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  1. I have a 2015 Chevy Silverardo 2500HD that is about a year old with 14k miles. Since it was a couple of months old it developed a drivetrain vibration, between 30 and 50 MPH. Between these speeds everything is fine until you apply a slight acceleration to the gas, usually when going up a slight grade, the vehicle has a significant vibration in the drivetrain. If you let off the gas, it stops. If you increase the gas until it downshifts, it stops. No vibrations of any kind at faster or slower speeds outside this range. I have had it to the dealer several times over the past 6 months. Each time they have acknowledged the problem. First they thought it was a tire out of balance- Did not fix the problem Then they put it on a lift and took the driveshaft off and claimed the vibration stopped so they rotated the driveshaft 180 degrees and re-installed- Did not fix the problem Then they claimed the drive shaft was defective and ordered a new one- Did not fix the problem. Today they had thier "transmission guy" test drive it and he determined that it is a know issue GM has with the Fuel Management System and the Cylinder Deactivation System. GM knows about the problem, but to date does not have a fix, and there is nothing they can do to help me. I questioned the Service Manager that I didn't think the 6.0L even had cylinder deactivation (thats a 1500 feature) and he asurred me it did and there is a reading next to the odometer that tells me how many cylinders the engine in running on. When I asked him to show me the indicator he jumped in the truck and said "huh it should be right there", then said "well thats what the mechanic told me". Anybody had or heard of this issue? Anybody know if a 2015 6.0L has cylinder deactivation? Any suggestions are appreciated...
  2. So bought this 2008 Silverado z71 4x4 crew cab, after a few days I noticed that when driving over 70 mph and slightly turning right the truck produces an intermittent hum/buzz: doosh doosh doosh doosh. It comes in a steady pattern and increases intervals in sync with speed. Discarding the possibility that it might be a loose panel or shield. So back to the truck, replaced both axles, both front wheel bearings, front left upper/lower ball joints, and got both front rotors turned and replaced brakes. Of course this noise persisted. Again back to the truck, it has a very obvious bad rear differential, it buzzes.... a lot. I tried rotating the tires and the sound persists only when turning right. I have heard cases of people rotating their tires and still having the same symptoms but the tires being the problem anyway. So right now I am left with thinking the problem might be my tires or the differential or something along the drive train. Can you guys PLEASE shed some light. Thanks.
  3. Is this normal? Dealer stated this should be fine "fluid & pressure changes maybe" if not that the 3 year warranty will cover it should some failure occur so don't worry. The shutter, I and the dealer felt at follow up visit can only be felt at parking speeds. Backing in and out of parking places turning the steering wheel over the full range. It is felt through the steering wheel. There are other questionable quality concerns already searchable here in topics like the drive train noises etc. (I do believe those are typical after reading through many others concerns that are similar on here) I didn't see much on this one though...
  4. Vehicle has an annoying low frequency power train vibration in V4 mode in high gear between 35-50 MPH on level ground. Dealer reports numerous similar complaints with this year/model vehicle and dealer reports GMC has no fix at this time
  5. I have a 2014 6.2L LTZ Wheelchair Accessible Silverado built by SVM Mobiltiy and I'm having a VERY loud metallic "clanking" or "vibrating" NOISE when I hit the speed limiter in my truck at ~100mph. The truck is still pulling hard @ 100mph and the onset of the noise is NOT gradual its sudden and immediate and very audible. Does anyone else have this issue? At first I thought driveshaft vibration or a warning noise from GM when speed limiter was reached... PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE: -Yes, I do this on private roads -Yes, the dealer has inspected both road force and the driveshaft and have found no issues. -Yes, I'm in a chair from a car accident. -YES, I have safety equipment including a 5 point harness. -NO, I was not driving, my father was. and no we weren't speeding, it was caused by a blowout. -NO, that did not take away my love of racing. -YES, I HAVE SPEED RATED TIRES ok, I think that covers the pertinent details....
  6. I have had the 2015 truck in a storage facility for the past 4 months due to lack of parking space at my house. Today the Mrs told me she wanted to go get the truck and use it for a Christmas trip. My first thought was I will have to jump the thing off after sitting that long. After some nagging from her, sorry, I meant to say after she ask me a couple of times to bring the truck home, we loaded up and went to get it. I have read other post here about battery life not being very long when leaving the truck parked. We drove up, she went to hit the remote start, but hit the panic alarm on the key fob. Lights blinking, horn blaring...a good sign. She handed me the fob and I killed the alarm, hit the lock and start and it fired right up. I can report that the battery should last several months as long as nothing is left on, at least in the warm south. As soon as we started driving on the road, the truck started the infamous vibration. This thing will shake the fizz out of a canned Coke in 5 miles. There is not a doubt in my mind that the tires are causing this. She drove smooth as silk until parked. The truck is a 2wd with the 20 inch rims, sport suspension, and Goodyear tires. I will crawl under it in the morning and see if maybe a weight fell off, or maybe something built a nest on the inside of the rim. My guess is the tires are just flat spotted from sitting. I have had tires flat spot before and they seem to "round back out" after about 50 miles or so. I noticed the air pressure fell from 34 psi in the summer when it was 95 degrees outside to 28 psi today. BTW, it was 86 degrees here today when I picked it up. Finally, for some reason the time on the clock was WAY off. It was about 5:45PM and the clock was showing 3:15.
