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Found 43 results

  1. 97 z71 won't go into overdrive
  2. I'm trying to swap 4.3 2003 into 1998 4l60e its done on ls swaps all the time I think I need bellhousing flex plate torque converter adapter anyone chime in no negative Nancy's please
  3. Hello all, new member here, first post. Did a search but couldn't find a recent thread with similar problems so here we are. Bought a used Tahoe with transmission that was supposed to have been rebuilt for my son. He drove for about 10 months and it went into limp mode, I figured trans went bad and swapped for one out of a donor that was wrecked, didn't know about limp mode yet. Swapped in the trans and truck drove better than the rebuild, actually went through all the gears, son went to get inspection but needed to put miles on for computer after it reset. While driving it suddenly went to having nothing when put into drive, google research lead me to limp mode and this site. What could cause the trans to suddenly go to limp mode while in the middle of driving? Bad ecm? or bad shift solenoid? Looking forward to getting some feedback and hopefully being a productive member to the board Thanks Burnunit
  4. Hi everyone, I have a problem with my 4l60e tranny in my 96 Chevy Tahoe 5.7L Vortec. My trans won't shift to 4th gear. When I put shifter into overdrive position and start acceleration trans normaly shifts through 1-2-3 gears. After that RPM goes to 3000 - 3100 but car won't accelerate no more and I get 62 mph and 3000 - 3100 rpm. In shown in this video. https://www.youtube.com/embed/t0zkwD9MMd4 In good case when all work fineI have 80 mph at 2500 rpm. https://youtu.be/hAd4f2r_9sQ After diagnostic I replaced TPS sensor and brake switch, but problem won't go away. What could be the problem ?
  5. First time poster here. I'm not sure how to ask my question without going into a fair amount of detail. I have a 1994 k1500, i bought with a messed up trans and a '350 from a suburban' - note the quotation marks. I work at a dealership and our transmission guy is really good with these transmissions so I took it out and had him rebuilt it for me and he updated all the internals to the 2006+ mechanically but electronically its still a 1994. He tells me it's good for my eventual horsepower goals (600). Everything great and fine but this truck is a dog. Misfires alot has all sorts of issues with the engine, won't idle properly, Yada Yada. I decide to pull the engine. And before we take it apart we look at the casting numbers.... It's a 305... And the heads are for a 350... I was pretty unsure of what to do, however out of the blue I have an opportunity to buy whay should be a good 1998 350 vortec with ecm and full wiring harness for a great deal. There's enough there I have several options but my favorite, if it will work is use the ecm, the new engine and harness and plug it into my 1994 transmission. The question is, can I make it work. Will it run fine? What tuning might I need to do, or transmission modifications to make this work. I'm not opposed to swapping valve bodies and/or tcc solenoids to make this work, and from what I've read that's the biggest difference besides just obd1 to obd2
  6. Hey everyone, I'm having trouble with my trans. 4l60e .. Out of the blue one day it would engage after start up for about 3 mins. Then it would completely fail .. No movement in any gear... Turn it off for a 5 min crank and it repeated.. fixed that problem... Filter and seal was bad and not allowing it to seal off and couldn't transfer enough fluid... After it was fixed it worked fine.. i had to use 4wd a week later and manually sifted to 1st and there was nothing it just reved no movement or noises .. Tried 2nd -3rd same results.. it works fine in drive pulls hard no strange noises or funny feelings..shifts through all gears fine .. Any idea why it won't engage manually? Thanks-B
  7. I rebuilt my 4l60e and replaced the sun shell and some frictions in the 3-4 clutch pack. I also drained my torque converter as much as possible. Probably got 3-4 quarts out. After the re-install, I only added (6) quarts of fluid and the dipstick is reading over full. I added 1 quart to the converter before install and (5) quarts after that. I should be able to fit 13.5 quarts with a complete rebuild and new converter. Anyone have any clue as to why I am reading over at (6) quarts? Truck drives just fine and all gears work flawlessly.
