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  1. For those of you looking to setup your own MultiPro tailgate speaker system, well HERE YOU GO! Wiring harnesses and amplifier brackets to make your project super easy!! No splicing or hacking away at your expensive factory wiring! I have a limited number of the items in stock, 10 or so of each, with more that will be ready next week! When I did mine, I used the Soundstream ST4.1000DB bluetooth amp (and I am very pleased with it so far), so all of the options are available as plug and play with that particular amp. Or you can just get a harness with a pigtail that will give you 12v+ power and ground in your inner tailgate, so you can wire it up to whatever you want. Don’t forget to check out the options for adding lights and the speaker wiring harness to make the whole system truly PLUG & PLAY. so much better sound than the Kicker system for a lot less money! All items come with complete installation instructions (with pictures, ha)! Let me know if you have any questions! www.multiprorocks.com
  2. Hello everyone, first post here I got a problem a few days ago with the sound on my Silverado 2017 z71 reg cab, the two door speakers just stop working. i checked the Amp fuse and the radio fuse and they are fine. any suggestions? Thank you
  3. GM will be repurchasing my 2018 and I will be going into a 2019. I had done a massive system upgrade on my 2014 and was hoping to transfer that into my 2018 before it was plagued with issues. Now, I am looking to go into a 2019 and will be changing out the sound system as well so I was wondering if anyone had already started this. I did a write-up on the 2014-2018 non-bose systems and I have no issue doing another DIY write-up and tear down of the truck but it is a lot of work when there is no information available and I have to resolve everything on my own. From what I can see, still offering two systems: standard 6 speaker and the BOSE system. With that said, I cannot imagine too big of a difference in the wiring schematics but I could be wrong. Understanding how panels and clips are held in are also another obstacle. Any help will be greatly appreciated and I will start tearing it down as soon as I have most of the information I need.
  4. Hi I am new here so I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct spot, but I'm having big electrical problems with my 2018 GMC Sierra 1500. it started about 1.5 weeks ago, I turned my truck on one cold morning(-15C) and my speakers were making crackling noises with no music coming out at all, no door chimes or signals either. I noticed my volts were around 15.5-16, but it never went over 16. the music would come back on when I turned the engine off and just had it on ACC mode. I called my mechanic and he told me it was probably my alternator, so I paid to Get that replaced, he returned it and nothing changed. still having the exact same problems. I called him again and he took it back in and looked at it some more. The speakers now crackle for the first 5ish minutes of the vehicle turning on, and then eventually smooth out as the volts settle down to around 14.3V. I put in all new speakers around the truck about 6 months ago, with an Amp and subwoofer, but I am just now experiencing problems with it. I tried taking the power cable off of the amp, and its still doing it to the door speakers and tweeters. I am now out $1100 and still having this issue, if ANYONE could give me some advice or something I could try that would be awesome, Thanks!
  5. I bought a 2016 Sierra SLT with the Bose 8 speaker system 5 weeks ago, and the front right speaker already sounds awful. I haven't turned the bass much up at all, but it sounds blown. Even when i turned the bass to negative numbers it still cracks. Would a dealer replace this for free? Can anyone give me some advice on his to fix this. Thanks for the help
  6. My whole right side sound system quit working out of the blue I have an 09 sierra with the bose system if I turn the balance all the way to the right and crank it I get nothing at all except very slightly out of the pillar tweeter any ideas?
  7. My battery died in my 2017 Tahoe, and I was able to jump start it. However, I now have no sound from my radio. It powers on, and I can play songs from my phone through Bluetooth connection. Any ideas what's wrong or how to correct this?
  8. I recently installed two audio control amplifiers (D.4-800 and LC-800) coupled with infinity kappa CSX 90 and CSX 60 component system for the highs and (2) P3 15” subs for the lows. I’m having trouble getting a frequency ranges from 15 kHz to 35 kHz from the factory radio to the amp. We double checked the wiring coming in from all the inputs from the Bose system and everything checks out. I am very disappointed with the way my new system sounds. Do any of you guys know what’s the fix on this? Long story short my tweeters sound like ******.
