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Found 12 results

  1. Looking at crew cab short bed 4x4’s with the V8’s. I just can’t wrap my head around not having low range so it’ll either be a Z71 or a Trail Boss. Been watching prices and I’m seeing Custom Trail Boss trucks starting to get close to the prices of the LT. As in within a grand or even less. Anyone bought a Custom and regret it? I have a 2011 Silverado 1500 4x4 and my wife has a 2017 Yukon 4x4. Both have the 6L80 transmission and hers has the Ecotec 5.3 V8. Very happy with that engine and transmission combo and even with less power my ‘11 moves and drives well with the 3.42 gears. Will I miss anything with a Custom instead of a regular LT Z71? 6 spd vs 8 spd? Gas mileage? Something else?
  2. Hi guys, Over the winter i bought some 33"tires (275/60R20) to go along my 2016 Sierra Elevation.. this truck has a 5.3L and 3.42 gears ...during summer time i usually pull my TT that weights 6350lbs dry so knowing myself it is usually at 7500lbs full so lets make it 8000lbs for worst case scenarios ... I have a 6L-80 Trans 6 Speed ... So my question is; will it be that much of a power loss with the 33's on ... I mean this truck can pull 9200lbs as per the dealer specs .. but that is on the dealer tires i had last summer ...i didnt even think about the loss of power it may cause ... But i had so much of a deal on the BFG KO2 tires ... I couldnt pass on ... Now im uncertain of what i have done as the tires and installed on my rims and just waiting to bolted on ... Thanks for your help !
  3. Hey all, well I had actually intended to buy a 2017 Suburban, but ended up buying a new house last year. So after a year delay, I finally have a 2018 that I picked up the first week of November, and boy was it tough to find! Wanted a closeout 2018 Suburban Premier 4x4 with just the 3.42 gears and Adaptive Cruise, and NOT a black interior or exterior. Little did I know that the vast majority of Suburbans in my area would have black interiors the standard 3.08 gearing, and other useless junk that I didn’t want like power running boards, sunroof and DVD stuff, etc., with MSRPs up at $78-80k!!! I finally found TWO identical Burbs in Pepperdust with Cocoa/Dune interiors with just adaptive cruise and 3.42 gears. One had the standard 20” wheels and the other the chrome “SEY” 22” wheels. The one with the 20’s had just been sold, so knowing the potential ride quality and vibration issues with the 22’s, just said to heck with it and went for it and got a great deal, and plus I really loved these particular 22’s. Love it so far. Powertrain: Power is just right with the 5.3L and 3.42 gearing. I don’t find it lacking at all, and it has plenty of giddy up when you really need to get moving. Yeah, the 6-speed gearing is spaced a bit wide. It would be about perfect with at least the 8-speed, but it works just fine. I had a couple of rental Suburbans over the past 2 years, all LT’s with base 3.08 gearing and just found them to be lethargic and you really had to prod them and get kickdowns to get moving. The 3.42’s are just right, and wasn’t going to buy a truck without them. Ride, Handling, & Noise/Vibration: This was really important because of numerous family members that get motion sick. You might think it odd to be going with the Magnetic Ride and 22” wheels, but actually, the Premium Ride suspension with 18” wheels was sooo floaty and had so much body roll and motion that even I got a little motion sick test driving one! My family members would have puked. Lol. So MR was a must for us. Love how there’s virtually no body roll with the MR suspension and how solid it feels. Optimal would have been the MR with 20’s which was perfectly smooth and vibration free, but almost every single Burb Premier in my area has 22” wheel upgrades, so finding one with 20’s and only the specific options I wanted AND with something other than the black interior was asking a bit much. No, the ride is not glass smooth. You feel bumps in the road, but we’re used to firm but compliant European/BMW suspensions, so feeling bumps in the road is okay. The 285/45R22’s are “sporty” but not exactly low profile, so while you do feel bumps, the adaptive damping of the MR suspension keeps things pretty compliant and comfortable, along with the much longer wheelbase than what we’re used to. Yes, it has some of the vibration and body resonance issues, but for the most part it’s minor and well damped and not resonant. It’s only a constant and annoying right at 66 mph, so I just avoid going 66. I think we’ll just ride out the Bridgestones or at least get some mileage out of them, but for sure will eventually replace with the Michelins. I don’t think we’ll need to go down to the 20’s. It’s weird that I find the ride perfectly acceptable, but that the aural sensation of the body resonance/vibration is what I find “harsh” at times. The ride itself is surprisingly decent for 22” wheels, so really just the noise issues from the tires causing vibration to the body. Strange beast, but okay with it for now. Overall Drive: I love how this thing drives. I’m not sure what the secret sauce is yet, but every review I’ve read that