  8. I have a 92 GMC Sierra 1500 with the 5.7 350TBI currently bolted up to the 700r4 transmission. I need a new engine & I found one it's also 5.7 350TBI bolted up to a 4L60e transmission out of a 95 Chevrolet Silverado extended cab . Will the 350 out of the 95 work in my 92 ? Or will I have to change ECM. Wires ECT since one is cable & one is computer . Please Help .
  9. I have a 2000 Silverado 4x4 that has transmission issues. The trans was rebuilt several years ago and work fine until i parked the truck for a year. Upon initially driving away from where its parked the trans does its job and automatically shifts through all gears. Once I stop and go to take off it clearly isnt in 1st gear. Best i can tell at that point the only gear operating is 3rd. Ive tried manually shifting and that does no different. Any facts, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. Hi. Vehicle: 1996 GMC K2500 Suburban 7.4 Lt. VIN: 3GKGK26J4TG511185 I need to buy the oxygen sensors and my auto parts store is asking if I have a 4L60-E transmission. Would be grateful if anyone could help me find out the type of automatic transmission in my truck. Based on the VIN, Is it a 4L60-E ? Thank you. Jon
  11. New to the Forum here, just picked up this truck for almost nothing. I’m having some shifting issues. It’s a 2000 Silverado 1500 LS, 5.3L 4x4 z71. I have the SES light for random Miss fires, I already ordered coils, plugs and wires. Shifts from 1 to 2, when it hit 3, RPMs run straight up, then it’ll cruise about 60 at 4K RPM. Video I took of it.
  12. Hopefully I didn't miss this being posted already, if so, I'm sorry. I have a 2004 Tahoe, 2WD, 4.8L, 4L60E. Transmission went out, I have a 1999 Silverado 5.3L, 4L60E 4x4 with transfer case. The only thing I noticed different besides having the transfer case and extra plugs on the 99 harness for said transfer case, is the neutral safety switch on the 99 4x4 trans has a 2 plug harness vs my 2004 Tahoe trans with a single harness plug. Am I able to use this 4x4 trans in my 2WD Tahoe? I'm assuming I could swap the safety switch, and leave the front driveshaft off? Also finding a rear driveshaft off of a 4x4 Tahoe since mine and the donor truck's driveshaft would be too long, I'd assume? I've been told I could and I've been told I couldn't. I've swapped transmissions before, but never done anything like this, so I'd just like some insight if someone could help me on this topic I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  13. ok i will start with that im new here but i have a 1999 gmc sierra (new body) 1500 ext cab 4x4 5.3 4l60e im in need of some serious help i dont know where to go from here my truck trans is in limp mode and has no codes other than the EGR but no trans codes! i will start with i have done and checked i have checked all fuses all good i have 12v at ex trans harness so the ignition switch shoould be good good power and grounds at the pcm good ground between batt and engine block and frame new batt new A and B shift solenoid,3-2 shift sol. tcc pwm sol. tcc lock up sol. and internal trans wire harness so i guess is my next step the pcm? any help would be great thanks
  14. Wondering if anyone can help me with figuring out what I need for this swap or if the swap will work I have a 01 4.8 ext cab stepside found a lq4 6.0 seller said it had the old iron heads on it but will be putting 799 heads on it wondering if it will work with a 4L60E or have to get a 80e coming from a 2500 gmc Sierra 2000ish
  15. HELP! I am helping a friend sell some auto parts that he was given as payment. It is a Chevy 4L60E Transmission 24207965. The only other markings I can make out are GMPT, 41, & M30 if those help at all. What I need to know is what Year & Model truck does this fit & what is the way that I am able to determine that...is there something else I need to look at on it that will reference to that info? Please Advise, Thank You.
