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Found 16 results

  1. I have the 2019 Sierra Denali which has the Rear Camera Mirror (RCM). My issue is that the camera used for this view is located above the window on the rear of the cab. The problem with this is that if my rear view is blocked by cargo in the rear it also blocks the view of the camera being used making the view useless. In my case, a much better view would be achieved if the backup camera located on the tailgate could be used. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this?
  2. Planning on leveling my 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE with the 3” front 2” rear MOTOFAB leveling kit. Currently have stock wheels/tires on it which are 255/70R17. Thinking about jumping up to 18” wheels instead but wanted to know how much of a difference the 17” to 18” jump would make in appearance. I was able to find plenty of pictures with 18” wheels but are there any photos out there of leveled /lifted trucks with 17” rims?
  3. I want amber (not yellow) fog lights for my 2019 Colorado Z71. I can find them in LEDs, which my manual and 2 dealerships say not to use. If there is no CAN bus how can there be "feedback"? Who can explain this? Secondly, I cannot find amber halogens for the 5202 connection. Anybody got a lead on those? Thanks.
  4. Which Headers do you recommend for a truck equipped with the 6.2 liter L86 engine? 1.Which ones do you have? 2. Why do you endorse them? -Cost -Quality -Ease of installation -Size (1 3/4 Vs. 1 7/8) -Performance -Sound (tone quality, volume, drone) -Longevity -Value (cost, complications and effort Vs. added performance and enjoyment -Downsides 3. Associated exhaust parts 4. Any other special considerations i have a 2015 High Country 4WD 1500 CCSB with the 6.2. I have decided to possibly “tune it up”. If it is financially feasible and will add to the daily driving enjoyment of this truck. It is not a “pig” by any means, but it lags a bit, especially with the larger/heavier tires and their effect on gearing. I think it would be greatly improved by being “woken up” through a few steps. I am considering: Banks CAI Ported/Polished stock throttle body BlackBear Tuning 194* GM Thermostat and slightly more aggressive fan profile in tuning. LongTube Headers with Cats Dual Exhaust Mufflers and Resonators - I have had good luck with and like AERO Turbine mufflers out of Utah. I was considering two of his AT3030 mufflers and two of the AR30 resonators, somewhere over the axles, with L/R tips behind the rear wheels. In looking at my plans, I think that the exhaust without mods would be a bottleneck. I currently have removed the factory muffler and flapper and put back an Aero turbine 3030XL or maybe 3535XL muffler. (I don’t remember) What at do you think of my plan? What is good or bad? Help me decide what to do. Headers and a full exhaust change can become quite expensive, if the gains aren’t that significant, maybe this part of “the plan” can be changed. If you feel that headers are not needed, please share. Please try to be clear, concise and factual in regards to your Header choices. Let’s not get too derailed discussing just mufflers. Hopefully this thread can help many others with this particular decision. I searched the exhaust thread, but it is daunting to find this particular information. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience. The members here make this forum the best of its kind for our trucks. -Darksky
  5. Hey everyone, as the title says; I’m looking for your advice/input on an exhaust and tuner set-up. I have the AirAid MIT and K&N filter installed on a leveled 2016 Sierra with the 5.3L V8. Muffler: I was originally planning on installing the Flowmaster Super 40 single in/dual out, but I’m reading mixed reviews. I want to notice the exhaust, but I do not want to be annoyed by it as it is our “family” vehicle at the moment. I like the refined deep growl way more than an obnoxious cackling. What comparable mufflers are out there around the same price as the FM S40(~$110) with possibly better performance and a more refined sound? Tubing: Which is better sound/performance wise? Would a single muffler with 3” in/3” tubing to 4” tips sound more refined as opposed to a single muffler 3” in/dual 2.5” tubing out to 4” tips? I will be removing the resonator. Tuner: My truck has the infamous throttle lag/fish bite/etc. where it always seems to be in too high of a gear then makes a hard downshift. I am looking into a tuner to modify the shift points and firmness, as well possibly turn off the AFM above a certain speed if the V4 drone becomes too annoying. I am also planning on purchasing new tires a little larger than stock in the future, so being able to adjust the speedometer for tire size will be required. Right now, the cheapest option to accomplish this is the $200 TruXP Xtune Plus from Auto Anything. From what I’ve read, it is basically just a re-branded Superchips Flashpaq F5/EdgeEVO HT2. Is there anything wrong with this particular tuner and its “canned” economy/87/91 tunes? Can I still customize the shift points/firmness and throttle response outside of those tune?
  6. So I figured it was finally time for me to start one of these build posts. I appreciate peoples input and ideas, so feel free to comment and tell me if you have a suggestion. I can't wait complete my build, but is a build ever really complete? Haha! The more I think about it, the more I think of things that I want to do to it. Anyways... The truck is a Cardinal red 2016 GMC Sierra SLE 5.3L with the Z71 package. It came with 20" rims and a factory bedliner. I bought it in October 2016 and so far I have already done a few phases of the build. Phase 1 was dealer installed -Magnum RT side steps -Leveling kit -GM laser cut floor liners -Clear 3M bra on front Phase 2 came a week later -AVS low profile window visors -Bakflip MX4 tonneau cover -Drivers side UnderCover SwingCase Phase 3 began towards the end of November -MBRP Cat back dual exhaust (check out a video of it right after install, before the CAI install. I think it sounds great, not too obnoxious, but you can definitely hear it. )-AFE Magnum Force Pro Dry S intake kit Phase 4 (current) -Bakbox 2 (mail in rebate finally went through!) -Flush mount LEDs for rear bumper (have them, need to install) -vinyl wrap interior trim Hope to do soon: Black out bumpers and grille, black out or remove all other chrome on exterior. New wheels and rubber! Always looks nice with a bit of mud!