said the Suburban drives like a much smaller vehicle than it really is is true. I think it’s one part tight steering with a really nice feel and weight and (shock) even a bit of feedback despite being electric, another part the Magnetic Ride suspension and keeping body roll and motions under control, and who knows what else. The tight turning circle for such a massive vehicle is truly impressive. You’d think it’d take a mile to turn this barge around, but no, it’s surprisingly maneuverable in tight parking lots. It definitely gobbles down the miles like crazy on the highway too. It tracks straight ahead with very little correction needed, and I love the HUD and adaptive cruise. Near following distance works great on multi-lane highways, and then far works great for two lane country roads. Takes so much of the fatigue out of long distance driving. Interior: Went with Cocoa/Dune and 2nd row Captain’s Chairs. I think the materials are nice enough, and while there’s definitely some cheap bits, it’s below the waistline and not stuff you’d typically be looking at and having your hands on. The 2nd row seats have plenty of space. I can “sit behind myself” just fine at 6’3”, although the outboard 3rd row seats definitely aren’t for anybody over 6 feet tall. A selling point of the Suburban to me was the fact that you can actually sit 3 adults across the back row. I also looked at the Traverse, but that center 3rd row seat is really only a half seat, and while we might have been able to get away with it now, a few years from now it’d have been an issue. The overall floorpan of the Suburban was perfect for us, with just the right balance of passenger space while still leaving enough cargo room. Infotainment and Tech stuff: We traded my wife’s 2012 BMW X5 for this, and she swapped cars with me and is driving my 2011 BMW 335i convertible now. I’d been driving that since new (yes you can fit car seats in it no problem! Lol!) but it didn’t even have iDrive in it, so any tech stuff in a car is a big leap for me. I’ve never been able to figure out Fords, but GM’s setup works just fine for me, icons are large, the touchscreen works well, and menus are reasonably simple. Navigation worked as well as Waze over our Thanksgiving road trip, and holy crap, Sirius XM just take my money now!! I thought I had this in my 335i custom order, but apparently missed a tiny little option box and didn't get it on that one, and am not even sure on our traded X5?? Lol Exterior: Pepperdust Metallic wasn’t my first choice of color, but I needed to have the Adaptive Cruise, 3.42 gearing, something other than a black interior, and no other junk I didn’t want before having my first choice of color, and NOT a black exterior either, so no I didn’t get my first color choice, but I think it looks nice when the sun is out. My wife and I are both more partial to some of the blues which look really nice, but we both preferred to get a better deal and the exact options we wanted too, so didn’t do a custom order or anything. I almost bought a Blue Velvet with Mahogany interior, but it had the 3.08 gears, power running boards, and no adaptive cruise. It was an insane deal, but the dealer jacked the price up by $3k as soon as I asked about it and then wouldn’t budge, so I walked. Glad I did. I like what I got much better. I think the Pepperdust will grow on me, and it has decent road contrast too, so I’m happy with it. Overall very pleased with the purchase and the initial quality. Here’s what it was up against. I need to be able to transport 5-7 passengers AND a small 20 lb dog anywhere we might need to go, including international trips to the airport or road trips with all of our luggage. CROSS SHOP LIST BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS: The issue with these and pretty much any large crossover SUV is that they might seat up to 7 or 8 pretty comfortably, but have basically no cargo space with the 3rd row seats deployed. They’re not much bigger than a Tahoe, and I’m not going to spend $70-80k on one of these just for it to not be big enough, and have to use all sorts of external carriers and junk. Nah. My wife really wanted an X7 and we waited to see the official specs and photos, but sorry, 11 cubic feet of cargo space with the 3rd row deployed isn’t gonna cut it! LOL Minivans: I'm sorry, what? No can do. Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full. My wife and I haven’t been through all that we’ve been through and all of the crap we’ve had to deal with just to end up driving a (bleeping) minivan. She refused to drive one and I refuse to drive one, so that’s that. I did actually rent a Kia Sedona (or Entourage) on a trip once two years ago, and really liked it! It drove and handled nice, loved the power sliding doors, and had a ton of space. I was like, wow, this is so cool, too bad we'll never have one of these! That said, the Pacifica looks really nice, and maybe the Odyssey, but I’d rather slit my wrists. Lol. I could do a Pacifica I think, but only if I did a two for one and got a Challenger R/T at the same time. Ford Expedition Max: It was pretty much down to a Burb or the new Expedition Max. I actually rented a “Chevy