  7. I have a vigorous vibration on my floor mounted shifter at 65mph. This weekend I got my tires balanced, replaced my u joints, and tightened down the bolt in the cab that holds my shifter in the housing compartment. It still vibrates. I took it to a mechanic and they determined a bent driveshaft. Next, I took the drive shaft to a drivetrain specialists, they recommended building me a custom driveshaft since the other shaft was unfixable, and (from the receipt) balanced the driveshaft (not sure if the new or old driveshaft was balanced). The vibration is exactly the same at the same speed. Where do I go now? I am going to head back to the drivetrain specialists shop. I have a 2006 2500 Silverado 6L V8 Ext cab. Sidenote: A muffler/exhaust system that was not tight could shake around, but it would rather shake my truck as a whole and not just the floor mounted shifter, correct?
  8. I have gotten a couple of responses to my inquiries to automobile publications/news rags/etc. One specifically is asking to drive a vehicle that has the buffeting/pressure issues present. He will be traveling to Vegas, LA and Detroit so if anyone here lives near those cities, please PM me. He is willing to utilize his contacts at GM to help us get some additional attention to this growing issue. Please let me know. Join our Facebook group here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/GMissues/
  9. 2014 Sierra Denali 23k miles and every-time you stop at a light RPM'S drop a little below 500 and it starts doing the shake! Anyone with this same issue? 3 dealers and response is they are all like that? contacted GMC and no help at all, premium fuel and nothing. Time to change the truck i guess.
  10. I just purchased a new 2015 (8 miles) Silverado LT (4x4, 4.3L v6). During the test drive all seemed great with the truck so I purchased it. Driving it for the past 2 weeks has been great, love it! That was until 800miles or so I started to notice a slight vibration through the steering wheel and cabin. The issue is not consistent as it comes and goes so I started to do a little research and see this is a problem with past models. I noticed in other threads that people believe the issue to be a drive shaft, ball joints or out of balance parts. Dealers have replaced multiple parts but it seems to be ongoing issues for others. Clearly GM has not resolved this issue but here is the troubleshooting I did. I noticed my tire pressure was low 35psi. I kept changing the pressure to see what would happen with the vibration. Below are my results. To keep the vibration to a minimum, I increased the pressure on all wheels to 45-46 PSI and have found that it vibrates the least at this pressure. It's NOT completely gone but it's a start I guess. I will be contact the dealer tomorrow but wanted to know if anyone else has noticed the vibration with tire pressure changes. I assume tires are the problem. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. 17inch wheels, Bridgestone Duler A/T P265/70R17 113S M+S Driver side front 35 Driver side rear 36 Passenger side front 37 Passenger side rear 37 Vibration between 58-63 Driver side front 41 Driver side rear 41 Passenger side front 41 Passenger side rear 41 Vibration between 63-68 Driver side front 45 Driver side rear 46 Passenger side front 45 Passenger side rear 45 Vibration (a lot less) 63-65 Driver side front 42 Driver side rear 46 Passenger side front 44 Passenger side rear 45 Vibration 65-70 Driver side front 44 Driver side rear 41 Passenger side front 44 Passenger side read 41 Vibration 63-68 Driver side front 43 Driver side rear 43 Passenger side front 43 Passenger side read 43 Vibration 64-66 Driver side front 43 Driver side rear 43 Passenger side front 43 Passenger side read 43 Vibration 64-66 - with out tonneau cover Driver side front 39 Driver side rear 39 Passenger side front 45 Passenger side read 45 Vibration 66-69 Driver side front 46 Driver side rear 45 Passenger side front 45 Passenger side read 45 Vibration (a lot less) 63-65
  11. Just wanted to say I cleaned my throttle today and I saw an immediate difference in the truck. everyone with a rough idle or a vibration at 900-1000 rpm should look into this. both were problems I had and after cleaning the throttle and intake my idle is so smooth I have to stare at the needle to see any movement. also if you look back at my posts I had a vibration at 1000 rpm or so and so far that seems gone as well, If there is any change I will update this post for future reference to anyone that reads this. by the way the truck is a 2009 Silverado 5.3 ext cab z71 with afm. hope this helps anyone else with those problems
