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Found 19 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. But I came here because I know I can get good info from this site. So let's get to it. I have a 1990 Chevy C1500. It didn't come with A/C. It's getting hot out. I know it's possible to add A/C. I just don't know where to start. I also know that there are under dash units that will not fit my truck. I also know that auto A/C shops can get kits for specific vehicles, however I can't find one for my exact year, make, and model anywhere. Would anyone be able to put me in the right direction for one of these kits or help me with my problem? Thanks so much, everyone.
  2. hi everyone, ive looked high and low with no luck, so apologies of this is directly cited somewhere. The plastic grooves/housing where the blower motor twists into place under the glove box, are brittle and broken. Therefore, my blower fan will not stay in place. Is that plastic housing or assembly core sold as a stand alone part? Trying to figure out a way to get the blower motor secured without duct tape or something else. thanks!
  3. Morning y'all! Is there a kit i can purchase to convert from r12 to r134a? I tried the little autozone kits and they do not fit my truck. Its a 1992 C1500 with the TBI 350 (5.7)
  4. Hello Guys, The other day I got in my truck and no AC (at least the first time I noticed). Today I took a look at my condenser throught the grill and saw the attached picture.... can someone please chime in and tell me if that is a leak or the row in the condendser is designed to have that gap. Looks to me to be the source of my leak, but I have no idea how that would have happened and it looks like it would have taken a signficant event to cause that. This is on the passenger side.
  5. UPDATE: Link for the transmission shudder issue from GM techlink publication. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11127 Well its been only four months and 2,300 miles and I'm already at the dealership service department with two major issues. 1) AC stopped blowing cold air a few days ago, WTF! 2) I've have the infamous 8-speed transmission shudder from takeoff to second gear since day one. Here's the news I got from the service department today: The AC system is leaking at the evaporator and the console and the entire dash will have to be removed to replace the evaporator coil. For the transmission issue, they have a TSB that has them flushing out the transmission and Torque Converter and replacing with a Mobil 1 product (was hoping for a software update but no luck there). Best part (sarcasm here) is they have asked me to take back possession of the truck until July 9th before they can get to both issues! I cannot imagine the amount of broken plastic clips I'm going to wind up with once they get the dash back in. Really GM!!! Oh my ache'n ass! More to follow... Bill.
  6. Desperate for help! Long-time lurker... I have a '15 Sierra 5.3L with some A/C problems and I can't take the heat! Last summer it wouldn't hold any refrigerant and I didn't fix it right away because I would be gone overseas for 9 months. When I got back, I replaced the infamous condenser that displayed huge amounts of leakage in the same upper right corner. Pulled a vacuum, charged it, PAG oil, etc... it worked perfectly for about 5 months. NOW.... out of nowhere, it's blowing hot air again. I hooked up gauges and initially before doing anything else it showed 100PSI on the low and 150PSI on the high with the compressor refusing to engage. I've replaced the pressure sensor hoping for a cheap fix to no success. Pulled a vacuum (vacuum held for 15 minutes) and attempted to refill, but the compressor refuses to engage. Upon starting the engine the clutch face looks like it is engaging and stops after a few seconds. With the A/C on, the clutch face IS magnetized and seems like it is attempting to engage spinning slowly and making half turns every so often. It doesn't make any weird noises and is free spinning while "engaged". I have read about trying to jump the clutch coil directly with battery power to see if it engages, but I don't know if there is an easier way (i.e. relay) than reaching down to the harness on the compressor. Do I need a new compressor? Or a new clutch? Or can someone smarter than me tell me what I'm doing wrong haha
  7. The a/c on/off and blower position display on the mylink screen started rapidly flashing on and off. The air won’t turn on, it just acts as though it’s turning off and on very fast but on screen only. What would cause this? Any ideas what it might be? Thanks. (See video) F9520B0C-50EF-4173-825C-AD7A41320960.MOV
  8. My 2004 Silverado 1500 AC is not blowing out of the top vents, it only blows from bottom. I took it to get diagnosed and asked for name and part number but when I looked online I couldn't find it. He said he it was called a "control head' part number 599-009. What can I do to fix this?
  9. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right thread but mabey y'all can help me. I recently bought a 08' Silverado from a guy that had it since he bought it brand new and the last two years he had it he had to press the recerculate button to get cold air because the fresh air came out warm , any ideas?
  10. I purchased a new 2018 GMC Sierra in February, and I'm in MN where it was freezing up until May, so I didn't get a chance to test the A/C. What I did notice was a hissing sound during normal operation and it bugged me so sometimes when I turned the A/C on and back off, it would sometimes go away. It was strange and I brought it up to the dealer in March or April and they dismissed it as normal... Well when it finally got warm and I wanted the A/C, sure enough it did not work! I took it in and they determined it was never charged, so they charged it and found no leaks. Well it just so happens the guy in the waiting room has a 2018 Sierra also and had the same issue, and says a handful of other people did at this dealership also. I got the 10 year warranty so if it ends up being damaged because there was no freon/lube in it, they will have to replace it within the 10 years at the very least, and it's on file as a repair in my history. So, did anyone else experience this like I (and at least a few others) did?
