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Found 20 results

  1. Recently bought a leather steering wheel from a 2012 2500 sierra. I swapped it into my 2007nnbs silverado ls/base model. I've searched for hours trying to find the correct information on what I need to get the radio controls to work. The harness that came with the wheel had 1 more wire than the ls model did. Original harness had 6 wires. New wheel had 7 wires. Everything I looked up said the swap should be plug and play. But it is not. I need some help to know what I really need? New clockspring? Different harness? Harness behind clockspring? Or is it just not compatible at all? Picture is of new steering and harness that came with it Thanks everyone!
  2. As stated in the title.... I have a 2016 Yukon Denali and the steering wheel is driving me crazy... I know this is admittedly a short drive but I can't seem to find much if any info on what it may be. I am hesitant to play the dealer their "Diagnostic fee": of $149 for them to tell me that it's supposed to be that way or they don't see anything wrong with it. My guess is the previous owner was either short or heavy or both and pulled themselves up into the truck by the steering wheel every time they got into it. Here is the issue in detail: The steering wheel (power adjustable) has "play". So when I grab it it will move up and down and sort of "click". This is not present in other 2016 Yukon Denali's. This happens regardless of the steering wheel position, all the way in or out up or down. There doesn't seem to be any play side to side. All of the movement seems to be coming from the the adjustment mechanism but I could be wrong. I do not think it is the entire steering shaft as I have found is typical in older GM models. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. So i have a 2021 Silverado Custom and Ive been wanting to upgrade my clusters and Steering wheel. I see alot of people saying it the Audio controls dont work because of the radio but from what I've seen there are LT trims that also have IOR radios(like the customs and w/t) and Steering wheel controls. With that being said, then the wiring is possible for steering wheel audio controls to work, no? and if the clusters are swapped as well, wouldnt the steering wheel be able to connect to the new clusters?
  4. After upgrading my base cluster and steering wheel. Is it possible to control the cluster from the new steering wheel? How is this wired? Ive seen videos for models up 2014-2018. However, nothing on new gen trucks (2019-2020).
  5. After upgrading my base cluster and steering wheel. Is it possible to control the cluster from the new steering wheel? How is this wired? Ive seen videos for models up 2014-2018. However, nothing on new gen trucks (2019-2020).
  6. Had my truck worked on at a body shop(dent fix and new windshield) then straight to a proper detailing. I assume one of the two disconnected my batteries (L5P Durramax). Now, the buttons and controls on the steering wheel do not respond. Confirmed with both shops, nothing was disconnected from the steering column. Everything else, horn, dash, lights, radio, etc. All function correctly. Only the stero paddles, and menu nav buttons do not work. Scanned all the modules for codes and received back 2 codes in the Instrument Panel Cluster. DTC 1: B3622-39 Steering Wheel Controls Signal Circuit - Internal Malfunction - (No ****** Sherlock) DTC 2 : U1510-00 LIN Bus Lost Communication with Device 0 - (Ah yes, Device 0, obviously). I am not sold on the clock spring still as I don't have any SRS module codes. Repair manual says those codes together is a short to ground. Cheryl on-top was this YouTube video, Anyone have enough knowledge to help me figure if it's a bad module or a cut wire?
  7. Hello all, I’m sorry if this isn’t posted in the right section but I couldn’t find any results for the problem I’m having. So a little bit of back story.... I have a 2005 Silverado 1500 2wd with 180,xxx miles on it, It’s a good old girl. I recently had a lot of work done to the front end, new rack and pinion assembly, new coils, shocks, spindles, new ucas, new upper ball joints and tie rod ends. I had a shop install on the parts because I don’t have a driveway to work in right now. All the parts replaced were stock oem parts, so well worn out. The truck rides great now much more controlled and steering feel is firm. But I noticed there is about an inch of free play in the steering wheel ( no resistance, no moving the wheel in the free play). What do y’all think it could be? I checked the intermediate steering shaft for play and it is moving with the u-joint at the rack and pinion. Can the gear box be adjusted? Thank y’all for your insight. I don’t just want to fire the parts cannon in vain. Again thank you for all the help!
  8. I have a 2006 Silverado 1500 - CrewCab - 4WD - 5.3L engine. The truck has never been wrecked and alignment prior to the work - was fine. I had the following replaced due to age and wear indications: Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings (with Poly), Sway bar Bushing (poly), Upper and Lower Ball Joints, Shocks, Tie Rods and Ends (i.e. entire assembly), Pitman arm, and Idler arm and Bracket (i.e. the pivoting assembly). Took the truck in for alignment - and basically while everything appears fine and aligned without issue - the steering wheel is about 45 degrees to the right. The alignment people stated that the pitman arm was probably mis-aligned and they could not straighton the steering wheel without bottoming out the tie-rod on one side and that this would not be good. So took the truck back and had the pitman arm alignment checked - it was fine - even had the old one re-installed to check things and there was no difference (i.e. the new one was not keyed wrong or mis-aligned). Everything has been double checked and still the alignment of the steering wheel is off. Verified that the part numbers used were correct and that there was no "difference between 2wd and 4wd or in the various years. SideNote: the steering shaft was NOT disconnected to check the pitman arm. Comments or thoughts?
