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Found 7 results

  1. Okay, I’m brand new to the forum and wanted to jump right in. Basically, I am currently looking for a salvage title Silverado with front or rear end damage (rebuildable) so that I can have a short term rebuild project. I’m going through copart and can currently find 14-18 Silverados with said damage for around $8,000 to about $14,000. Essentially I want to know if anyone’s has rebuilt the front or rear end after a collision and what all it entails. GM apparently has detailed plans (for which I’ve yet to find) of a repair and replace method which makes it easier to repair post collision frames. http://www.repairerdrivennews.com/2015/03/24/gm-details-remove-and-replace-methods-for-chevrolet-silverado-collision-repair/ That’s the link I found describing the repair and replace method. Sorry if this has already been asked, I’m still learning to navigate the forum so don’t be too harsh! Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my 2003 ss silverado. It started with the brake lines and turned into way more. It's already lowered but I was wondering how low can I really make it without damaging the awd components. Don't have the money to experiment with different parts. It's currently lowered 3/4. Have tons on pictures I will add later.
  3. I have a 2007 Tahoe 5.3L LMG (AFM) 4x4 LTZ. Truck has 190k on it. The other day it developed a very rough idle and flashing CEL. Prior to this there was no indication of a problem. Scanner says misfire cylinder 1. I do all of my testing that I can do such as spark plugs, wires, verify injector signal with noid light etc. End up using compression tester to find 0 PSI on #1 and other cylinders at 110-120 PSI. During one of the compression test on #1 the gauge jumped to 60 PSI then next cycle dropped to 0 (unsure how to interpret that). Took truck to local shop and despite my efforts to inform them of the AFM lifter issues that could be causing this loss of compression they basically said that based on the 190k mileage i should only consider replacing with long block rather than repair the heads. They then quote $6600 for Jasper reman and install. So to my question... Are they right the I should do a reman long block or consider repairing heads? I know I have been lucky to get that kind of mileage without issue but just wondering what others would do. Truck is in great condition otherwise and I plan to keep for the foreseeable future. Thanks for your help.
  4. Okay so, first post as well as first time using the forum so I don't ask something properly please forgive me. I'm trying to rebuild the trans on my 02 sierra 1500 2wd and for some reason I didn't purchase the correct model year rebuild kit. Dumb I know lol, but I'm wondering if I can make it work anyway or whether to suck it up and just return it. I'm trying to get this done quickly, but if it's going to be an issue I'll just return it and get the right one. I'm not extremely familiar with the differences in model years beyond the removable bell housing and length differences. The kit I bought on accident was for a 93-96. I realize the odds that I can make this work are slim especially given the changes around 95 and 96, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Sorry if this has been asked before.
  5. Hello everyone, New to the forum. I got some mods im doing to my truck and since this is a forum i try to regularly keep up with, figured i would go ahead and join and ask some questions since i have found little in depth topics on this subject. So. Got a 2002 2500HD 6.0 crew cab, 2x4. Already have the engine and tranny both out. Heres what im doing. Comp cam mutha thumper cam, timing set, headers, air intake, throttle body spacer, new rings, surface the heads, maybe port n polish. Exhaust, and a programmer. Doing all the work myself. Was wondering if anyone else has done this similar combo? If so what brands/results? Should my stock converter be able to hold that cam. It says its best with a 2500+ stall. Whats the stall speed on these stock hd trannys? Should i go ahead and invest in a set of push rods/rockers/springs? Ive been told as long as i dont go with a HUGE cam the stock ones should be fine. The engine only has 130,000 on it, so the internals are in great shape. I do haul/tow with this truck. Farm equipment tractors bobcats etc. So i still want towing power. Any advice at all will be very much appreciated. I know my way around a SB chevy pretty good. But theres ALOT of ppl out here that know alot more. So anything helps. Thanks guys
  6. i have a 99 sierra 2500 and want to drop a 2013 sierra 2500 engine into it. my question is, how hard will it be to do this. i am mechanically inclined and know i can mechanically fit this engine in my 99 by modifying a few things, but i am concerned on the electrical. i know i will have to use the ecu and wiring harness off the 2013 but i definitely need advise before i get into this massive project. i have the complete totaled doner car so i can use whatever i need of that. i am really concerned with the electrical and how to connect it to my 99. will this be possible? easy as plug and play? thanks so much in advance.
  7. normaly i read other peoples stories and pick up a bit here and there but this time its important, and alot of you guys seem pretty knowledgable , my intake leaked like a steam pot and ive had to move the truck a few times and ran it till the tempature rose almost to high . had to jump start it a couple of times and now it seems like the timing is weird before starting it turns fast then slow then fast and so on until it starts , id like to just replace the motor , it has over 250000 miles but money is funny, so im gonna have to do it piece by piece,,,,, i need advice , tips , who makes the best rebuild kits , what upgrades can i do, any and all help would b hot ,,,, the familys work horse needs help . i thank you very much now give me your brains lol
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