  7. Hi All. I have an '04 Avalanche Z71 with a hitch, and the auxiliary harness was included when I bought it this past summer. Here's what I want to do, and I'm wondering if any of you have done it or, or have any tips. I want to install a trailer brake controller, but want as slick and integrated an appearance as possible. I'm eyeing the in-dash cubby to the right of the HVAC and audio controls. Here's one install I found that's along the lines of what I want to do:
  8. Just wanted to get some ideas as to what you might have found to be useful or cool to install on your truck. As per the title, I am looking forward to ideas that would fit a K2XX platform Silverado 1500. Mine is a 2016 LT crew cab standard bed. Things that I have been thinking about have been a spray on bed liner from LINE-X and an aftermarket exhaust that would be legal in CA. Hope to hear about quality gems out there and even the sad stories about bad quality parts so that we may all learn. Diagrams and pictures and first hand examples are much appreciated! If you post about exhausts, please tell me for what vehicle length its for please (short bed, standard bed, long bed). Thank you for your participation!
  9. I messed up on the rules a bit for posting on the vehicle builds thread. I have re-started this at this link (has my username in the title now): http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/193187-endurante221bs-silverado-1500-3rd-gen-modifications-to-consider/
  10. New here on this forum and trying to figure out the forum options. Just purchased my Red Hot Z71 Chevy Colorado a little over a month ago now. Absolutley loving it so much more than my Z71 Silverado. Way more than a mid sized truck, yet not a tank to drive. I have messed around with some subtle modifications and basically have gotten it about where I want it. Hopefully I will figure out posting options as I filter through the forum and where to post or which area to post in as time goes on. Here are a few pics taken over the last couple of days.
  11. I notice several grooves on the side panels and wheel wells of my 2015 Sierra crew cab short box. Looks like two places, front and rear, where 1 1/2 inch boards can be placed vertically for dividing the bed. Also, the wheel wells have indentions on top where, I assume, a board can be place across the bed. I'm just wondering what these really are and what GM thinks is the full potential for their uses. Thanks for any help.
  12. Wanted to replace my pedals, trying to see if anyone has done this modification and if so what are some good products.
  13. Hi Everyone! I am the recent owner (as of November 2014) of a 2009 Chevy Silverado LT Extended Cab Z71 4x4 and I love it so far! I have done a couple things to it, and will post some pictures. Unfortunately I'm away from my truck for a few weeks for work so I can only post what I currently have on my computer. I installed some lights behind the grill, one under my hood for working at night, and a few in my bed. Next upgrades I'm looking at are: -Volant CAI -Banks Monster Exhaust -Reroute the antenna -Maybe a reverse camera and who knows what else! I'm open to opinions on the above items, or recommended mods. Thanks guys, and here are some pictures
  14. Hey Everyone My name is Roger, Im currently living in WA State. Retired military, first-time truck owner. Very excited about my new truck, so many possibilities. Just trying to enjoy and experience this new site. I've seen a lot of nice trucks, as well as ideas for my own. Im looking to spruce up my 2015 Denali, I am open to any suggestions or ideas you may have... Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this site..
  15. Hey everyone im new to this page and also a new truck owner. This is my first truck and im pretty excited. I have 2014 GMC Sierra SLE. Looking for customization ideas. Was thinking of putting a leveling kit so i can get a better rim and tire setup. Can someone with a similar set up please show me pics or set up of their truck? What else can l do to it to make it look betterÉ Thanks in advance. Im new to this stuff so please go easy on me.
  16. Alright I've decided at this point if I'm going to work on my truck I'm gonna play with it a little. She's a 2003 Silverado z71 LT EXT cab 5.3 Vortec. I've got some questions on Thai project I'm preparing to dive into. The reared what is it exactly, how can I find out. And depending one which one what's the max power I can apply to it. And what would be a good replacement. The transmission would be the same question what's the safe limits. I rebuilt the transmission a couple years back and upgraded the rings and cylinders to hold more power and a harder locking shift. The engine I'm planning on getting a a set of aftermarket heads, manifolds, camshaft, high pressure injectors high pressure fuel pump aftermarket intake manifold larger throttle body. I'm trying not to go to over the top because I still use the truck daily just want a little more fun out of it. Right now there's a custom exhaust system under her but I'll probably end up replacing it. Planning on tearing through the 5.3 for a rebuild haven't decided on a bore, strike yet or if I will. If so what's the safest bore on the 5.3. All in all wrap it up with a tune job and probably aftermarket tuner, and a stall converter. Any add ins from project guys or gear heads would be great or what I need to beef up in order to hold that I haven't mention. Until I start to work on the body and such since she was used as a daily driver for years she will look a little rough, just want to get her back up to, and beyond, how she used to run. Right now she has 250k miles on her having some troubles with a cylinder missfire and instead of waiting for more issues to come in her older age I've decided to get ahead of them and bring her back. Thanks guys
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