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Found 17 results

  1. For sale are my set of custom painted, OEM Sierra Denali LED Tail Lights. I had these painted to go on my truck and unfortunately they took so long I had to go a different direction before I got them back.. I have since moved up to a 3/4 diesel and am hoping these can find an owner who will appreciate the time, effort, and $$$ that went into creating them! These OEM LED Tail Lights are selling for $300 - $500 a piece online, and the cost to have these custom painted Mineral Metallic to match the Denali paint + the lens smoked (lightly, not enough to dim them when lit!) was $700 - looking to get $1,000 including shipping. Can cut a better deal if wanting to pick up in person in the Houston, TX area. Please reach out for additional pictures, questions, etc. I respond much quicker via text (405) 642-9097 Thanks!
  2. or sale are my set of custom painted, OEM Sierra Denali LED Tail Lights. I had these painted to go on my truck and unfortunately they took so long I had to go a different direction before I got them back.. I have since moved up to a 3/4 diesel and am hoping these can find an owner who will appreciate the time, effort, and $$$ that went into creating them! These OEM LED Tail Lights are selling for $300 - $500 a piece online, and the cost to have these custom painted Mineral Metallic to match the Denali paint + the lens smoked (lightly, not enough to dim them when lit!) was $700 - looking to get $1,000 including shipping. Can cut a better deal if wanting to pick up in person in the Houston, TX area. Please reach out for additional pictures, questions, etc. I respond much quicker via text (405) 642-9097 Thanks!
  3. (Updated to reflect I have purchased BRAND NEW OEM LED Harnesses to accompany these lights) For sale are my Chevrolet LED Tail Lights. I originally purchased these to replace my existing tail lights but had a change of heart and painted my existing housings instead. In great shape and will be cleaned and polished for new owner. Asking $440 ($470 shipped) If you have any questions or want additional pictures, shoot me a message,
  4. Hello everyone. I purchased a complete set of LED bulbs to replace all the stock bulbs for my 2012 GMC Sierra 2500 HD. In addition, I upgraded the tail lights and the head light assemblies as well to house these new bulbs. I'm very happy with the complete change-over except for the hyper flash issue I'm having with the new LED turn signals. Originally, I thought I could just replace the original flasher for an LED flasher that doesn't monitor the load on the circuit and therefore operates normally with the light-loaded LED upgrade. Turns out that the 2012 doesn't have a flasher and it's the BCM that controls the turn signal lights. From what I've researched, it appears that the BCM can be programmed to allow the use of LED's by changing the configuration of the BCM to a "cab/chassis" setup where the vehicle would accept the LED tail lights. I'm guessing that with changing everything including front turn signal bulbs to LED, the BCM reprogram to "cab/chassis" will not fix my issue because I've changed the front turn signals to LED as well. The other option I've researched is installing load resistors for every LED bulb. That seems a bit outrageous and hacking into the original wiring harness is not what I'd prefer as it makes it more susceptible to malfunction, corrosion, etc. not to mention the heat these resistors tend to give off, if installed improperly, can begin causing a whole other bundle of issues. So my question is, will the BCM reprogram resolve the hyper flash issue? Depending where you are but most dealers will charge $120 - $200 for the 3 minutes it takes to plug in but if it fixes the issue, I'd rather go that route instead of hacking my wiring harness. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. What are your thoughts about these Escalade taillights on a Yukon? Nice or Rice?
  6. I was wondering if anybody knew if the newer 2018 sierra tail lights would somehow fit the 2015's? And if not, is there is a certain company making some custom ones for the 15' that are made to look like the 2018's? This is my first post to the group as I am new and will be asking more questions soon. So if I didnt do this right, please feel free to tell me how to correctly ask my next question. Thanks.
  7. Selling these Winjet taillights from my '15 Silverado as I purchased a '17 Silverado and they already have LED. These are 6 months old in excellent condition. All parts come with except you will need 3M double-sided tape if you don't want to use the screws to mount. Units do NOT come with LED reverse lights, those are sold separately. Asking $225 + the ride to your door in original box. Stock Picture: Picture before boxing up: In use pictures:
  8. Will 2015 GMC Sierra taillights fit my 2015 Silverado both 1500 model. I liked a pair of Sierra taillights better and I found some for a better price and I was wondering if they would fit? Thanks
  9. Hello everyone! I wanted to upgrade my rear tail light bulbs (not the entire taillight assembly, Just the Bulbs) with LED's. I purchased a pack of 6ohm 50 watt load resistors. Vehicle: 2009 Silverado 1500 LTZ, 6.2l Upon removing the drivers side tail light from the housing, I found the main part of the harness has 4 wires before dumping into the lower blinker light: Green (reverse light) Yellow (upper blinker) Brown (lower blinker) Black (ground) After wiring the load resistor to the brown wire and a separate resistor to the yellow wire, I decided to test them with the LED bulbs installed. (Note, no led for the reverse light, stock bulb.) With the DRL Lights off, the bulbs blinked normally. Upon activating the DRL Lights, the bulbs would hyper-flash after 3 normal blinker flashes. I tried relocating the [yellow wire] load resistor in-between the upper blinker and the reverse bulb but had the same results. Also worth noting, I tried removing the resistor from the yellow wire and the result was continuous hyper flash regardless of DRL lights on or off. Anything I'm missing? Thanks in advanced.