Suburban or equivalent” from Enterprise a few months ago when my folks were in town and we needed a bigger vehicle for the weekend, but turned out to be a brand new Expedition Max. The deal breaker with the Expedition Max was totally insufficient cargo space behind the 3rd row. Ford claims only 3 cubic feet less than the Suburban, but that’s total BS. The Burb has MUCH more space, and I even broke out all of our luggage to prove it! The Expedition is proportioned to have a bit more passenger space, and the 2nd row seats do slide fore and aft a bit, but we didn’t find the Suburban passenger space to be lacking at all, and it had much better cargo space, so done deal. Believe me I’m a fan of modern direct injected turbocharged 6-cylinder engines - the straight-6 in my BMW 335i is glorious and the turbodiesel straight-6 in our X5 was brilliant, but Ford’s 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine didn't win me over at all. It sounded and felt rough, and about as inspiring as a blender. Yeah, the power and torque were there, but the 10-speed was mostly skip shifting and wasn’t going to be all that different than a 6 or 8-speed transmission for the most part. A couple times I felt it clicking through gears sequentially like riding a bicycle, which just felt odd and excessive. Does it really matter if the RPMs are 100 higher or lower? I hope GM’s 10-speed calibration of this transmission is better, but I just didn’t like the Ford. In comparison, GM's good old-fashioned naturally aspirated 5.3L V8 sounds and feels glorious, still has plenty of power, gets perfectly decent fuel mileage for me, and the 6-speed works perfectly fine with the 3.42 gearing. The Ford also didn’t have their adaptive suspension, which probably explained why the body roll on it was crazy. It felt like it was going to tip over, which is how I knew we definitely needed the MR suspension. I didn't hold that against it, but overall nobody was won over by the Expedition Max, and the lack of cargo space behind the 3rd row was a joke. Only 3 cubic feet less than the Suburban my ***. I don’t know why Dodge has never made one of these, but I did look at the Dodge Durango. It’s too narrow, and really only 2+2+2 seating, and just wasn’t going to work. It's really a Jeep Grand Cherokee XL, which is fine, but we didn't need a little more space than our X5, we needed A LOT more, and this was just going to come up short. I did also take a serious look at the Chevy Traverse and had actually set on buying it for awhile. It’s a good $20k cheaper than a Suburban comparably equipped, has a workable 3rd row AND decent cargo space. I almost could have gotten away with it, but I knew I’d end up needing an external cargo box in some situations, and then the realization squeezing my 6’3” carcass back there back to back with a Suburban was that that center 3rd row seat is really only a half seat, so I said forget it. I made that mistake before with another vehicle. The color choices were godawful and nonsensical on the Traverse too. I only liked the Black Currant (dark red) color, available only on the Premier trim, but you can only get it with a black interior or this nasty and disgusting grey/tan abomination. You can get a nice Mahogany interior going all the way up to the High Country trim, but then you lose the nice exterior colors?? I could have rocked a Traverse, but the nonsensical exterior and interior color choices turned me off as much as the other things. Denali XL: Just didn't seem worth the bit of extra money to me. Not going to be towing anything regularly, still have the BMW 335i if I want to go faster, and I'd feel wrong putting regular grade fuel in the 6.2L. I know you can do it (it says so in the book), but that engine with 11.5:1 CR really wants premium. The 5.3 is more regular grade fuel friendly, and that's all this vehicle is going to get. So a Suburban it was! Glad we waited, found exactly what we wanted (minus exterior color not being first choice), checked out ALL of the competition and other options including the BMW X7 which still isn’t even available and is just in pre-order stage right now. Due diligence done, found our Burb and got a great deal, and no regrets. My wife wasn’t exactly happy leaving her “baby” X5 at the dealership and driving away in a Suburban rather than an X7, but that vehicle just wasn’t going to work for us, and $80-90k wasn’t in our budget either. She loved the deal we got on the Burb, and how angry I made all of the sales managers and finance guys. Lol! It’s really grown on her after our 500 mile Thanksgiving road trip. She loves all the space, it really does ride and handle nice for such a large vehicle (she hasn’t driven it yet), there’s the feeling of safety and security in such a behemoth too, and the fuel efficiency is surprisingly good for its size, while still having really nice passing power. Best of all our kids didn’t fight even once, everybody had more than enough room including the dog, and nobody got motion sick. We love this thing. Glad we finally have our “Canyonero”. LOL! Hope you all enjoyed my little 2 year long on again off again but finally got it done automotive buying adventure!
