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Found 27 results

  1. A flat Good Year Wrangler SR-A set the tire shopping in motion, and a 10% off sale on Nittos convinced me to try the 35x11.50r20 Ridge Grapplers. My goal was to get as much tire as possible without having to adjust the suspension so as to retain the stock ride, keep costs down, and achieve the aesthetic I like for modern 4x4 trucks. I was prepared to crank the front keys a few turns for up to 1" of leveling, but my preference was to avoid this if possible. Ridge grapplers have two sidewall designs on the tire; one side reminded me of Transformers, so I went with the more subdued sidewall. This doesn't impact fitment. After about 20 miles of driving and some parking lot testing turning the steering back and forth, the tires fit fine with only a few close spots throughout the range of motion. I've seen people report frame rub at full lock with these sizes; it hasn't happened to my truck yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it rubs mildly while turning sharply over rough terrain. Rear clearance is fine. A few tips: Check the actual dimensions of the tire you're choosing. The Nittos are 35s, but the actual diameter is about 34.7". Each manufacturer is a little different, and most list the true dimensions on their websites. The same applies to metric sizes - a BFG may be narrower than a Toyo. Looking at my truck, 35x12.50r20 would have fit too, but would probably rub on the wheel wells while going over bumps during a turn. The 11.50s provide just enough extra room that my truck has yet to rub, though my mileage count is low (20 miles since install) so I'll update this thread as I add miles. Expect to lose fuel economy. No data yet, but I anticipate a 1-2 MPG drop. Aftermarket wheels change everything. The popular offset or "poking" look makes it harder to stuff big tires without a lift. If you're changing wheels and tires, disregard this thread. What's next? Fresh oil, a detail, and maybe a front window tint. I'd like a Corsa, but they're $$$. Please excuse the dirty truck:
  2. $2,000 + shipping Just lifted my 2019 Trail Boss so these wheels and tires are for sale. Bought these wheels/tires new April 28, 2019 and they have approximately 1,500 miles on them. Wheels: 20" x 9" +1 Fuel Mavericks, 6 x 5.5 Tires: 305/55R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers TPMS Sensors are included. Zero rubbing with no trimming in forward or reverse on my Trail Boss with a 1.5" Motofab leveling kit. More Pictures coming tomorrow.
  3. From the album 2016 GMC Sierra

    Back - 20x9 BMF REPR & 305/55r20
  4. From the album 2016 GMC Sierra

    Front - 20x9 BMF REPR & 305/55r20
  5. 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 Double Cab LT Z71 Current Upgrades: - Tinted front windows 20% - Shorty radio antenna - Bilstein leveling shocks - Nitto Ridge Grappler 275/70r18 on stock wheels (No rubbing/scrubbing/trimming) Picture before Bilstein leveling shocks and Nitto Ridge Grappler's were installed: Pictures after Bilstein leveling shocks and Nitto Ridge Grappler's were installed:
  6. Yeah, I know. ANother tire thread. Ugh. But before you shoot me, I've got a slightly different kinda tire issue... Well, my Goodyear SRA's bit the dust, so after a bunch of research, I decided on a set of Falken Wildpeak A/T3W in 275/65R18. I have now been back to Discount Tire three times for a constant vibration problem that will just not go away. DT has been awesome, no issue with them. I really had high hopes for these tires (they are SOOO much better in the rain than the SRA's), but they're just not working for me. I'm thinking one of them is out of round, though a couple of them took (what I thought was) a lot of weight to balance out, over 6oz. This is my 2nd set of Falken tires (had them on a Focus a number of years ago), so I've lost confidence in them. Anyhow... Discount Tire has offered to take them back and get me into another tire. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 different ones, trying to stay in my budget. I don't need a LT tire, to heavy for my needs. I think the choices that fit me the best are: Cooper Discoverer AT3 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 I want an AT tire, but the BFG KO2's are out of my price range. I've ruled out a couple of others for one reason or another, so I'm leaning more towards the Nitto. Opinions? Thoughts?
  7. ITEM PRICE: $1,500 ITEM LOCATION FOR PICK UP: Dallas Texas NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: If you cover the cost, I'm happy to make sure they are to the shipping provider and protected. USHIP.com quotes will be $100-250 depending on where you live. CONTACT INFO: Text message is best (anytime) 512-944-0307 I'm selling my Full Set of Factory OEM Chevrolet wheels pulled off a 2016 Tahoe LTZ. The tires are Nitto Terra Grappler G2 size 305/45r22 and have 50% tread left. I had to pull the Tire Pressure sensors out for a new set so they do not have them inside the tire. I have both GMC or Chevrolet caps. Buyer's choice of either option. Please let me know if you have any questions, will not last long at this price. Details on wheels Below: 22" 22in 04-17 NEW Chevrolet Silverado Tahoe Suburban OEM WHEELS SET 4 5696 22" 22in 04-17 NEW Chevrolet Silverado Tahoe Suburban OEM WHEELS SET 4 5696 Quantity: 4 Color: Hyper Silver Manufacturer Part Number: 22905550, 22912545 Rim Material: Aluminum Alloy Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7 Brand: Chevrolet Wheel Cap: NOTE that the cap has a chrome bowtie Interchange Part Number: 560-5696, ALY5696, WAO.5696 Hub Bore: 78.1 Number of Bolts: 6 Type: Genuine OEM Rim Width: 9
  8. Hey, I'm new to this site. Just put a 2.5inch RC leveling kit in my 2014 silverado 4x4. I really want to get 305/55r20 Nitro trail grapplers on some 20x9 rims +18 offset. I'm wondering if anyone has this setup and what kind of rubbing issues you have if any. I'd love to see some pics or even suggestions on the next tire size down that would fit if the 305s don't. Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks guys
  9. Front/Side View with 34.6" Tires

