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Found 18 results

  1. Hey there everyone. I'm having issues with my 2017 chevy silverado 1500. On Tuesday afternoon I parked my truck at home. And later that evening I walked up to my truck, since I was planning to grab some dinner. However, when I tried unlocking it with my fob, nothing happened. I found it strange, since that had never happened before. (I've had this used truck for 6months) and never has that happened before. So I had to insert my key to open it, and I tried to turn it on, and again nothing. Engine didn't turn on, no lights on, no dim. Nothing. We figured maybe just the battery, so we had to jump cables, which with that it turned on. We drove over to our local auto advance to purchase a new battery, since the other one was old (used truck) and when I go to shut off my truck I turn the key, and take it out. And the engine stayed on. We found it super strange. Only way to turn it off was disconnecting the battery. We purchased a new one, and after it was hooked the same issues. It runs fine, but after taking out the key engine stays on. I've had diagnostics ran on it and Noone can find the solution. I believe it may be a malfunction with the remote start. Because when the truck is on (without the key) it's only the engine. Meaning it's not drivable. I can't drive it off, unless I insert the key. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Guys, I just bought a new 2017 Silverado and noticed the digital fuel gauge not showing full...I thought I'd wait until I hit a certain mileage to see if the engine needed to calibrate itself, but this is not the case. GM customer service said "it's normal and just a display..." But my wife has a 2013 Equinox and her digital image depletes as the fuel depletes (works as it should), so GM customer service has to be wrong here. Any guidance would help greatly! ? Attached is a photo I took immediately after fill up. Cheers Gents
  3. Hello I got a baffling problem with my 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT with the 5.3 L and Z71 package in it. I got a U1510 code and U1501 code. The U1510 says it’s a LIN on bus communication issue. Now this was about the end of August when that happened. Looked at a few things couldn’t really figure it out and didn’t have the time to look because the truck seems to be running fine. About 4 days ago my service brake trailer starts flashing on my dash when I’m not even towing a trailer (the last time I did was about 5 days before this). Now I take it to my step father who owns a garage and has worked on chevys for years. Now the U1510 code is still there when we scanned it but the U1501 code is gone but now on top of those codes there’s a U1037 code which is lost communication with trailer brake control module, P0562 which is low system voltage for Chasis Control Module, B127E code which is Front video display output signal, and C0800 code which is control module power circuit below voltage threshold for the power steering control module. The truck driving it runs perfectly fine, nothing abnormal at all. So thinking the trailer brake might be a separate issue we checked that out all the wiring etc and nothing wrong with it. So for the other codes we went and checked all the grounds on the truck thinking it might be a ground issue and all them seem to be good. We are starting to think maybe it’s a PCM, ECU problem because of all the random codes being thrown in every direction as well as codes in the system before disappearing. Any advice or help would be appreciated!!
  4. New to the forum, first time posting. I have a 2017 1500 Silverado LT, 3-inch MotoFab leveling kit, wheels are Chevy stock CV32, 20x9, 28mm offset, 6.1 inch backspacing, have installed a 1/4 inch wheel spacer. The 1/4 inch (6.35mm) spacer was installed to stop rubbing of the stock Stamped UCA. Tires are 275/60/20. I'm what to install a new UCA that corrects the UCA ball joint angle. Problem is, ll the UCAs I've looked at require 4.5 inch backspace or less. Need to find a solution. i.e. new UCA and Spacer; 3" spinal, UCA adn spacer; lower to 2" and keep stock UCA. Any help that y'all can provided would be appreciated.
  5. 07/12/2020 Hey everyone, I'm new to the game. I understand tire sizing but not fitment regarding clearances with aftermarket wheels. Looking for some advice. I know that I would like an aggressive MT in 33's. I'd like to get new wheels because I absolutely hate the stock polished aluminum 18's I have right now. I'd like to get 289-295/70/18's but I'm not sure if that would fit with wheels with a -24mm offset and still have enough clearance in the wheel wells to turn completely without rubbing. My plan is to get the MotoFab 3 inch front leveling kit (strut spacer) before I go and by wheels and tires. If you've done something similar, I'd love to hear form you. If you know of a good way that I could figure this out without buying everything first to test it, that would be great too. Thanks in advance! 07/13/2020 Quick update: I've spoken with a friend of a friend who knows WAY more than myself about lifting trucks and the fitment of aftermarket wheels and tires. First off, he suggested that I don't put in a 3 inch strut spacer kit. His reasoning was that I'd be replacing ball joints, CV shafts, wheel bearings, ect. His rational was that the spacer would through the angles off too much and put excessive wear on many parts. He also said I could go through and change out the upper control arms to attempt to correct the angles a bit (at that point, I'm thinking, well if I'm going to go that far I might as well just wait and buy the real lift kit that I want). Another point he brought up is that if I were to put the 3 inch spacers in, it may through the alignment off so much that there wouldn't be enough adjustment in the stock tie rods to make the proper adjustments needed to complete the alignment. So now I'm just in the process of re-evaluating what I want to do. Stand by for another update soon to come.
  6. Bought a new 2017 Silverado 2500 6.0L and service power steering came across dash. Took to dealer and they said had to replace power steering control module. Changed then they said it wasn't communicating with steering box and had to replace that. Changed that then said steering module wasn't working and had to change that again. Changed and still not working. Also having infotainment issue and they said it was related and had to check wiring harness. They also found a coolant leak while messing with steering issue. Truck has 800 miles and been at the dealership a week now. Anyone else having these issues? Going to try to get them to buy back.