  16. Hi, I have a 2008 4WD Avalanche with about 130K miles and (I assume) the 4L60E transmission. We just drove it from CT to Orlando with no issues, but while driving it on International Avenue, heard a loud bang/clunk and lost transmission engagement (in Drive). Coasted into a gas station, turned the car off and back on, and started going through the gears. Drive or 3rd wouldn't engage, but did engage in 1st and 2nd. Drove forward in 1st then 2nd, hear another clunk/bang (not as loud), and then Drive and 3rd "worked" again (except I think it was still in 2nd gear). However, now Reverse won't work (feels like there is resistance, but won't move), and is actually engaged and moves forward while in neutral!?! Wasn't far from the resort so was able to limp back in 1/2 gears. Noodling around, I am seeing a broken reverse band or sprag or maybe solenoids, as possible culprits, but none seems to totally fit, but then again, while I can do most of my own mechanical work on my car, tranny's are out of my wheelhouse. Before I bring it to a shop to get diagnosed, I was hoping someone could help educate me on the 4L60E and/or give me some ideas what the issue may be so I can discuss it intelligently with the mechanic, generally understand their diagnosis, and make sure I don't get ripped off. And if anyone here is from the Orlando area, any advice on trusted/reasonable mechanics would be appreciated, as well as any rough ideas of cost to replace or rebuild the tranny? And while I would normally not go to them, I am also thinking whether I should go to a chain store transmission shop or a dealership so I might have some recourse if I have any future problems with a repair once back in CT. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  17. MY OWN TRUCK is a 1999 Silverado Z71 LS 5.3l 4L60E with 195,000 miles, and it always starts, always runs, gets me down the road, and the job done, without fail. Paid $1800 two years ago, with a bad rear end. Installed new water pump, starter, alternator, new brakes all around, and rebuilt the rear-end myself. Wasn't at all easy, or cheap, but it was worth it. Now, my transmission needs to be either rebuilt, repaired, or replaced; neither of which will be at all cheap, or easy for me I know, but I have somehow managed to have a potential swap fall in my lap, and it was free. The replacement tranny is a 4L60E out of a 1999 Escalade 5.7l AWD, that's only got 90,000 miles on it. Things been sitting for about a year, is complete, and has (had) no known issues. Lacking the means, knowledge, and/or financial resources to make repairs (Sun Shell thing broke) or to pay someone else to fix it, or rebuild it, or the time to wait until a busy shop can get to it, I'm preparing to make the swap myself, but with the assistance of a few buddies, some of their tools, and hopefully a collective of experience and knowledge to do the job properly. What I'm asking for here is a little help with the particulars, and I could definitely use any and all the help I could get in the way of advice, direction, caution, tips, pointers, hints, do's and don'ts, and a few nuggets of wisdom. Steps, or some order of operation, would be nice, but first I was hoping for a confirmation on interchange fitment, relative suitability, difficulty in completing the swap, should the swap be less than a good fit, but perhaps still do-able. So.. First, is my OKXD swap compatible? I've done quite a bit of research, but still haven't got a simple, definitive "Yes" what I was hoping for. Is it even possible to keep my PCM with a tranny from a 5.7? The Bell Housing has a bolt hole top-center (I was told that was for diesel motor engine application) and the Torque Converter TMBX 242-4393 has three holes for bolting up to my Drive Plate. Both are two-piece (Bell Housing to Gear Box), and both include 4WD/AWD coupler 15724744-YDC-5 to Transfer Case (Transfer Cases are the same? My truck came equipped with Automatic 4WD) so are there any issues with this swap? Second, if compatible/interchangeable, what should I do first, besides drop the driveshafts, transfer case, crossmember, and pull plug-in connector, linkage, etc? Is there any prep I need to do to ready the replacement unit? It has been sitting somewhere in a guy's garage, gathering dust, dirty, a little crusty, does it need to be flushed, primed? Should it be checked to make sure the electronics are not friend, switches operable? Third and last, what are my odds to complete this swap, by myself, the first time, and still be able to drive my truck another 100,000 miles? Any input, comment, criticism would be much appreciated, thanks!
  18. Alright so I’ve been wanting to to the 6l80 swap in my 2011 rcsb 4.8/4l60 for a while now. Not for gas mileage or anything like that, simply because I want to. I am capable of doing the swap and have a tuner, just need to know what all is needed. Thanks!