  11. My water pump went out last summer which irreparably damaged my heater core in my '07 GMC Sierra Crew cab 1500. The shop that replaced the water pump just bypassed the heater core. They gave an estimate of $1100/labor to replace it. Being that I live in Alabama, I don't need a heater THAT bad, but it does get pretty miserable some mornings. How hard would it be for me to do the job. I am no mechanic by any means, but am pretty good with tools. I already do a majority of the work on my vehicles myself, I've just never tackled this exactly.
  12. Nothing came up in a search, so I've decided to make a thread about the procedure to replace the compressor in my 2000 Silverado with a 5.3. Some background info: In May of 2012 the A/C was recharged and was cooling perfectly until it began to disengage as if it was low on freon. It was doing this for a week or so, and in the mean time it began to smell "funny". It would be blowing ice cold then hot, then the compressor would engage again and it would be fine. Then it just shut off permanently and hasn't been working since, and I haven't needed to replace it since because I barely drove the truck last summer, but now she's my main car and I'll be replacing the a/c as soon as possible. Do you guys know of any great tutorials online? Such as videos or whatever, and even as much as advice as possible would be fantastic too. And at this point I am only assuming that it's the compressor, but I'm not 100% sure since it could just be the clutch itself? Tyi P.S. I apologize if this thread is in the incorrect section, please move if necessary.
  13. Just got my 2015 LTZ about 3 weeks ago. It has 53,000 miles. Suddenly a/c only blows cold when set on LO. One notch up, to 60 degrees and you can hear thing shift behind the dash and it starts to blow heated air. Not just warmish air, heated - as if I have the heater on.
  14. I've noticed it pretty much since my truck was new, but this summer, when I start my truck, the smell of the air is really nasty. Now that it's hot and humid again, the A/C just smells putrid - stagnant for the first few minutes after starting it up. Kind of like an old, damp musty pair of running shoes. I was going to change out the cabin air filter to see if that helps, but figured I would let the dealership investigate it when I get my next oil change (if I can stand it that long). Is anyone else having this problem ? Anyone found a cure for it ?
  15. In regards to my 2014 Chevrolet Silverado which was purchased from Silver Star Chevrolet in Thousand Oaks, CA in March of 2014. I have experienced many issues with this vehicle since the time of purchase, many of which still exist despite it’s many visits to Silver Star. My Silverado was lifted by Silver Star Chevrolet through DSI (Dealer Services International) through whom an additional warranty was provided to cover any part of the GM warranty which would be considered void because of the lift. However at the time of purchase none of this was explained to me. In fact I was told that in addition to the GM warranty which was still in place DSI was warranting the aftermarket parts installed on my vehicle. Time and time again I have brought my truck back to Silver Star to try and resolve some of the outstanding issues. However each time I have returned I am told that the issues are being caused by aftermarket parts which have been installed on the truck and that I should deal with 4 Wheel Parts to get it fixed. After becoming fed up with Silver Star and their business practices I chose to take my truck to Keyes Chevrolet in Van Nuys, CA who was extremely customer oriented and I truly believe that they had a desire to fix my truck however they were not able to recreate every issue and codes weren’t being thrown to tell them where to look. Because of Silver Star Chevrolet’s incompetence and their unwillingness to fix my truck I turned to GM customer care in Detroit, Michigan. I was assigned a customer service representative by the name of Michael (who can be reached at (866) 790-5700 – ext 21442) he is polite and courteous however, he’s also ineffective. I’ve now been dealing with GM customer care since February 24, 2014 with many phone calls but no results. As a result of my communications with GM customer care I have come to understand that GM has no authority over individual dealerships based on their own statements. In addition GM customer care has refused to implement any written communication with me and will not copy me on any correspondence regarding my case despite my numerous request. As you can imagine I am extremely frustrated at the whole situation and I simply want an acceptable resolution to my case. The total purchase price of my truck was just over 55,000.00, for this price I should have a truck that works well with no issues after all it is a new truck. So in regards to the issues I have experienced with my truck since the time of purchase. When I purchased the truck the installed tire calibrator would not allow the truck to shift under full acceleration. This has been fixed. From time to time I have experienced unintended acceleration. Fortunately I’m quick on the peddle and have been able to break each time. This issue was duplicated at Silver Star Chevrolet however it was not addressed. Since I have purchased the truck I have experienced a vibration in the rear differential under half to full acceleration. It feels like there’s a jack hammer in my rear differential and at times it’s so bad that I’m confident that the entire rear differential is going to break off from under the truck. This is sporadic. This issue was duplicated at Silver Star Chevrolet however it was not addressed. On one occasion Silver Star readjusted my rear leaf springs claiming that this was causing the problem in the rear differential however this only caused the leaf springs to squeak all the time. In addition the rear differential continued to act up as it has since the purchase of the truck. Since then Silver Star addressed the squeaking however it still happens from time to time. Recently the motor has begun to shake as if it has a misfire or a broken mount somewhere. At times the vibrations are