  4. As not to start another string on gearing swaps.... I have a 18 sierra Denali 1500 6.2 with 3.42 gears. We pull right up to the max for the truck with our travel trailer and spending a lot of time in Colorado. I have no complaints with the 3.42 gearing until we head up hill 6% grade, there is way to much loss in speed and gear seeking. We have found a local shop that will put in the 4.11 gears, but does not do programming. The dealership warranty or not doesn't want to modify it, for the 4.11. Diablo after 45 minutes on the phone told me, yes their T2EX or the I3 would program the truck for the gearing. My problem is I know nothing about programming or do I care to learn at this point. The local tuner shops wont touch it unless it is their brand and they don't have the unlock for the tranny for the 18 models. So... Anyone in Texas up for some cold beer and some lessons with a Diablo??
  5. As not to start another string on gearing swaps.... I have a 18 sierra Denali 1500 6.2 with 3.42 gears. We pull right up to the max for the truck with our travel trailer and spending a lot of time in Colorado. I have no complaints with the 3.42 gearing until we head up hill 6% grade, there is way to much loss in speed and gear seeking. We have found a local shop that will put in the 4.11 gears, but does not do programming. The dealership warranty or not doesn't want to modify it, for the 4.11. Diablo after 45 minutes on the phone told me, yes their T2EX or the I3 would program the truck for the gearing. My problem is I know nothing about programming or do I care to learn at this point. The local tuner shops wont touch it unless it is their brand and they don't have the unlock for the tranny for the 18 models. So... Anyone in Texas up for some cold beer and some lessons with a Diablo??
  6. I'm not sure if anyone has discussed this particular scenario, I've poured through a number of different regear posts but I haven't found anything that really answers my question. I have a '14 Silverado DC z71 I purchased in 2015 used. I got a great deal on it, only 19,000miles and looked like it had never been driven. The dealer I got it from I had known years ago, his wife used to teach me horseback riding lessons when I was a kid. He told me the truck was 3.42 as well as another guy Arbizo the dealership. It took me too long to realize it's actually 3.08 so I'm basically stuck with it. I love the truck and it tows my ~6000lb horse trailer fine but I'm looking to Regear. I just don't love how it handles some of the hills and back roads I drive with the trailer. It always makes t but I feel like it's working too hard and I want it to last a while without needing a new tranny etc. I don't plan to lift it or add bigger tires or anything like that. All I'm looking for is improved towing (I know changing my gears won't Change my tow rating I'm not looking to tow anymore I'm just looking to improve towing performance for what I tow now within the trucks capabilities). My question is should I upgrade to 3.42 or if I'm going through the trouble am I better off just going to 3.73? How will 3.73 effect my gas mileage vs 3.08? I know it's a truck and I'm not looking for crazy mileage but don't want to be going to the gas station every other day since it's my daily driver also.
