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  1. I dropped the truck of at the dealer this afternoon to have the Whipple installed. They claim it will take 11 hours, so I should have it back on Friday. I installed a Borla True Dual S Type cat-back exhaust with the optional resonators to bring the volume down a bit. It really sounds good! I ordered a new ECM from RockAuto for $200 and sent that to HP Tuners to be modified. The Whipple took less than a month to be delivered, so I was a caught off guard when I got the shipping notification and “had to” (read: wanted to) rush to get everything set up for the install. I want to maintain the good relationship with the dealer I bought the truck from, in hopes that, if there are any warranty issues with the truck that could be questionably related, they will work with me. That, and they have been good to me on the other mods I have had done. It also has the Trail Boss lift with an extra inch to level the front, new wheels with 35X11.50R20 Ridge Grapplers and it has Road Armor Stealth bumpers on the front and rear. I am excited for the the outcome!
  2. My trucks going in for open heart surgery in a month. DOD delete, tsp stage 2 L83/5.3 cam in my L86/6.2. I eventually would love to put a blower on it. I drive the truck frequently and don’t want to do too big of a cam where I’ll have to change my torque converter. Will I get away with a L83 stage 3 cam with my stock converter or should I stick to the stage 2. Specs are 5.3L Stage 2 Camshaft w/ +32% Fuel Lobe: 218/226, 635", 113 LSA, 109 ICL All my mods will be intake, portable TB, (hopefully have my heads ported when it goes in for dod delete and cam) LT4 injectors, 1-7/8 long tube hears, off-road y-pipe. I’ll have a 3.5” electric cut out followed by stock exhaust for now. Trucks reverse level and blocks removed. 22x12 -51 285/35r22 no trimming or cutting
  3. I've been watching the developments on superchargers and tuning since i have first driven my 2019 6.2. Not because it needs more, but because i want more. Either Whipple or ProCharger. I know there are pros and cons. What i havent decided is what other upgrades are needed. I like to make things as bulletproof as possible. What engine upgrades, driveline, etc are suggested? Please be as specific as possible. Id like to avoid pulling the motor, but everything else is fair game.
  4. Hello All, I got my truck back from the shop after having the supercharger put on and when I totally pin the throttle I hear a loud squealing noise from mid cabin. The supercharger whine is awesome but gets drowned out by the squeal under full throttle. I had a truck before make that noise when the exhaust I put on was not clamped down right. It made me think of the flapper valve in the GM Borla exhaust I have and was wondering if that could be it. Its in the same area I hear the noise? The tune took off the cylinder deactivation so I no longer need the flapper. Any suggestions on the flapper? I was going to tack weld it open but wasn't sure if that would stop the noise and also thought about cutting out that piece of pipe and welding in a new piece. Any suggestions? I know [mention=118595]1SLOW1500[/mention] has dealt with several modded trucks. What do you think?
  5. We are selling this personally, Magnacharger TVS2300 for a 2014+ DI, 5.3L or 6.2L, only $4000 + shipping, used for 10k miles!
  6. Hey everyone, I have a 2018 5.3l sierra 2wd, I want to install a whipple supercharger kit I've found, it says that no internal mods or upgrades are needed to handle the extra power. But I'm sure that that's not the case. I'm thinking I need to at least install a cam and upgrade the fuel system a little bit. As well as maybe beef up my driveshaft due to the common issues being reported on the stocks. Any thoughts or advice helps. I've never owned a supercharger, or modified a truck this much, so for my first time I want to do it right.
  7. https://www.procharger.com/truck-superchargers/general-motors/gm-trucksuv/2020-2019-53-62 Anyone see this? I emailed their sales and was told 6-8 weeks for release. Very interested in seeing what's included and what they're doing for ECU tuning.
  8. So i know that the 99 body style is similar up through like 08, however i wanna see if the 5.3l is the same throughout, im looking at one that specifies 04-06 and im wondering if theres a huge difference to deter me from purchasing and using it Im also curious at how to generally create power, my engine compartment is bone stock outside of a k&n air filter, partially cause thats how i bought it and partially because im a beginner and im a little nervous about ruining it as it is my daily, however im coming into some money and am going to purchase a new daily and turn this into more of a project Thanks for the help in advance
  9. My dad passed away in march, i am keeping his truck. He bought it new and loved it to death. it is a 2008 1500 ext cab. It has 78,000 original miles, 2 wheel drive. I live in pennsylvania and he stored it every winter so it never saw salt (big deal for up here). He didn't want to go over board with it in fear of ruining it. so all that's down is a superchips program, flowmaster exhaust and k&n cai. I was thinking about taking it a bit further and dropping a supercharger kit from summit, borla exhaust, and lowering kit. I have never really hot rodded a truck, nor do i have the cash flow to go nuts. I was just thinking something he would of liked but not overboard. I was wondering if anyone has done this, and what did they think. Thanks for the help
  10. This is a brand new 2.8 inch (71.12 mm) 6-rib pulley that I have to take a loss on. I installed it, turned on the engine, threw the belt, and realized that the offset was wrong for my blower (which meant this pulley stuck out too far and misaligned my belt). Oh well, can't dwell over it, just gotta sell it. So yes, this pulley has ZERO miles on it. If you don't know about GripTec pulleys, here is the link to the one I am selling. Basically, the ribs and grooves are roughed up like sandpaper so there is less belt slip, less knock, and more boost. Magnuson TVS Pulley 7075-T6 Ø 2.80" 6Rib Level 3 Black Ti bolts - Z-Industries, Inc. Store I'm located near Van Nuys, CA and will ship anywhere in the US for $110 total.