    From the album 2014 GMC Sierra All-Terrain

    In this picture the truck has the following: - Nitto Terra Grapper G2 285/65/20 Tires - Rough Country 2.5" Leveling Kit - ICI Magnum Steps - Removed Wind Dam
  10. So a couple weeks ago, I added a 2013 Tahoe LTZ to the driveway. Immaculate truck that's fully loaded that I got for a song. Well I got bored and decided to see what it would look like with my 22" OE CK156s and 33" hankook ATs off my 2015 silverado would look like so I swapped em out. Well I expected rubbing since the tahoe is stock height, but surprisingly none and it just looked too good to take em off. Well that gave me an excuse to buy the super rare OEM 22" CK159s and wrapped em in 33" nitto terra grapplers. I think the results are great! Check out pics and lemme know what u think! The last pic is my original ck156s on my silvy before the swapping
  11. I am running 305/55/20 trail grapplers and need to know the correct air pressure. I have them on 20x10 fuel mavs and for some reason it seems they are riding rough compared to normal. Mileage on them is around 18k. Debating on changing them to Toyo at's after this set maybe that will help with some road noise...?
  12. +20 offset or +1 offset

    Hey all, time to beat that dead horse again. I was wondering if I could get away with running 20x9 Hostages with a +1 offset on a completely stock suspension 2016 z71 double cab. I might do a 1.5" rough country level this summer but I want to be able to run them now without the level and without rubbing. I plan on going pretty small with tires, something like a 265 60/20 or a 285 55/20. If i have to I'll just run the +20 offset ones, just thought I'd check with y'all first. Thanks ahead of time!
  13. I am running a RCX 5" lift also with .5" spacer and currently running Nitto trails in 305/55/20 on 20x10 -12 fuel Mav rims. I would like to upgrade tread size with the Toyo At II's, problem is I am not sure the biggest size I can go with the 10 wide (without major rubbing) rim??? Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  14. So I've had a 2" RC leveling kit installed on my '14 Sierra SLT for about 4 months now, and since then put on 295/70/18 Nitto Terra Grappler G2's on 18" Method Mesh's. I love my wheel/tire combo, but every time I walk up to my truck I'm somewhat dissatisfied with my leveling kit. There is still a rake, and my front end is still 1.5-2" lower than the rear. My question is, in lieu of putting a bigger leveling kit or a lift on my truck, is there a way to get my front end higher and still keep the nice stock ride?
  15. 2009 5.3 z71 afm ext cab. want to clear 35 or 33 inch tires, looking for a wide stance. how much lift am I looking at roughly? im thinking I want 12 inch width? 20 or 18 inch wheels? how do the space and blocks work exactly? what size would get me a good wide stance? im new to off road suspension and tires. any help, comments, or links to good priced wheels and tires is useful and deeply appreciated. kinda dead set on nitto mud grapplers but wheels I have no idea yet. trying to figure out a color scheme for the truck still. thanks - mike
  16. hey how is it going. trying to figure out what size tire i can run on my 2015 chevy 2500hd I leveled it with rough country kit and i just bought American racing AR901 rims that are 20in x 9 just trying to get some info and advice on what tire size that wont rub. thank you
  17. hey how is it going guys. I just leveled my chevy 2500 hd with rough country leveling kit and im trying to figure out what size tire to put on my American Racing AR901 rims they are 20in x 9. any idea? thank you.
  18. IMG 2034