  19. Hoping to get some help as I am stumped. I have a 2008 Silverado 1500 with a 4.8 and 4l60e. As the title states the torque converter bounces in and out of lock up. I put a snap on scan gauge on and there are no codes. I watched the data screen and it says it’s locked while it goes in and out, but when I manually select the TCC solenoid on, on the function test it locks up fine and works properly. I’m assuming that this eliminates the valve body,TC and solenoids since they work when turned on via the scan tool? What could be going on here?
  20. hi I have a 2009 GMC Sierra with a 5.3 L engine with 4l60e transmission with 4x4 and I want to make 550 horsepower how can I achieve that thnx
  21. sometimes when I slow down I hear some wierd clunk noises from 75mph i I have a 2009 GMC Sierra 4x4 4l60e
  22. Just recently I had my 4L60e go out on my truck (2000 silverado 1500). I've been too hesitant to go to a trans shop as I hear terrible stories and huge bills. While debating my options I came across a diesel shop owner who said his friend had a 'built' 4L80 with a standalone system out of a 4wd like mine. He wants $1000, I need help deciding if this is a good route that requires little fab. Would this bolt right into my 5.3 and transfercase? Is the length any different where I have to worry about the driveshaft? Do I have to flash my ecu? Any help is much appreciated!
  23. Hello, I have a 2003 silverado 1500 4x4 4.8L with a reman 4l60e that has approx. 11,000 miles on it. The problem i am having started after the trans had 9k on it. After the truck has been driven if it is shut off or idled for a few minutes it will not accelerate or shift normally. The trans is not slipping, the rpms just increase very slowly. It shifts at high rpms and usually very suddenly unles you let off on the gas to shift. This happens through all gears and it will completely go away and shift normally after a few minutes of driving. Also, if has been idling for a few minutes the rpms will go down to abt 450-500 then jump back to abt 650 and the truck will have a shudder as though it is trying to give power to something while just sitting there. It does not make any difference if it is in gear or park. This has never happened taking off with the trans cold and it has no problems with stop and go traffic only after idling or being shut off. It occasionally has a clunk while this is happening. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. Hi everyone this is my first post and this is my first Silverado. So I was pulling an empty car trailer on the highway when I saw some smoke coming from my truck, followed by by it revving to the moon without grabbing. I got a alert saying trans temp has hot. I pulled over and noticed it was dripping trans fluid. After looking underneath I noticed what looks like a breather tube on top of the trans. This seems to be where the fluid is coming out from but I'm not sure yet. The trans seems to grab the gears under 1k for a little bit then it just slips entirely like being in neutral. I'm in formiliar with this truck and before I have someone take a look I'd like to hear what you guys think it could be. Side note right before I got the truck (2000k miles ago) the previous owner said "new trans" just installed. Could I have just blown a trans line? Vaccum line? Any reply is appreciated
  25. Hello all. I'm in the market for a 1 ton truck from this generation of Chevys. There's one in particular I found somewhat locally, but I'm a bit confused. It's a 4x4 dually, 7.4ltr engine, auto tranny with under 75k miles on the dash. Upon inquiry, the seller sent me additional photos. One of the photos was a close up of the dash. Now, in my findings, the only transmissions available for the 3500 were the standard 4 speed, and the TH400 automatic. However, on the dash, the gear indicator had the 1, 2 , D, and OD (D with the circle around it). Was there another overdrive transmission offered in the 3500 series that I'm mistaken on? The other OD transmissions of the era were the 700r4 and the 2004r, but I wouldn't think they would put either of those into a heavy hauler dually pickup because those were not rated for that kind of duty. It's also my understanding that the 4l80e was not offered until some year after the 1990 model year. I haven't been able to inspect the truck in person yet so I can't check the pan to tell me for sure what's in there. If it's one of the weaker transmissions, I don't know that I want to waste time driving more than an hour away to look at it, unless my perception of those transmissions is incorrect. Anybody have any idea what I'm missing? Otherwise, I'm in this market because I'm looking for a reliable hauler for occasional work purposes, to trailer my project vehicles, and other general utility purposes. Am I on the right track with pursuing something from this lineup?
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