minimal and or even appear to be nonexistent however at other times the truck will shake so bad that its as if I have a vibrator under my seat. This issue was duplicated at Silver Star Chevrolet however it was not addressed. The blower motor on the air conditioning system acts up from time to time and will not blow at full blast. Silver Star claims that they performed a recall on this and that it should be fixed however this is not the case. In addition to that issue I have experienced issues with the temperature sensors in the system. From time to time the air conditioner has read out at 70 degrees while the system is blowing much closer to 85 degrees. Keyes claimed that they preformed a recall on this as well however this too is still happening. On Tuesday 02/31/14 my climate control knobs were reading out at 70 degrees however the temperature was much closer to 90. When I pressed the power button the screen read off however the system continued to blow full blast, this happened 4 times before the system powered off. On Friday 02/27/15 my trucks ambient temperature gauge read out at 32 degrees however I happen to know that outside temperature that day in Newbury Park, CA was around 88 degrees. This has happened about 5 times since I purchased the truck. Since the purchase of the truck the traction control and ABS systems have been a constant annoyance going off all of the time. However I believe that Keyes has fixed this for good. : ) I believe that the motor in my seat is going out, on several occasions I have been able to adjust my seat down however it has either refused to come back up or moved extremely slowly. This issue was duplicated at Silver Star Chevrolet however it was not addressed. On one occasion my screen in my truck green screened and afterwards my camera was very blurry for about a week and from time to time I still experience sporadic blurriness. On one occasion I parked my truck and locked my steering wheel in place. When I returned to my truck and tried to unlock my steering wheel by applying slight pressure and turning my key the entire steering column turned 90 degrees! This issue was addressed by Silver Star however I’m not confident that it has been fixed. On many occasions I have experienced transmission slippage when applying slight pressure on the accelerator in both forward and reverse. Frequently the headlights dim when changing from forward to reverse or from reverse to forward. While accelerating, turning or any time the truck is in motion the drivers seat appears to be lose. A recall was performed on this and it appears to be fixed. On many occasions my stereos volume jumps around. For example I will be listening to a song and turn the volume up to max however I only get half volume. And a few songs later the system starts working properly again and ill get full volume. It could be a bad amplifier. In conclusion this is my first Chevrolet Silverado and my second Chevrolet all together. Before purchasing my truck I owned a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS which I loved and had zero issues with. My experience with my Chevrolet Silverado has been miserable at best. I have told anyone and everyone that would lend ear of my experience with this truck and what to expect from Silver Star. At this point I have determined to peruse the lemon law given that my truck has so many issues that are unresolved. However because of the lift I beginning to find out that this too will be an up hill battle. My hope is that Chevrolet would to what I believe to be right and replace my truck with an unmodified vehicle that I can expect to work properly. Any thoughts email me at [email protected]
  16. Hi, I have a 2015 Silverado which is just awesome. I took it to the dealer and they had no answer,mother said they tried it on 2 other trucks and the same thing happened. Here is the issue. First picture. Hi and low vents on, heat on, air conditioning is off. I turn the fan off. I turn the engine off. Now, after a few hours I get in the truck, turn the engine on, same heat setting, same hand low vent setting, I turn the fan on and, the air conditioning light turns on. See the second picture. To me this is strange, when it is zero degrees outside I don't want my air conditioner running. What I don't know is if it shuts off after a few minutes on its own I will that tomorrow. I guess I am wondering if anyone has this issue.
  17. Hi All, I'm currently having an intermittent problem with my air conditioning system. Sometimes at idle or during downhill coasting my AC shuts off, and the temperature rises until the air coming out of the vents is at ambient. Since the problem is intermittent I need a scan tool that I can use while driving around. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a scan tool? My basic tool does not give me the enhanced data that I need, and really didn't want to buy a $3000 Snap On model. Thanks for all help! Ken
  18. 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 W/T. V6, Standard Cab, Full Bed Got in truck today... AC not working like it should. Diagnostics: Engine running all HVAC off (fan off, everything off): Compressor does not run. Engine running, fan on, recirculation on, AC OFF: Compressor cycles on for about 4 seconds and turns off -- stays off for about 30 seconds (+/-) and runs for 4 seconds Engine running, fan on, recirculation on, AC ON: Compressor cycles on for about 4 seconds and turns off -- stays off for about 30 seconds (+/-) and runs for 4 seconds I hear and feel relay working (which makes sense since the compressor is going on and off. Air is not cool or cold. Thoughts? I have a set of gauges and plenty of R22... if it's an R22 vehicle (I didn't even bother to look before I posted here). Outside Temp: 91f. Sure appreciate any help with diagnostics! Thanks, Pete
  19. Got in my truck the other day and the blower switch did nothing on any setting. The motors on the vents etc work ok and the fuse is good. Checked w the dealer and my truck wasn't part of the resistor recall. What's next in my trouble shooting quest? Where do I look for the blower motor wiring? Thanks
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