  9. Off of a 2014 Silverado LT CC Just upgraded my steering wheel to a heated one, so I’m selling my black leather steering wheel with controls on it hmu if interested in very good condition HMU for more pictures 150$ with clock spring u pay shipping located in Dallas Texas HMU
  10. Hey, my 2017 silverado steering wheel is misaligned to the tires. This past weekend I took my truck to the dealer to do maintenance and figure out this knocking noise in my front end, which they have figured out to be the front struts were worn, and the passenger side front strut was broken internally. Which they fixed and now I have no noises, other than the "squeaky suspension noises of my suspension package" coming out of the front. Since they replaced the struts I had them also do a wheel alignment. But when I picked up my truck, my steering wheel was off center to the right, so I took it back to them and they said the alignment is good and it matched up with how they sent it out. They had no excuse as to why my steering wheel was misaligned. So I took my truck to a shop closer to home to have them recheck it and align it if needed, which is was barely out so they made adjustments, but now my steering wheel is off center to the left. The dealer checked everything else out in the front end and all was good(besides the front struts), so my ball joints shouldnt be bad. Could it be the tires worn funny by driving on worn struts for 10k-15k miles causing my off centered steering wheel? Thanks.
  11. I have a 2014 Silverado 1500 High Country. I was wanting to get a steering wheel cover to help protect the steering wheel. I am looking for a Cover that is Leather, preferably smooth leather, and is a brown, tan, or one that will match the Saddle interior color. A grey would work as well. Does anyone know of any Covers that would match this? Thanks for any help you can give.
  12. FOR SALE Steering Wheel - Black Leather, Without Heat, Without Collision. This came of of my 2015 Silverado Z71 LT because I upgraded to a wheel with heat. Everything is in perfect condition with no wear on buttons or any issues to speak of. I'll also throw in the clock spring as well. Clock spring is in working condition, but I cut the cords in half out of frustration when I was removing it...LOL! $140 shipped (assuming it's within the lower 48 States)
  13. Hey guys. So I just bought an 03 1500 LS and I hate the look of the steering wheel. My buddy has an extra wheel from his 08 1500 (which I much prefer). Is there anyway of swapping the second gen wheel into my first gen? Thanks for your time.
  14. Can anyone identify the leveling kit used on my new (to me) 2014 Silverado 5.3l? Height in the front is 40.1" and height in back is 39.4". I believe the prior owner installed a leveling kit, but I don't know how to identify it. Can you please assist? Below is a picture of the driver side strut.
  15. My 2015 Silverado steering column is making what I describe as a ratcheting noise after I place the truck in park and remove the key. It clanks around a few times then eventually locks. Sometimes it only clanks once, others it will be multiple times like in the video below. It also happens when my leg hits the steering wheel when I get in the truck after the remote start has been activated. The truck is less than 45 days old and was purchased new from the dealer. I'm planning on taking it back to the dealer, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should suspect?
  16. It seems to be that my steering wheel is getting a lot of gunk and dirt and general build up from my hands. I have fairly clean hands but that doesn't seem to stop it from getting dirty. I really don't want to buy a steering wheel cover but if I have to I guess I can. Main question is that do other members have this problem and if so how do you keep it clean and with what. I don't want to damage the "leather" so I'm looking for some answers. thanks
  17. I have some left over / extra parts from my truck that I am putting up for sale. 1 pr- Outside Mirrors * Remote, w/ dark gray painted covers* used less than 2 months 1 - Inside OnStar manually adjusted mirror * used less than 2 months 1 - OEM Rubber Floor Mats * Good shape, used less than 2 months but not worn 1 - Front Husky Liner Black digital Fit mats (lightly used 1 month) 1 - Rear Weathertech Mat *NEW*** Fits Double Cab, BLACK 1 - Black Leather wrapped Steering Wheel with all controls *Used lightly* Can include clock spring, for those upgrading from WT** 1 - Black Leather Jump Seat **Minus harness** lightly used ** Will sell cheap to good home** Willing to listen to offers on anything reasonable, please be kind and remember it costs money to ship things. Pictures of anything upon request. Nothing is damaged, just did some upgrading. Ken 3zero5 - 98nine-56eight1 Located in Miami, FL Thanks for your time
  18. I have asked this in other areas/forums and received some interesting good meaning responses, but have not gotten a technical response. I have a 2012 SLE 2500HD Sierra equipped with an AM/FM single CD player. I have cruise control but not the radio controls on my steering wheel. I would like to know it I ordered a used steering column from a used parts place for parts, is the radio capable of steering wheel controls? What all would I need to change? I know the wiring harness in the steering wheel itself does not have a plug for this, but is the wiring already in my steering column? Can I just change out the steering wheel with the used one that has the radio controls? I wish GMC would make up grade kits for their options. I love my 2500HD and have added fog lamp kit, CID kit, and tow mirrors, but I really miss the radio controls on the steering wheel that my 2003 1500 Sierra had. They are really missing the boat on after market sales. Thank you for any technical information you may be able to provide.
  19. I guess it means the pleather they use is pretty good since I am asking. I am wondering if anyone know what is actually leather and what is pleather? Is it just the seating surface and the back of the seats that are leather? Is the steering wheel leather? I have the AT GMC and the seats have a carbon fiber side to them that must be vinyl. If you close your eyes you can hardly discern the difference between it and the, what I assume is actually leather. I am assuming the following: (Agree?) Up front: The parts of the seats your body touch (bottom and back) are leather The head rests are leather The steering wheel is leather Back: Seems to me the whole bench and back are leather
  20. Hi folks new to the site if I'm misposted please let me know and I'll try again. So to start with I'm running a '91 chevy suburban 2500 4x4 with the 350 motor. The problems I'm encountering are a follows, with descriptions. 1. I have a coolant leak but I'm not sure where it is coming from, I notice the coolant around my starter, but no problems with the starter itself. Also that is the only place I have seen the fluid. 2. My transmission leaks like a siv I have replaced the pan gasket and filter but to no avail. I notice the fluid everywhere around the trans on the cross member down the frame rails. That's about it for my leaks. And lastly 3. My steering wheel is upside down! How do I fix that? My alignment sit 180* out but the wheel is. Any help on any of my problems would be greatly appreciated thank you all.
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