  7. I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 WT. I haven't even had it for 2 years and just recently I keep hearing this noise from the passengers side. I thought it was the door but I'm almost certain it's the seat. Any help would be appreciated. Snapchat-2131492011.mp4
  8. My Silverado has less than 10,500 miles on it and has been to the dealership 6 times already for check engine light. Pulls codes P0300 and P050D. Replaced a head, fuel injector and fuel pump. Anyone else having these issues or have some advice??
  9. Hey everyone, Just bought my first Chevrolet truck. Had it about three weeks so far. It’s a 2017 half ton 4x4 LT z71 double cab. Summit white. Loving it so far! Only thing I don’t like about it is the black shark fin antenna on the roof. Thinking about painting it body color. Here is a picture outside of work this morning ~ Rich
  10. New guy here. Got my first truck a couple month back and decided to go with a 2017 Silverado LT Z71. I have to say that I’m living the truck life now and not sure how I’ve got this far in life without one. I’ve done very little to it as far as mods go but I’m slowly moving along. I just installed a Diamondback HD cover, blacked out the front bow tie and removed all other badges. Leveling or lift kit will probably be next but we’ll see how thing turn out. Looking forward to learning some inside knowledge from the members of the forum and contribute when I can.
  11. It was on the truck for the first 1000 miles before I removed. All screws included - $30 plus shipping from near Joliet IL.
  12. I believe I have a problem with the Infotainment system display in my 2017 Silverado. Basically, the display "Mode" remains in "Auto" with "Day" and "Night" modes either doing nothing or not available. Below are the steps I used to demonstrated this problem. I kind of think it might be a software problem caused by the 2016 to 2017 change over. If possible, could some of you with and without Navigation try these steps and tell me what you found. Infotainment manual shows two different ways the set display mode. Page numbers refer to the 2017 Infotainment manual. I tested in bright sunlight and just covered the dash light sensor to simulate night time. Thanks for any help you can provide. 1. Press “Home” hard button 2. Select “Settings” app 3. Select “Display” (page 100) 4. Available selections are “Calibrate Touchscreen” and “Turn Display Off”. Both work correctly. 5. The third choice of “Mode” as stated on page 100 is not present on my truck and therefor “Day”, “Night”, “Auto” are not selectable. 1. Press “Home” hard button 2. Select “Navigation” app 3. Select “menu” button (page 53) 4. Select “Map View” (page 55) 5. Select “Day/Night Mode” 6. Select “Auto” 7. Display correctly dims or brightens depending on ambient light level. 8. Select “Day Mode” 9. Display incorrectly dims or brightens depending on ambient light level. Display should always be bright. 10. Select “Night Mode” 11. Display incorrectly dims or brightens depending on ambient light level. Display should always be dim. Edit: I did not word this correctly. Changing the "Day/Night Mode" under the Navigation Menu did in fact change the Map brightness. The real problem is the it does nothing for the other screens (Audio, etc.). Bottom line: No way to control Display Mode on screens other than the Map screen.
  13. Introducing "Snow White", my 2017 Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 DC in Summit White, with the awesome 6.2L SBC. First morning at the homestead:
  14. Looks like I get a Job 1 (for Double Cabs), Day 1 built truck. Checked status this morning and was told "the vehicle has been produced and is in transit". I had always heard that a "Monday" vehicle was the worst for defects. Hope that's just an old wives tail. VIN is 1GCVKSEJ6HZ100xxx Anyone know how many are actually produced per day?
  15. I have a 2017 Silverado DC on order and I would like to know what percentage window tint you guys are using? I would like the front seat windows to match the rear seat windows. Also, any preference as to the best quality brand? Thanks.
  16. Hi everyone, new member here. First a little about me. Retired, living with my wife in a small mountain town in central Colorado. Been a motor-head all my life with motorcycles and amateur drag racing. Trucks I have owned (all new except the first): 1. 1948 Ford F1, flathead V8 – inherited from father-in-law in the late ‘60s. Ran good on seven cylinders for several years, but the vacuum wipers were a pain. 2. 1974 Plymouth TrailDuster, 318 V8, 4x4 – Fit and finish left a lot to be desired. 318 V8 way under powered especially after I mounted a pop-up camper on it 3. 1979(?) Chevy 400 V8 ¾ ton 4x4 – Could haul anything but the paint peeled off in chunks. Dealer blamed me! 4. 1993 F150 Step side 351 V8, 4x4 – Neat truck, Kenny Bell S/C, 6psi was entertaining but 8psi blows an engine. 5. 2002 GMC ½ ton 4x4 – Good truck but had problems hauling 27’ cuddy-cabin boat. Traded in after 6 months. 6. 2003 Dodge 2500 4x4, Cummins HO, 6-sp manual – currently has 225k, hauled the boat with ease but salt water in Florida has taken a toll on the body. Felt it was time for a new ride as a 70th birthday present. 7. 2017 Silverado DC LTZ Z71, 6.2L – Order accepted by GM 7/28/16. No production date yet but expect it to be shortly after the 9/12 Job One date for double cabs. Pictures are from Chevy website of an identical 2016. The Dodge has been a dependable, if rather utilitarian worker doing everything I ever asked it to do, but I wanted something a little more luxurious, with an automatic trans and without a diesel. I no longer own a boat and I’m tired of shifting. I am not brand loyal so I looked at a 2016 version of the big three. I found the Silverado light-years ahead of the Dodge and Ford for comfort, amenities, looks and QUIET. I particularly liked the idea of a well-designed, simple, large displacement pushrod V8 over a small displacement, complex, twin-turbo V6 with a six foot long timing chain (your opinion may vary). I decided to order a 2017 because I could not find a new 2016 6.2L DC anywhere. If I can get 14 years out of this one, I don’t think I’ll be too worried about a replacement.
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