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Found 205 results

  1. DuluthGMK

    IMG 0078

    1996 GMC Sierra SLE 5.7L Sante Fe Edition
  2. This is my z71. She's gotta 5.7l 350 in her. 158xxx miles, four wheel drive, and my first truck!
  3. I have the 2014 Chevrolet black honeycomb grille and am looking to trade/buy Z71 grille
  4. From the album: 2014 GMC SIERRA SLT Z71 - various pics

  5. I'm selling my 2014 front jump seat from my 2014 silverado it is black(ebony in color) and is out of a truck with only 7100 miles on it. It has never been flipped up and used as a seat nor has the lower storage ever been used. It's in immaculate condition. I'm not quite sure what these are worth since I've yet to see any for sale so I'm looking for $400 plus shipping OBO. Please pm me I want this thing gone! Plus I don't want to risk it getting damage being stored in my garage. PM me with any questions or pm me your number and we'll talk about it. Thanks!
  6. Reg, cab, step side GMC Sierra.
  7. Z71, Reg. Cab, short bed Chevy.

    © Bill Eastwick

  8. For sale...2014 Silverado Z71 Grill...excellent condition...no broken tabs. The grill was removed/replaced today with only 2200 miles...$200 plus shipping.
  9. I am selling my old Z71 grille off of my 14 Silverado as I replaced it with the high country grille at about one month old and 2500 miles. It has one weak tab that holds the plastic filler between the bumper and grille on the passenger side but other that that it has no flaws. It will come as pictured with out the bowtie emblem as I used it on the other grille. 300.00 and I will pay shipping.
  10. Hi, I'm Logan. I'm new here and new to trucks. I've got a 2001 5.3L chevy silverado 1500 z71 standard cab with about 222k miles on it. Its my first truck and I bought it from a friend of mine. I changed the oil when I got it, it was barely touching the dipstick, black as coal, and had sludge in the bottom of the oil pan. I put a new filter in, 5 quarts mobil 1 5-30 full synthetic high mileage, and 1 quart Lucas Oil. After that it smoked like crazy and burnt a quart every 200 miles. It seemed to slowly lose a little acceleration every time i drove it and then it started to idle funny and stall out when it got warmed up. I cleaned the PCV valve, EGR valve, MAF, O2 sensors (blow torch), and when i started to clean the throttle body I noticed oil standing in the bottom of it and the intake; the throttle body and intake were COVERED in black oily carbon build up. So I got all that cleaned up and it seemed to run better until it got warmed up, it started acting up again. I finally replaced the old rattle type PCV valve with the straight through orifice type and it has been fine ever since. I have not yet checked to see if the oil in the throttle body has gone away but I'm waiting for everything to get burned out. I drove it a little while, and it has since almost stopped smoking. It smokes a little white smoke when I crank it up and every now and then when i lay on it. I checked my fill tank for my radiator and it bubbles just a little while running and it has a VERY slow antifreeze leak so I'm guessing I have a head gasket leaking. I'm gonna replace the head gaskets, valve cover gaskets (they are leaking), do a cam swap, and some other things while I'm down that far. I can hear my lifters really loud when I crank it up and still some when it warms up; it sounds like a slapping sound and gets faster when u rev the engine, so I want to replace those and anything else I should while I have everything off. Ha so after all that, here are my questions: 1. Idk if I have Castech heads yet but if I do, should I replace them with aftermarket heads/heads from a different vehicle or just go ahead and have them worked over and ported. 2. If I keep the Castech? heads, what all should I do to them? I know I want to replace lifters; what else? Valve guides, valve seals, rockers, push rods, etc? 3. What cam should I get? I want some more low to mid torque while keeping my MPG as much as possible. 4. At 222k, what are some safety measures I can take? What else should I replace while I'm down that far? I'm going to have it dynotuned after all this so I'm not really worried about that, I just want to get everything decided so its not torn down for too long. I work on small engines (dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, etc) and I'm decent with car engines but I've never been this far into one of them. I'm doing all the work with the help of my dad so any other help is greatly appreciated.