  19. IMG 2033

  20. So, it's finally tire time for my '06 Sierra again. I replaced the Goodyear Wranglers that came on my truck with Nitto Crossteks 3 1/2 years ago. Wear has been excellent on both--I bought the truck with 38k on the odometer and put almost 80k on the Goodyear's. Now the Nittos have over 70k on them. Honestly, if my truck wasn't 15 months overdue for an inspection, I'd squeeze out another 10k or so. I've never had the tires balanced and the truck was last aligned when they were installed. Also, I might have rotated them every 15-20k...more so when I had a good air compressor. Even so, the tires have worn fairly evenly and would have passed and inspection easily when it was first due. Anyway, my truck is now at 190k miles and still going strong. I didn't pay much attention when I bought the current tires, and just noticed they are P265/70/17. The LT265/70/17E ones are currently $30 less than I paid, and I'm seriously considering sticking with Crossteks. They've been quiet, comfortable, have pulled a poorly loaded trailer weighing 10,000 lbs from Louisiana to Georgia, and have done everything I've asked, despite the current ones being passenger tires. One tire has a superficial (but scary looking, at first glance) gash in the sidewall that appeared while the truck sat dormant for 9 months. At least two have a plug or two in them from various screws and nails picked up over the years. All lose air evenly (or not at all) depending on the season. I checked it last week for the first time in two months and each tire still held the 38 psi I inflated them to awhile ago. The Goodyear Wranglers' last hurrah was when I got bogged down in the front yard a few years ago; steady snow and ice for a week and then a rainy 50-degree Christmas Day, coupled with a failure to engage 4wd in a timely manner, led to an embarrassing situation in which the truck was sunk to the wheels without any traction. At the time I wanted to upgrade to 285/70/17 Terra Grapplers after reading good things here...now I'm of the opinion that bigger tires aren't needed on a truck pushing 200k miles, not to mention that I've read some less-than-stellar reviews of the Terra Grappler's mileage since then. In a tight spot, I went with what was on sale and ended up with the Crossteks. Besides the price, I was drawn to their claim of being engineered for wet conditions: South Louisiana is known for torrential rains at times, and Coastal Georgia isn't much better. Anyway, what has been your experience with these tires? Am I a fool not to shop around more? Are there any tires with similar qualities that could be had for less ($155/tire right now)? I'll probably be replacing the tires in a week or so, so there's plenty of time to change my mind.
  21. 22inch Black GM denali replica wheels with Nitto Terra Grapplers. Tires only have 2,000 miles on them, no curb rash on wheels. Going a different rout with the truck and these need to go. The set up cost me over $2500 out the door. Asking $1795 obo. Located in Jacksonville, FL. wheels: 22x9 tires: 285/45/22
  22. Hey Guys, Recently seen a truck in town with the Nitto trail grapplers on a 2014 Silverado and they looked sweet. The owner wasn't around so I never got a chance to ask him about them.. They looked like they would kick ass anywhere off road but may not do so well in the fuel milage department.. I've also heard of Nitto Terra grapplers that are supposed to have a less aggressive deep tread but are designed with highway driving in mind.. Any ideas or suggestions from people who have them? I have a 2014 Sierra All Terrain that didn't come with all terriain tires which sucks. Anyone have either of these tires? If so, just a couple questions please... - how is your fuel mileage since you changed tires? - how is the road noise? - and most importantly how is the handling/feel? - and lastly approx how much per tire? Sorry for all the questions but I have an appointment for this Tuesday with a tire shop who has quoted me $260 per tire balanced/nitrogen filled/installed. Im in Canada by the way, do you think that's too much? Tire size is 275/55R/20. Can/should I go with a bigger tire? Enough of the questions, I know but I seriously do appreciate any insight or recommendations any of you can offer.. I thank you in advance, much appreciated... Thank you and have a great weekend.. - Al
  23. I am so excited to be starting this thread. Why....? Because this means I finally have my new truck. It has been such a long process but I am glad I got just what I wanted. I ordered a 2014 Sierra Crew Cab All Terrain in Iridium Metallic. I ordered this truck with the 5.3L because of how quiet they are. This truck is mostly loaded. I opted for no sunroof and no driver alert package. I think it has every other option. I have several mods that'll be installed so I'll use this thread to share the progress and answer an questions. Here is post one with some stock images.

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