  9. Ok so I have looked everywhere and got some great info but can not find anyone who has installed a slim 8inch subwoofer behind the rear seat or under the passenger seat. I have a 2015 crew cab non Bose and my passenger seat is not power so I have some room. The Rockford P3SD48 P3 Punch Shallow mount 8-Inch DVC 4-Ohm Subwoofer I got only needs .40 cu ft per manufacture recomendations. So a pretty small sealed or ported box will do it. I got a Alpine MRV-M250 to power it. I'm going to run 4 awg marine power wire from my second battery and it should let me up the amp to 500w if this 8 inch does not cut it. As far as connections I'm pretty good to go but I'm looking for help with the placement of the sub box and would love to get everyone's thoughts. Not looking for a lots of bass just to help the sound quality out some.
  10. Hey everyone, I bought a 2010 1500 recently and only the front passenger speaker, tweeter and front driver side tweeter are working along with the radio itself. I tried changing the front driver side speaker with no luck. Are there any fuses for individual speakers?
  11. So I have a 2014 Silverado LT1, without the Bose system. It has the 4" non touch screen radio, and 6 non Bose speakers. I want to upgrade to the loudest, clearest sounding speakers possible. My local sound store told me Arc Audio was the way to go, and I was hoping some others may have installed some before I do. Looking for feedback and opinions, don't worry about price, I'm just looking for the loudest clearest sound I can get.
  12. Something that should be noted. I have now had experience with three Chevy/GMC trucks. Every time it rains/snows the speakers, sometimes the windows, side mirror controls won't work for 2-5 days, not until the inside of the doors dry out. Even with the weatherpfoofing foam panel that supposedly seals the interior of the door cavity, moisture still penetrates the space, shorts the various components. My friends work truck, door speakers could be counted on to stop playing after every rain or snowfall for 3-5 days. Once dried out-no problem, everything worked fine again. Noticed same thing on girlfriends truck and another friends personal truck. Just wanted everyone to be aware, this is definitely an issue with our Chevy/GMC Trucks. If something suddenly stops working in the door, dry out with a blow dryer or wait several days before you buy speakers or other parts to fix a problem. You may just need to pop you door panel and add some silicone sealant here and there. Did that with girlfriends truck. Fixed speakers going out intermittently.
  13. Has anyone installed the kicker speaker system in the Multi-function tailgate? If so just wandering how difficult or if you had to take to a dealer. Thanks,
  14. So I purchased a 98 sierra 1500. Drove it around for a few days before I realized the front speakers in the door didn't have any sound. So, i did what any other sane man would do, and replaced the speakers. Theres still no sound. The stereo was already replaced with the duel din out of my previous truck. So it's not that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only thing left to replace would be the wiring correct?
  15. Hey, so I am trying to replace the speaker wire in my rear door speakers and I cannot get the panel off that is on the column between the front door and rear door. This column panel has the speaker wires running up it into my rear door. How do I remove the panel without breaking the little red Clips inside? Thanks, Hunter
  16. Sold (actually given away already!)
  17. Hey guys, yesterday I had just gotten a 54 inch curved led lightbar installed with a simple toggle switch. After the install on the trip back home on the interstate, I was greeted with a very loud and annoying whistle/humm from the drivers side speakers. It wasn't like this before the lightbar install. And it creeps in about 45mph and gets drastically worse at higher speeds. It is not wind noise, it comes with static from the drivers side speakers. Any tips/dui help would be much appreciated as I do not feel like making the 50 minute drive back up town to fix maybe a simple issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. I just bought my first newish truck, being the 2014 Silverado 2wd z71 lt. It’s got the crew cab with 5.3l under the hood. I’m currently stationed at ft Stewart ga. Im just looking for some help or some advice on some upgrades I’d like to do to this truck and which products might be the best. - I’d like to change the headlights and fog lights from stock. - Put a leveling kit and some new (bigger) a/t tires on it and not sure what size being 2wd. - Change to an aftermarket air intake. - Do something about the shitty stock speakers (without Bose). Wether it be new door speakers and sub(s). Or be just subs and have a separate amp just for door speakers. Do I need a processor to hook up to stock 8” head unit. - How do I add any app or navigation to this stock 8” head unit - Exhaust? - How to get more performance from the truck. Anything would help, Thanks
  19. So I had an insane custom system in my previous BMW and am wanting a bit more in my truck. Nothing insane just better than stock. Crisper, cleaner, more defined. 2017 Silverado crew cab Z71, no bose. Are there 6 speakers total? What sizes are they in each location? What power ratings are they? Thinking about the Kicker upgrade with DSP and replacing stock speakers with better ones. Does the new kicker amp power just front and rear doors? Anything go to the dash speakers? Anyone put tweets in dash location and mids in doors? Is there any control over kicker dsp? Thank you!