  7. GM/Chevrolets claimed tow rating doesn't add up when crunching the numbers between the 4.3 V6 3.42 model vs the 5.3 V8 3.08 model (2014-2018). Look at the last two columns in the below chart for torque (ft./lbs.) coming out the differential towards the wheels. (These numbers do NOT account for drive train loss, at the wheel ratio changes due to various tire sizes, and the engine torque was taken as published (383 for 5.3 and 303 for 4.3 V6). The ROWS are gears 1 (top) through 6 (bottom). The formula used was: Step 1) Transmission gear ratio multiplied by Rear end gear ratio = Final Drive Ratio. Step 2) Final Drive Ratio multiplied by engine torque = TORQUE coming out of the differential to the wheels. Torque coming out of the differential and to the wheels what gives a vehicle its POWER to pull and move weight. The 5.3 with 3.08 BEATS (MORE POWER) the 4.3 with 3.42 in EVERY GEAR I understand there is more to ratings for tow capacity than just pulling power, however the 5.3 and 4.3 share the same frame, suspension, 6 speed transmission, etc. which means the only variable between the two models is the engine. Since the 5.3 with the 3.08 rear end CLEARLY has MORE torque going to the wheels than the 4.3 with the 3.42 rear end how does Chevy/GMC claim that the V6 model can tow more? The only thing I can think of is MAYBE the 4.3 runs cooler than the 5.3 so the engine is capable of sustaining high RPMs for a longer period of time...
  8. I will be buying a 2017 Sierra 4x4 Crew Cab SLT short box with a 6.2L with 8-speed transmission. My question is whether I should get the 3.23 gears or the 3.42 gears (which means max tow package and bigger mirrors than I like). Overall, I have a need for speed and don't want to feel like I'm getting something worse than I already have. I currently have a 2006 5.3L 4x4 Crew Cab Sierra short box with a 4-speed transmission and 4.10 gears. It also has a Magnuson Supercharger with the stock boost and stock Magnuson tune. For the new 6.2L truck, I plan on first getting an engine tune (and transmission tune when everything gets figured out and someone can do it - lots of back and forth on this subject...Black Bear says it can't be done, HPtuners has "limited tuning", and Corvettes of Westchester says he can fully tune the 2017 transmission, but that's a different thread). If, after the tune, I still feel like the truck is wimpier than my current supercharged ride, i will then buy a supercharger. Does anyone have firsthand experience with a 6.2L with 3.23 or 3.42 gears that can say I will be fine with the 3.23 or I will regret the 3.23 gears?
  9. I have a 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Z71 with a stepside bed. I have been chasing for an answer for so long, I'm going crazy!!! Do I have to buy sexual fender flares for the stepside bed, or will fleetside bed fender flares fit?
  10. Hey everyone, I have been pondering the idea of changing my rear end ratio in my truck. I currently have the 3.22 with the V6 engine. I believe the Crew Cabs came with 3.42 in the V6 so I am kinda shocked that the double cab didn't also. Anyways, lately I feel like my truck has been sluggish (always has been, but bothering me more lately) and I feel like this might be a pretty easy (only) fix. If I was able to go this route I would be interested in using the rear end out of a 2004 5.3L Tahoe with 100k miles. I believe it has the 3.42 gears and if the car is gonna be kept for spare parts then I might as well use it. I feel like this is going to be the only way to get the swap done if I do it because I don't feel like paying 1000 dollars for something that I already have. I am hoping someone would know if the swap is possible since there is a 12 year difference. Thanks for any information.
  11. Looking for some assistance. Buying a travel trailer early next year and trying to figure out if I'll be able to / want to pull it with my current truck. I commute 70+ miles per day for work and would prefer to stick with a half ton, but will go bigger if safety dictates it. Below is the info on the trailer and truck. I've looked at all the towing calculators and from what I can tell, I'm cutting it pretty close on payload, given 10-13% hitch weight. Any help, second set of eyes on the numbers is appreciated! Thanks! Trailer Specs: GVWR (wet weight): 7840 (includes water, propane, and 1444 cargo capacity) Unloaded weight (dry weight): 5880 26ft Truck: 2014 Silverado Double Cab 4x4 5.3l V8 3.42 Axle Max Trailer Weight - 9600 Gcwr: 15000 Truck specs from door jam: Gvwr: 7200 Gvw/ Sticker weight: 5201 Payload: 1974 Fgawr: 3950 Rgwar: 3950
  12. From the album: Truck

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