  11. I've got a 2015 sierra slt 4x4 with a P1X procharger setup on it and I'm currently running NGK 6510 iridium spark plugs. I'm constantly having issues out of the spark plugs when I build boost it starts missing, the boost is blowing the spark off the plugs a little causing it to miss on the top end because it isnt grounding out properly. Just looking for a good copper/nickel plug recommendation around the same heat range that mine are, I'm tired of these plugs and can't seem to find any that will work. Thanks!
  12. Just bought an Edelbrock supercharger for my 2014 5.3 with out the Edelbrock tuner. Got an unreal deal of 4500 for it!!! Couldn't pass it up!! I search and couldn't find much information on getting a reputable tune other than black bear. Just wondering if anyone has a reputable shop in South Florida or a shop that uses HPtuners that would be good over email.
  13. Hello, I have a 2017 Sierra SLT Crew Cab 6.2L with a Magnuson TVS1900 on it. The pulley and boost are stock from Magnuson, so probably 8psi max boost. I want/need to replace the spark plugs because I get a little bit of ping when really engaging the supercharger. The ping is very short and goes away, but it even does it with around a 94 octane (mixed 91 with 100). It is much, much better with the 94 octane, but it is still detectable. My questions are: 1) Should I get a one or two step colder plug? 2) Should I lessen the gap to 0.028in or 0.03in? 3) Should I get projected or non-projected tips? 4) THE BIG QUESTION, do I need to get the exact same size plug as the stock ACDelco 41-114 (aka GM part number 12622441)? The REACH is what seems to be different. I believe the stock plug specs are: Heat range: 16 Gap size: 0.04in (1.02mm) Reach: 0.98in (25mm) THIS IS WHERE THE NGK PLUGS DIFFER Hex size: M16 Insulator height: 0.99in (25.3mm) Seat: Tapered The plugs I am considering are Brisk (which have the SAME reach) and NGK (which have a DIFFERENT reach). Eight of the Brisk plugs is way more expensive than NGK. Brisk RR14YS - two steps colder, projected tip, 0.028in gap, same REACH as stock Brisk RR14S - two steps colder, non-projected tip, 0.03in gap, same REACH as stock Brisk RR15YS - one step colder, projected tip, 0.028in gap, same REACH as stock Brisk RR15S - one step colder, non-projected tip, 0.028in gap, same REACH as stock NGK BR7EF 3346 - two steps colder, non-projected tip, 0.28in gap, 0.709in (18mm) REACH which is different than stock NGK BR6EF 3177 - same but one step colder
  14. I will be buying a 2017 Sierra 4x4 Crew Cab SLT short box with a 6.2L with 8-speed transmission. My question is whether I should get the 3.23 gears or the 3.42 gears (which means max tow package and bigger mirrors than I like). Overall, I have a need for speed and don't want to feel like I'm getting something worse than I already have. I currently have a 2006 5.3L 4x4 Crew Cab Sierra short box with a 4-speed transmission and 4.10 gears. It also has a Magnuson Supercharger with the stock boost and stock Magnuson tune. For the new 6.2L truck, I plan on first getting an engine tune (and transmission tune when everything gets figured out and someone can do it - lots of back and forth on this subject...Black Bear says it can't be done, HPtuners has "limited tuning", and Corvettes of Westchester says he can fully tune the 2017 transmission, but that's a different thread). If, after the tune, I still feel like the truck is wimpier than my current supercharged ride, i will then buy a supercharger. Does anyone have firsthand experience with a 6.2L with 3.23 or 3.42 gears that can say I will be fine with the 3.23 or I will regret the 3.23 gears?