  12. I bought a 2014 Silverado LTZ with zero miles less what i put on it during the test drive and 3 months after driving it off the lot it started having issues. Biggest issue is while doing 85 on the interstate the truck downshifted from fifth to first very briefly. Took it in to be serviced but the dealership could not duplicate and GM says theres nothing they can do about it. I have to take it in when it happens. Thing is, next time could be deadly for me. after stating that all I got was, well I'm sorry but I don't know what else to tell you. Also while at the dealer, they worked on the vibration. First GM wanted them to switch the wheels with another like truck but realized that was not the issue. Next they told the dealer to change the rear end only to realize they didn't have any to send the dealer. Then they told the dealer to change the shims only to realize they didn't have any to send to them. One day out of the blue, shims show up. The dealer puts them on and says the truck is fixed. There is also a squeak in the rear end but the dealer says they can't duplicate it. All they have to do is listen. Well, after being in the shop for 45 days the vibration is still there. Can't put my head on the head rest without getting a headache, the squeak was never touched so it is still there. The auto heat and cool seat were reported as working to spec although I can auto start the truck twice for a total run time of 15-20 minutes and the seats are ice cold. Run my wifes 2015 malibu for 10 minutes and the seats are very warm to the touch. I have lost all faith in GM. I do not feel they care about anything but the dollar. When I stated that should I, a passenger or other drivers be injured should the truck downshift again they will be out of more money than just replacing the truck and the reply I received was, I'm sorry but I don't know what else to tell you but we can't change the vehicle.
  13. If you have had a problem with your 2014 Silverado/Sierra and couldnt get GM to resolve it, did you file with BBB Autoline for arbitration? If so, did they help resolve your issues with GM? If yes, did you go to an arbitration hearing or did it get resolved before that point? Was your selling dealer involved in the resolution? If you lost your BBB case against GM, did you proceed anyway and file lemon law? If yes, what was the lemon lawsuit outcome? Do you have any thoughts about your BBB experience or lemon law experience with GM that may help someone else about to go through the same process? Thanks for any info. Edit, add BBB Autoline link http://www.bbb.org/council/programs-services/dispute-handling-and-resolution/bbb-auto-line/bbb-auto-lines-process/
  14. Guys, I'd like a bit of your thoughts/advice, please. I owned a 2008 6.0 "Vortec Max" Silverado 1500 CC; it had a major engine failure at 40,000 miles in 2010; I replaced it with a 2011 6.2 1500 CC. I loved both of them. The throttle response was stellar--the 2011 in particular is very peppy; it flat out flies. No problems with it besides the paint coming off of the steering wheel and HVAC controls. Anyway, I ordered a 2015 6.2 crew cab; my TPW is 3/2. To be honest, I'm getting increasingly nervous that the '15 is going to disappoint me in terms of throttle response, not to mention all of the vibration horror stories. Has anybody else gone from a GMT900 6.2 to a 2015 6.2/8 speed? If so, what are your thoughts? Thanks!
  15. I am looking for those who has a USA assembled 2014 Crew Cab Sierra or Silverado. I want to know if you have vibration issues at highway speeds with your truck. I am starting this tread because I have a 2014 GMC Sierra Crew Cab that has a vibration problem. I have been following the vibration thread and can't seem to identify any pattern that is causing the vibration. My dealer has been helpful but is not able to fix the vibration. Like most crew cabs, mine was assembled in Mexico. My build date is November 2013. It is well known that GM had a supply issue with real axles in October 2013. I am wondering if anyone out there owns a crew cab that was assembled in the USA? If so, I believe your VIN will start with a '1'. The VIN on my mexico assembled crew cab starts with a '3'. Thanks.
  16. Traded in a smooth as silk 2013 LT 2 weeks ago. Drove 500 miles to get the truck I wanted and drove home in snow and ice so didn't get the truck above 60 mph most of the way home. Now realizing new truck has bad vibration that gets worse as speeds increase. At 75mph, empty passenger seat bounces like a bobble head. Took to local dealership Saturday and was told #1 - it's normal for an HD truck; #2 - even if there were an issue they wouldn't touch the tires until I have 1500 miles because the tires need that much time to make sure they weren't sitting for too long at the dealer. #1 I know is BS being that I traded in the exact same truck and never had a single vibration in it. #2, I don't get why they would refuse to touch tires until 1500 miles. #3, how can they tell me it's normal but at the same time tell me to wait until 1500 miles.... Anyways, just thought I'd see if any thoughts/recommendations.
