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Found 21 results

  1. Hey everyone, so I'm pretty new to the chevy 350's. I have the 350 small block tbi with an NV3500 transmission. I'm looking to get more power and see what peoples builds are because the 350 is gutless with this transmission. Thank you all in advance!
  2. I have a 06 GMC Sierra 1500 with a 4.3 and found some carb swap hits to do away with the spider injector but I would rather swap a 350 or build a 383 for it. The truck is a basic single cab long bed work truck edition so no special electrical components other than the radio cluster and an airbag under the seat. How hard would it be to swap it for a carbed 350? Was thinking maybe the computer and everything from a 93 or 94 Chevy since it has the 4l60 in it and could splice my trans connector into it. Thanks.
  3. I have a 5.7L TBI engine in my 94 GMC C1500. The truck is running really terrible. It’s sucking in ALOT of air through the intake without pressing the pedal also it has a really rough idle and when accelerating it sputters and kind of hesitates. It started with the O2 sensor code. I replaced it. Code went away then code 32 popped up. I replaced the EGR VALVE and the Solenoid. Still was having issues. I just replaced the TPS sensor, spark plugs, MAP sensor and still having the same issue. Could it be the IAC Valve messing up or something else?
  4. Why would my 84 chevy van with 350 v8 be getting to much fule..2gallon for 4 miles
  5. First time poster here. I'm not sure how to ask my question without going into a fair amount of detail. I have a 1994 k1500, i bought with a messed up trans and a '350 from a suburban' - note the quotation marks. I work at a dealership and our transmission guy is really good with these transmissions so I took it out and had him rebuilt it for me and he updated all the internals to the 2006+ mechanically but electronically its still a 1994. He tells me it's good for my eventual horsepower goals (600). Everything great and fine but this truck is a dog. Misfires alot has all sorts of issues with the engine, won't idle properly, Yada Yada. I decide to pull the engine. And before we take it apart we look at the casting numbers.... It's a 305... And the heads are for a 350... I was pretty unsure of what to do, however out of the blue I have an opportunity to buy whay should be a good 1998 350 vortec with ecm and full wiring harness for a great deal. There's enough there I have several options but my favorite, if it will work is use the ecm, the new engine and harness and plug it into my 1994 transmission. The question is, can I make it work. Will it run fine? What tuning might I need to do, or transmission modifications to make this work. I'm not opposed to swapping valve bodies and/or tcc solenoids to make this work, and from what I've read that's the biggest difference besides just obd1 to obd2
  6. HI Everyone I have a 1999 GM 1-ton with a rebuilt 350 in it. We put on new distributor, cap, coil, plugs and wires. The truck starts and runs good. but when under certain driving conditions (full throttle, or certain revs) the truck will backfire, hesitate etc. When a timing light is used the truck is timed right, but every so often it will throw a spark when the crank is 90 degrees past the timing marks. It is random when it happens, but it always happens in exactly the same spot. So it will fire 3 or 4 times on the mark and than once 90 degrees past and than back to the marks. My question is what could be causing this? I think 90 degrees on the crank is 45 degrees in the distributor, but how could the rotor be lined up to the next spark plug but jump back to #1? Any guidance or insight would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey, all! I have a question for anyone who know's there stuff about adding HP / Trq to 5.7 350 trucks, and thanks in advance for you info! Truck is: 1998 C1500 single cab, SWB, Sport 350 (5.7). Truck is 99% stock, only added dual cherry bomb glasspacks. Has 205k miles and still runs great, doesn't burn oil, doesn't smoke or knock, etc. Transmission is Muncie and is about ~2 years old. If I have about 2 grand to drop on it to add some HP/Trq what's the best bang for buck? I've been searching around and have been thinking: 1. have it rebuilt into a 383 stroker with an Eagle / Scat kit. That'd almost certainly wipe out all the funds right there, but could add some HP/TRQ and provide a better base to build on later. (Note: engine doesn't necessarily NEED a rebuild, but will eventually) 2. forget the rebuild and get full exhaust (headers > back), CAI, ignition, etc.. So, I'm leaning towards #2, however that presents another question: what's the best bang for buck with bolt-on parts? Heads, ignition, headers, CAI, etc? Anything I'm missing?