  15. 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 2WD Magnuson Supercharger 3.43 gears 5.3 L CLEAN TITLE NO ACCIDENTS 34,610 Miles $42,000 NOTE: THE MAGNUSON SUPERCHARGER IS FULLY COVERED BY GM AND DOES NOT VOID ANY WARRANTY/COVERAGE. 3YEAR/36,000 Miles. http://www.magnusons...9-53-185-bl.htm FACTORY OPTIONS: This truck is loaded with every option available (equipped like Denali). The only reason I bought the SLT was so I could get this Bronze Alloy color. The truck has heated/cooled seats, Bose premium sound, full leather, heated steering wheel, sunroof, dual climate, adjustable pedals, led bed lighting etc. TECHNOLOGY AND PREMIUM OPTIONS: including lane departure warning, forward collision alert, Sirius XM, Bose Premium Sound, back up camera and front and rear parking sensors. Truck has the towing package including 3.43 gears. UPGRADES: -Truck comes with a MAGNUSON tv2300 supercharger (500HP). http://www.magnusonsuperchargers.com/product-p/01-19-53-185-bl.htm -It also has been leveled with 33" Nitto Dura Grappler tires and Method 18" wheels -BushWacker OE Style fender flares -AFE ProDry S filter -Rigid industries Fogs -4300k HIDs -LoPro Tonneau cover (roll up) -'Folds of Honor' military memorial RUNNING BOARDS -BedRug full system -Custom color matched Denali grill -Color matched door handles and mirrors -All weather floor mats -AVS rain visors -Tinted Windows 20% Truck is in excellent condition with very minor paint scratches, no dents. Currently the truck has a headache rack from Magnum Racks. I plan to remove this but it is available for sale. Please call or text with any questions or to check the truck out. Paid off, title in hand and ready to sell. Jeremy 5412069773
  16. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 8-11-2016 Street Legal Performance now has SLP Supercharges models to fit all 2014-16 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra with either the 5.3-liter V8 or 6.2-liter V8. SLP claims that the 6.2L engine sees an increase of 170 hp to a total of 590, and the 5.3L is boosted by 165 hp to a total of 520. Like all boosted engines, torque also increases dramatically. SLP claims its four-lobe design with 160 degrees of twist has vastly cooler discharge temps than competitive twin screw designs, as well as a higher volumetric capacity, higher operating speeds, and a smoother, more efficient flow of air into the engine. The company also claims that NVH levels are better than with other designs. Unlike turbocharged engines, SLP points to superchargers' much faster throttle response (since the boost is always on). Fans of the Camaro ZL1 and Caddy CTS-V will recognize that SLP's design starts with Eaton’s TVS technology rotating assembly to deliver more power and better fuel economy in a smaller package.
  17. 2014 GMC SIERRA SLT 1500 CREW CAB SHORT BOX, 6.2L SUPERCHARGED with Bose Audio System, Navigation, 8" touch screen, Heated and Cooled Bucket Seats, Power Sliding rear window, tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel, Max Trailering package (9.76 rear axle, 3.73 gears, enhance cooling radiator,trailer brake control), msrp $52,395, very good condition "like new" very fun to drive and very strong and responsive!!! I copied basically what "Hennessy" was doing for their performance packages. The Truck has the following upgrades: Whipple Supercharger Kit (WK-1004B-62) install when I had 3366 miles so about 9300 trouble free miles on the supercharger American Racing Headers w/ high flow Cats Magnaflow Muffler (custom exhaust that dumps out passed differential) Dyno tune (stock maf, just tweaked the Whipple "canned" tune and dialed in nicely at 520 rwh 526 rwt, with 22% drive train loss that about 634 HP @ crank @ 4500 feet elevation) Catch Can RX (installed when it had about 1500 miles on it, due to the newer motors having direct injection, important to have installed and really helps reduce "coking" on the back of the valves. 20" Badlands w/ 305/55/20 Goodyear Kevlar AT (drives excellent, great tires! with loads of tread on them) 6" Zone Lift w/ new leaf packs on rear (no blocks) Fox shocks in rear, Billstein in front Hellwig sway bars in front and rear BDS traction bars Air Bag system w/ automatic self leveling (works great, it keeps the back end right were it is set at) AMP Research Steps Diamond Back tonneau cover Rear under seat storage bin (forget the name of it) Custom badging on the hood "LS3 Supercharged" (purchased from a vet shop) Paint matched smooth fender flares About 24k invested in upgrades. *all performance work was done by Premier Complete Auto, very reputable shop in Utah, all suspension work was done by Ultimate 4x4 $57,000 12k miles PM for questions and pictures
  18. I recently self - installed a Whipple sc on my 2014 sierra. A couple days after i finished the install, the engine light came on and read a code saying the EVAP valve EVAP flow during a non-purge condition. I was wondering if anyone had the same experience, knew of anyone who did, how and/or why it is happening, and what actions i could do to fix it.
  19. Hey guys. I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado EcoTec3 5.3L Regular Cab and I want to build it to run decent track times. Decent meaning at least 11's. I don't really know much about the 5.3L and I would really like help on what should be done to run times like that. What cam? Intake? TB? Head swap maybe? Will even consider Turbos, supercharger, or a procharger. Also rear gears, will tranny hold up at the torque needed? Can I do this without messing with the bottom end at all? I'm open to anything and everything. The truck will not be driven on the street very much, I work 100+ hrs/wk but I'd find time to take it to the track. Thank you.
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