  20. Hey guys and gals, i did a couple of searches but found nothing on the topic but here goes. I just bought me a beauty of a truck 2014 Silverado. Stereo and all works fine, except the system sounds like the signal clicks etc.... the OnStar and the handsfree phone when pressed and I have the volume all the way up is very faint and I can barely hear it almost like a faint whisper. There is a Clarion EQ installed which I think may have something to do with it because there is absolutely no sound coming from the upper dash speakers at all, even when the radio is playing. I contacted Chevrolet and they confirmed that the Handsfree and the OnStar radiate from the top dash speakers. Again this is a new truck and I haven't had a lot of time to tinker with it. If it is with the Clarion EQ ive noticed that its hooked up to the door speakers. I guess Im hoping there is a quick and easy answer vs. take everything apart to see whats wrong kindof approach, but that may be just wishful thinking on my part.
  21. Rear speakers are very quiet even at max volume. Fading to rear doesn't help. They are factory speakers. Not Bose or anything special. Can't imagine replacing speakers would help. Not sure if there is an amp for it or ran from radio itself Answers?
  22. I'm planning on adding component speakers and aftermarket amplification to my 2015 Bose System with Subwoofer. I've seen several posts stating that the chimes were extremely loud after amplification. I know that the head unit controls don't adequately lower the volume. Has anyone successfully bypassed or attenuated the chimes yet? I read that theoretically you could tap into the post-Bose amp rear speaker signal and then split you your components and sub signals from this. The chimes apparently go through the front left speaker. Would this allow you to still use bluetooth for phone, etc, and is this the best option? Any ideas?
  23. Removed from a 2014 Silverado 1500 (2) 6 x 9 & (2) 6 1/2" factory speakers like new. Truck was purchased new in December 2014. Asking $50. 6" x 9" speaker gm part number 22753371 6 1/2" speaker gm part number 22753364 Location: Rochester, PA
  24. My front speakers ( non bose) were really sounding BAD with the bass set anywhere but minimum. I took them out to find this. So I ordered some kenwood kfc-p709ps from amazon for $65. I removed the door panel and removed the stock speaker assembly. The speaker and mount assembly is released at the top by pressing down on the tab and pulling assembly out. Then remove the grill from the door panel. Do this by straightening the tabs on the back side then the grill pulls off the front. I left the stock tweeter on the panel and drilled out the factory tweeter mount from the front side. you don't need to remove the nut to do this. This pic shows the drilled out mount. Then cut off the tab located next to my thumb in this pic. Then from the front side, push the threaded stud on the new tweeter thru the hole drilled earlier and attach with wing nut provided with speakers. I fed the wires from front to rear around the edge of factory tweeter. I used the mounting ring provided with speakers and removed the three longest tabs from it. They are still on the ring in the next pic. I used the crossover harness also provided, It is the harness hanging loose in the pic. the actual crossover is in the shrink tubing. I also bought the wiring pigtail from amazon to make connections easier. The package they came in had a chart with all the wire harness color codes printed on it. Nice touch. There are large and small connectors in the harnesses so you cant reverse the wires accidently. The black and white harness is the pig tail. I centered the woofer in the factory opening and drilled four holes and used screws provided. I forgot to reinstall the grill but got a good pic of how the finished mounting looks. All I can say about the finished results is OMG!! the sound is better than expected. For a stock system, this rocks.
  25. Hello all! Thankyou for reading this post, I hope it helps others as well as me. Here is the problem: I own a 2006 chevy Silverado z71 package, and the rear speakers have not worked since I bought the truck. about a year ago, I replaced the factory deck with a JVC deck, and still the rear speakers had no sound. ive checked my wiring, and everything is hooked up right, I even ran a new ground wire. I thought I had blown something in the deck itself, so after much deliberation, I bought yet another deck, as well as two new back speakers. I replaced the deck again, AND the speakers. still no sound. I have ran new wires to the speakers to rule out faulty factory wiring. I am Stumped... any help would be muchly appreciated. thanks for reading!
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