  17. First post here on this Forum. Seems to have a lot of good info... so anywanys, here is my history and my problem: bought a '14 Z71 4x4 on dec30 2013 5.3l cab+ Used onstar the day the recall hit the news, they said I do not have a recall on my particular truck 2 days later I got my recall email saying to bring it in I have been in the auto industry for nearly 10 years in the R&D field, working with the big 3 and now have been reloctaed to Mid Ohio to do some aerodynamic/rolling resistance and also heat resistance/thermal stuff with honda... I have been around new technology and have seen alot of stuff. My Z71 started to sound a little loud to me coming from the wheel well at idle. this was really noticible if I was at a drive thorugh or in a traffic jam along a curb or wall. Nothing to loud, just sounded a little off to me. I know direct injection can be really loud, and I can hear that, but is almost sounded like exhaust noise... Didnt notice this when I test drove the vehicle. Took my truck in Wednesday the 22nd for the recall. they reflashed the ECU and sent me on my way. they said the did not hear anything out of the norm coming from the exhaust. I thought the calibration change may have helped. I have noticed the past few days driving to and from work that I am now getting a slight buzz/vibration feeling in my steering wheel. I thought I was crazy, but i have noticed it today again. the truck almost sounds a little deeper exhaust tone now too. this vibtration is most felt at idle. i know it wasnt there before the calibration change, because I commented on how smooth the trucck ran and how disconnected the driver feels from the road. (you tend to get no feeback with electric power steering on what your wheels are doing, the steering wheel just turns smooth and free). Has anyone esle noticed a exhaust note change and a vibration in the steering wheel after the calibration? Does anyeone know what exactly the new calibration changed? the little bit of diggin I did into the recall came up with that Chevy had the trucks running on 2 cyl at idle to conserve fuel. something was wrong in the cal that would only fire 2 but fuel more cyls than that. anyone who knows about cars and thermal properties know that when an excessive amount of fuel ran through a engine and put onto a cat at operating temps cause problems and cat temps to spike... causing underbody to melt/fire. not sure if this is true, but any input would be nice. maybe I am paranoid since this is my first NEW vehicle. but the vibration makes the truck feel like a old vehicle...
  18. Hi, Im looking for help with my 2007 gmc sierra 1500 classic pick up truck, I started to feel a weird vibrating light howl or humming in which I think its coming from the drive train. When Im driving on a 50km speed limit road I noticed it, when I give it light gas it does it but when I let off the gas it goes away.. Any ideas what this could be ?? Thanks
  19. 2004 Avalanche Z66. 108000 miles. I had to recently drive thru a lot of high water on a rescue mission to retrieve my daughter. Water depths approaching 4ft. This act has already forced me to replace both knock sensors. Since then, when driving at speeds above 60+mph I can hear a low frequency hum accompanied by a vibration I can feel in the steering wheel. The humming gets louder and the vibration stronger when I let up off the gas. I'm assuming it is the front wheel bearings. This 2nd issue I've notice occurred just after I drained and refilled the rear diff. I refilled with 80w-90 synthetic blend gear oil and the following day, after about 50 miles of driving, a pinging noise is coming from the rear of the vehicle during low speed acceleration. It almost sounds like ball bearings are bouncing around in the rear diff. I have no idea what is causing this. Any ideas?
  20. I have a 99 Silverado with over 200,000 miles. for about 75,000 miles the truck has vibrated like the tires out of balance. I have had the tires balanced every month and the problem is still there. It starts about 35-40 mph and the faster I go the worst it is. I live in the desert so it cant be snow or anything like that. I do have oversize tires on it and a 4" suspension lift on it also, but it is a 2 X4. My tires are not wearing even but I took the truck to the dealer for an alignment. I have no idea what is can be.
  21. I hope this info is helpful to others. My 2009 Sierra SLE (4x4 crew cab, 5.3L) started shuddering a few weeks ago when it entered 3rd and 4th gear. It was especially pronounced when going uphill or on hard acceleration. I suspected the torque converter based on other posting I've seen here on the board. I called the GMC customer service center (the truck has 47K miles and is still under warranty) and was very pleased with how they handled my case. The customer service rep (Joan) took all my info and had me on hold while she set up a diagnostic appointment with the closest dealership. I took it in and it turns out the torque converter needs to be replaced. Joan called me back right after I spoke to the dealer and told me everything was covered by warranty, how long it would take and when she would call again to follow up. I'm almost 50 years old and looking back on all the vehicles I've owned, I can't think of any car dealership that has gone to that level of effort for their customers- especially if a warranty claim was involved. My advice to others who are having mechanical problems on a vehicle is to start with GMC customer service...my experience has, so far, been excellent. I'd also like to say thanks to all the other folks who take the time to post to this board...I can't begin to list all the helpful info, tips and tricks I've discovered just by reading through the forums.
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