  8. Good morning. I am needing help asap. I have an 89 K5 Blazer that I cannot get running. History: First bought after some one spun a rod completely through the oil pan. I know the motor was bad, so I wasnt worried too much about tearing it up. I tried to start to see if everything else worked. i.e. starter, alternator, fuel pump, etc. Everything worked. So I immediately shut her down. I bought a replacement 350 from a running 94 Chevy 4x4 Pickup I put all wiring back in place as they were before. Replaced all fuses, spark plugs/wiring, rotor cap and button, etc. Now I have no headlights, slow turn over, wont start. I have removed the fuel line from motor, turned the key and NO GAS. I checked the fuel pump relay and its good, checked the fuse panel and its good. I know it is a long shot but wth do I look for? I am a mom and this is my only vehicle and need to get it running asap. By the way, At some point some dipstick turned it into a push start. Turn the key then push the button. I need help asap
  9. Howdy, I have a 1998 Silverado 1500 with a 350. I bought the truck for parts but I might decide to fix it. The truck runs however water seems to dump out from underneath the AC compressor. The cooling system doesn't stay pressurized and the water comes out as fast as I can put it in. There's no coolant in the oil and it doesn't seem to burn any either. So I'm leaning towards it not being a headgasket. Any other ideas?
  10. I have done all I can now I'm going to turn to you guys. have a 350 Vortec in a 96 GMC. I bought this truck about 6 months ago with no problems the engine is a JEGS motor with roughly 17k on it. I got some non ethanol fuel from an 'unknown' gas station and started to have an awful miss at idle. ran injector cleaner through it for about a week nothing helped still soaked plugs 2, 4 , 6, 8, were my problem children. Broke down pulled injectors out and replaced them put cab rotor and plugs in while I was there. Guess what same problem! But this has brought my problem down to only cylinder number 4. Did a compression check every cylinder passed moved on to an intake gasket sprayed brake clean around everywhere there could be a leak and nothing. Now we are to the point that it only does this when I start it hot or cold 90% of the time If I drive it just about any distance this will mostly go away with me only noticing it because I am now looking for it. Plenty of spark and fuel that is all going out of the tail pipe. Also now my only code is an o2 sensor which just started I would assume from all of my hard earn money going out the tail pipe. Any help or ideas is much appreciated!
  11. Hi everyone I hope someone from this site will be more helpful than the last site I tried using. Ok here is what I got 1992 k1500 blazer with tbi 350. My question is if this motor can be changed from flat tappet to roller or am I better off to buy a new crate long block L31 vortec 350? (if I can use roller cam I'll put new 906 vortec heads on it) I'd like to run a lt4 cam or something of that range.is like to build it up and get 300rwhp. It has true duals already. I've been thinking of changing the 2 barrel tbi over to the 4 barrel efi unit with self tuning if need be. And I will not do an ls swap I owned two before and don't like them at all that's why I got rid of them for a 350 again and they drank more gas than my blazer does 10mpg and 13mpg is what I got on the ls trucks my blazer get 19mpg any help from you guy would be great And no emissions where I live
  12. alternator reads 13.6 volts charging. Voltage on the dash is 12. As the vehicle runs the voltage drops slowly until 10 volts. Any suggestions to what the issue is? Brand new battery solid ground on it and positive.
  13. Just stoped working while driving ,checked fuse ,ok, Help!!
  14. Hi all, I'm currently searching for a 1987 GMC Sierra. I am currently in the process of restoring one and would like to buy one to use as a model for putting mine back together. Let me know if you know of one available! THANKS!!