  11. My window sticker said I had 3:73 gears in my truck but when I went to change my gears to 4:56 I actually had 3:07 !!!! Gm trying to be slick Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. New to the forum, new to diy car repair. I have a 2004 Chevy Suburban Z71, 130k miles. Runs and drives great, but when we first start the vehicle, the power steering is non existent until it warms up a little. There is no power steering to the left or right. Once everything warms up it drives fine. I've read some people suggest power steering flush, there is air trapped somewhere, power steering pump replacement, and intermediate gear box replacement. I am doing all repairs myself these days, any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  13. HI, I want to do the 100K tuneup on my Silverado and have so many questions and don't really know where to turn. Do I need to change my PCV valve? How much Transmission fluid do I need to flush my automatic transmission? Which Transmission filter kit do I need? What fluid do I put in my Front Differential and how much? What fluid do I put in my Rear Differential and how much? What fluid do I put in my Automatic Transfer Case and how much? I have the recommended maintenance list from the manual but there doesn't seem to be specific fluid types or capacities and I can't seem to find it in the manual elsewhere Someone said I could do a VIN lookup but I dont know how to do that. Is that something I can do here? My Vin is: 1GCEK19Z66Z272273 I have a picture of the glove box sticker with a bunch of 3 letter codes but they don't bring much up from internet search. Any and all help will be very much so appreciated, Thanks.
  14. I'm needing something new to do to my truck. Do you think the black 07-13 Z71 logo would look good on my truck. I posted a picture it has black moto metal wheels on a 6 inch lift with 35s. I have the toolbox in and a black bowtie and I painted the grill black and black tail light covers. Do you think the black new Z71 logo would look good?
  15. Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and ready to start getting into the mix. I bought my 2014 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 4x4 a few weeks ago and it's a beast. I traded in my 2009 Acura TL SH-AWD for one the car was having issues and two I always wanted a truck and it seemed like the perfect time. Since purchasing, I bought and had installed the 6" Step Sides and front and rear color matched mud guards. In addition, I also had the bed Line-X'd color matched (White Diamond) and the front windows tinted. RIght now I am working on installing a Morimoto Elite HID System from the TRS and getting a retractable cover for the bed. Attached are photos. Looking forward to meeting and speaking with some of you. Thanks!
  16. Look what just showed up at the office! A new 2014 GMC Sierra Crew Cab. It's a highly-optioned SLT trim with 4X4 and the Z71 package. It also has a lot of the premium goodies like lane departure warning and the Bose sound system. We get to keep it until next Friday. So, that means it's time to do a Live Review, similar to when we drove the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado in August. Here's the window sticker. This particular Sierra has an MSRP of $50,185. and a quick shot of the interior Many more photos and pictures to come.
  17. Picture taken outside of California Caverns

    © GDLautomechanic

  18. I have a 98 GMC z71 with a 5.7l 350 vortec that is way too quiet. I plan on removing my cat and putting a different muffler on it for a better sound. Could that in any way affect my engine or mess up anything?
  19. Got a question lookin for a little help....got an 05 z71 that has always got 16 mpg no matter how I drove it. A few months ago it started acting up and got so bad that it wouldn't pull itself and was getting around 10 mpg. Put a new MAF sensor on it but no change. Finally cut the catalytic converters off and now she runs like a top but only getting 12 mpg. The engine light came on and showed one of the o2 sensors were bad so I replaced it as well. Still not getting the mileage I'd like to get. Ive cut the cats off of two of my previous Z71s and actually got maybe a half a mpg better so I don't really think putting new cats on it will fix it. I've checked spark plugs and air filter and all are okay. Any suggestions fellas? Thanks in advance
  20. I have a 98 GMC z71 that's rolling on the original 98 z71 wheels, I'm debating on how they'd look blacked out, I love the idea of blacked out wheels, but I've yet to ever see my year model with blacked out original wheels. What do y'all think?
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