not accepting that this vibration is normal, this is my 4th GMT-900 Crew, and the nicest one so far, and the vibration was not normal in my prior trucks. Is the issue the 20" wheels? Can they really not put smaller wheels on a truck equipped with 20s from the factory? Also, unrelated (I hope), I drive almost exclusively highway miles, and I averaged 19.2mpg in my old truck with the 5.3L with 3.42s over 70k miles. The new truck im only seeing 16.7mpg with the 5.3L flexfuel and 3.42s - Same roads, same gas stations (Mobil). Is this one not broken in yet with only 2k miles on it? Are the rediculous 20s costing me 2.5 mpg? They are less than 0.1" difference in overall height from my 17" wheels
  21. Hello all! Recently had a less than stellar encounter with a deer, time to replace the drivers side outside mirror assembly. Thankful it wasn't worse. I've searched our forum, ebay, amazon, rockauto, 1a auto, some other places, and...2 questions: 1) Looking for chrome, power, heated, and auto-dimming if it's available. Can find all but the last option. 2) Anyone replaced theirs, and not had issues with badly vibrating glass on the aftermarket ones? (truck has auto-dimming rearview, and best I can tell, that means an auto-dimming outside mirror would plug & play). RPO code DL8, 02 Silvy
  22. Hi all, Im new here to the site as of today (9/01/16) and I just bought my new (to me) 2007 gmc sierra 1500 2wd. Ok so I have had this truck for roughly 2 months and I picked her up with only 47k miles! which is fantastic and all but I am having a really bad vibration only on the highway like clock work as soon as my speedometer hits 75+ it seems to me to be coming from the front but it is really hard to tell especially since it shakes my whole truck. everything in the front suspension seems to be really good and tight. so im lost as to what is causing this annoying problem. any help or info would be appreciated! also, every time I brake and or start off the line it clunks in the rear pretty bad. not every time but 80% of the time it does this clunking in the rear. now I know most of these trucks bind up when braking or taking off from the weight of the truck either going to the front or the rear while stopping or starting. which makes since honestly. but this clunk is way more noticeable and harsher. I think it is the slip yolk on the drive shaft that is slipping and I think it needs to be removed and heavy duty grease put on the yolk. if any of you guys are experiencing this issue as well please tell me how to get rid of it. Thanks a lot. and have a blessed day!
  23. I have been brooding for the last couple of months since my 2014 Silverado (51k miles) has been increasingly using oil. Since purchase date October 2013 I've been to the service bay more times than I can remember with about 2 weeks of vehicle down time (I did get to use a nice impala to haul equipment and tow my boat with though). It all started with a "loose" feeling driver's seat accompanied by a clicking sound and progressed into six or seven repair iterations from two different dealers followed up with a seat heater failure. After finally getting a seat that I felt safe in, the truck developed a vibration that causes the empty passenger seat to shake from side to side at highway speeds (and yes I regularly rotate my tires). I guess I was feeling worn down by the divers seat fiasco that I decided to just accept the vibration and try to enjoy an otherwise very nice truck. Several months passed along with my bumper to bumper warranty and recently my drivers seat cushion heater and cooler stopped functioning. I'm now using about 1-1/2 quarts of oil every 2-3k miles and have had two not so good feeling occasions when on long trips in the middle of nowhere having the low oil light come on and having to pour 2 or more quarts of "expensive" quicky mart oil into the filler. It's a terrible feeling when you can't feel good about going on a long trip in your $50,000 truck. So today we are having some nice weather and I hopped in the truck to go get lunch and the ac is blowing warm air. I've had other new trucks, mostly Fords and none of them even my 99 Silverado with 245K miles gave me a fraction of the problems I've have with this truck. I don't have time to "swing by" the dealer every week or so to have my oil level monitored or to argue about whether or not its fair to expect that my seat heater or ac should last more than two calendar years. I'm thinking its time to punt. P.s. my headlights fog up too Buyer beware.....
  24. I have a 2015 Chevy Silverardo 2500HD that is about a year old with 14k miles. Since it was a couple of months old it developed a drivetrain vibration, between 30 and 50 MPH. Between these speeds everything is fine until you apply a slight acceleration to the gas, usually when going up a slight grade, the vehicle has a significant vibration in the drivetrain. If you let off the gas, it stops. If you increase the gas until it downshifts, it stops. No vibrations of any kind at faster or slower speeds outside this range. I have had it to the dealer several times over the past 6 months. Each time they have acknowledged the problem. First they thought it was a tire out of balance- Did not fix the problem Then they put it on a lift and took the driveshaft off and claimed the vibration stopped so they rotated the driveshaft 180 degrees and re-installed- Did not fix the problem Then they claimed the drive shaft was defective and ordered a new one- Did not fix the problem. Today they had thier "transmission guy" test drive it and he determined that it is a know issue GM has with the Fuel Management System and the Cylinder Deactivation System. GM knows about the problem, but to date does not have a fix, and there is nothing they can do to help me. I questioned the Service Manager that I didn't think the 6.0L even had cylinder deactivation (thats a 1500 feature) and he asurred me it did and there is a reading next to the odometer that tells me how many cylinders the engine in running on. When I asked him to show me the indicator he jumped in the truck and said "huh it should be right there", then said "well thats what the mechanic told me". Anybody had or heard of this issue? Anybody know if a 2015 6.0L has cylinder deactivation? Any suggestions are appreciated...
  25. I have a 2015 Chevy Silverardo 2500HD that is about a year old with 14k miles. Since it was a couple of months old it developed a drivetrain vibration, between 30 and 50 MPH. Between these speeds everything is fine until you apply a slight acceleration to the gas, usually when going up a slight grade, the vehicle has a significant vibration in the drivetrain. If you let off the gas, it stops. If you increase the gas until it downshifts, it stops. No vibrations of any kind at faster or slower speeds outside this range. I have had it to the dealer several times over the past 6 months. Each time they have acknowledged the problem. First they thought it was a tire out of balance- Did not fix the problem Then they put it on a lift and took the driveshaft off and claimed the vibration stopped so they rotated the driveshaft 180 degrees and re-installed- Did not fix the problem Then they claimed the drive shaft was defective and ordered a new one- Did not fix the problem. Today they had thier "transmission guy" test drive it and he determined that it is a know issue GM has with the Fuel Management System and the Cylinder Deactivation System. GM knows about the problem, but to date does not have a fix, and there is nothing they can do to help me. I questioned the Service Manager that I didn't think the 6.0L even had cylinder deactivation (thats a 1500 feature) and he asurred me it did and there is a reading next to the odometer that tells me how many cylinders the engine in running on. When I asked him to show me the indicator he jumped in the truck and said "huh it should be right there", then said "well thats what the mechanic told me". Anybody had or heard of this issue? Anybody know if a 2015 6.0L has cylinder deactivation? Any suggestions are appreciated...
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