  15. You are looking at possibly the nicest, original, 87-99 body style GM truck left. This truck has been my dad's since new, and only has 37,000 original miles. We have everything for this truck, since the day it was sold. It has NEVER seen winter, and only seen rain a hand full of times. The seats have had towels over them from the day it was picked up at the dealership. No one has ever sat on the actual seats, and no one has ever put their feet on the carpet. It is as close to new as you can get, and is stored in a climate controlled garage. The truck is a 2500, and it has the 350 engine. It has power locks and windows, a tow package, the heavier duty rear end and suspension. It is a 2 wheel drive. It does have a trailer break system, CB radio, and Flowmaster exhaust added to it. You will not find another one this clean and untouched. I walked around it and couldn't even find a single scratch or chip in the paint. We would sell the truck for $15,000 or possible trade it. Welre interested in classic cars, like Corvettes, old Chevelles, Camaros, Mustangs, hot rod trucks, SVT Ford Lightnings, El Caminos, etc., just let me know what you have. Please, no bikes, or boats. Thanks for looking and have a great day!
  16. The ZZ6 includes high-flow, fast-burn style aluminum cylinder heads with large intake runners. High-rpm beehive-style tapered valve springs with smaller valve spring retainers have reduced mass. There is much more to this engine than that. Learn more at Chevy's link. Chevy will announce availability of the new engine at SEMA in November (members of GM-trucks.com plan to attend). Chevy will introduce base versions and also a turn-key version of the ZZ6 including a carburetor, an air cleaner that matches the unique valve covers, the starter, distributor, alternator and additional accessories such as the air conditioning compressor and front-end accessory drive system.
  17. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 10/2/2015 Chevy's new small block 350 crate engine produces 405 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque. Chevy points out that is more power than any production 350 small block ever installed in a production vehicle. Jim Campbell, GM U.S. vice president of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports commented on the ZZ6, saying, “After more than six decades, our powertrain engineers continue to refine and update the classic Small Block architecture, adapting new technologies to advance the legacy of the industry’s most adaptable V-8 engine and giving customers new choices from the company that pioneered the concept of high-performance crate engines.” The ZZ6 includes high-flow, fast-burn style aluminum cylinder heads with large intake runners. High-rpm beehive-style tapered valve springs with smaller valve spring retainers have reduced mass. There is much more to this engine than that. Learn more at Chevy's link. Chevy will announce availability of the new engine at SEMA in November (members of GM-trucks.com plan to attend). Chevy will introduce base versions and also a turn-key version of the ZZ6 including a carburetor, an air cleaner that matches the unique valve covers, the starter, distributor, alternator and additional accessories such as the air conditioning compressor and front-end accessory drive system.
  18. Hey guys, I have a 1992 C1500 Pick up 5.7 liter TBI and I was trying to get some information on it that could help with my building it. I always hear people talking about their LT1's and LS1's and so forth... I was just wondering which engine I had. Any responses are appreciated. If its possible I would like to swap out my TBI Intake and PCM with one from a similar year Camaro with the 5.7 Liter engine but I need to do some research to figure out if that's possible and knowing which engine I have will help a ton.
  19. i just recently purchased a 78 chevy step side 3 quarter ton, it has a 350 turbo transmission in it right now with a 3 speed b&m shifter, the truck used to have a manual transmission in it and I'm looking to switch it back. It has a 350 small block in it, almost brand new. Im looking for something suitable to get me around from work and back, but still be fun to drag when I don't have the ladders in the back. need to know the parts i need, and a list of trannys i could choose from i heard the super T10 was a good one?
  20. Tree fiddy cold start.: My pick up
  21. Hey guys back from appendix surgery and well came across a new project truck, its a 2000 escalade, the previous owner decided to do a rering rebuild from summit. well needless to say he put it back in and NO go. so i picked it up off him for a small fee. so im pulling the 5.7L(vortec) and am gonna have a friend from the machine shop go thru it and inspect the work and make sure it was put together right. but while its apart i was wondering, timing chain wasnt changed but wanting to possibly put a timing gear set or a double or single roller(which one can work and where can i find it?summit search engine sucks). also it has an upgraded spider injector set and supposably was an upgraded (sfi to mfi) but i dont want to changed the complete fuel injection system want all the computers to work like they did off the line, but wanna make alittle power since im gonna have the engine apart. please can someone help. thanks
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