  10. Turning a negative situation into a positive one. My 2015 Sierra Denali 1500 got backed into last week denting the rear fender and breaking the right taillight. Thanks to this forum, I picked up some harnesses from zmnypit and found a set of 2016 Denali tail lights for a great deal from local Canadian sellers. Just waiting for the harnesses to come in before I swap them over this weekend. Just need to find a good set of headlights now to complete the 2016 lighting conversion! Will post pictures when it's all repaired and swapped over!
  11. Recently discovered someone was nice enough to bust out my passenger tail light and not leave a note. I have the LED tail lights on an All Terrain. I called the dealership I purchased the truck through & they want $655 for one. Ridiculous. Does any one know where I can find one cheaper or any aftermarket tail lights that are compatible? I looked at the Recon tails however they state in the info that they are not compatible. Any help would be much appreciated!
  12. I like how the factory '14+ tail lights look and, of course, OEM light housing durability is typically superior to that of aftermarket components. Anyway, I have considered swapping the factory bulbs to 7444 LEDs (in white or red) and seeing how well they work in the stock housings. I am expecting to need a resistor kit, as I have had to do with past LED conversions on my last truck. Thoughts? Anybody else done this? Thanks for any input!
  13. Hey all, I did a quick search trying to find a solution to my problem. I have a 2005 Silverado 2500HD Ext. cab 6.0L. My issue is, is that the brake lights will light up and flash on their own when the truck is parked. I've been told it may be the brake controller or it may be the trailer light harness that plugs into the rear truck harness. Just looking for some confirmation and parts advice before I just start ordering random parts. Thanks!
  14. Looking to see what others think . I just ordered morimoto 35w 6000k sierra spec hid headlights And morimoto 5000k led fog lights. Has anyone tried these on the sierra ? I also ordered the chrome and black front and black emblems , powder coated black . Should all be here next week. Has anyone installed these lights yet ? .. Also looking at exhaust and am coming down between the corsa sport or borla sport . Both would be single side duel tip. I drive a 2015 denali 1500 6.2 , only aftermarket is levelling kit with 24" dub venoms . Please give some advice if prefer different tasteful upgrades . Thanks guys !'!!!
  15. Driving my truck everyday and using my truck for work I some how put light scratches on the taillights from going in and out of the back of the truck very often. I was wondering if there was any way to possibly fix this without replacing the whole unit. The scratches are very light but noticeable. Is there any polishing or buffing compound that could work? As always all replies are greatly appreciated.
  16. Okay, so this represents a ton of firsts for me: First time posting in a forum, first time owning a truck (or any vehicle for that matter), and the first time working on a vehicle, so I humbly ask for your patience and thank you in advance. Please understand that my knowledge of vehicle mechanics is fairly limited, but I do a little better with electronics. I recently purchased a 1989 GMC 2500 for relatively cheap, and was assured that it was very mechanically sound, which it is, I think. I didn't realize that there were a lot of non-mechanical issues with it, even through a test drive. One such issue is with the speedometer. Usually, when it is colder outside, or I am making the first trip of the day, the speedometer works perfect. After that, though, the speedometer doesn't work, and I have to use the GPS on my phone. I have no idea where to start, other than pulling the dash apart, but then I will just get a stupid look on my face and not know what the crap is what. I did check all the fuses, and only one was blown, but more on that later. Another issue is with the odometer. It claims just under 104k on it, which is amazing, until you realize that it is horribly inaccurate. Whenever the speedometer is not working, the odometer is not turning, so I assume that they are linked somehow. However, when the speedometer is working, only the tenth of a mile wheel spins, and nothing clicks over. Both of these can wait, however, until after I get the safety inspection done that is required yearly by the great state of Utah. Other issues are a little more pressing, such as... Headlamps. How do I properly aim them? I did buy a Haynes repair manual from O'Riley Auto Parts, but it wasn't as specific as I would like. It listed two different kinds of headlights, and explained how to aim them, but what is on my truck looks like what both were described as. Another pressing issue is the tail lights. When the head lights are on, there is supposed to be a dim light in the tail lights, right? On the right side tail light, there is. On the left side, there isn't. On top of that, neither of the back up lights nor the license plate lights work. In addition to all this, the hazard lights don't work. Of course, it would help to check the hazard lights if I knew where the button to turn them on and off was located. Now to the blown fuse. This one boggles me. The fuse was for the park lights, also required by law. It is a 25 amp fuse, which is easy enough to replace. However, when I replace it, no matter any thing else in the vehicle, the park lights come on, along with the head lights, and there is nothing I can do to turn them off except for removing the fuse. The park lights come on without the button even being used. I know that this seems like a lot of questions to ask all in one post, and I'm sure that they are covered individually somewhere on the internet, but I really don't know if any of these problems are causing other problems to happen. I really need this truck to pass inspection, and I would really like to do the work myself, as I did get the truck so that I could learn this kind of stuff. And in case you are wondering how in the world did the previous owner get it to pass inspection, he had it registered in a county that doesn't require safety and emission checks. I really wish that I could do that, but I don't have a relative living in one of those counties. Anyway, I do appreciate any and all help that y'all can give. Like I said, I know very little about auto mechanics, but I am trying to learn. Thank you again.
  17. Up for sale is a pair of 2007-09 OEM Cadillac Escalade EXT taillight assemblies, professionally smoked/blacked out. These were used on my '07 Avalanche. Will fit any 07-09 Avy or Caddy EXT. The lamps are in EXCELLENT condition with no nicks or scratches. Parting out the truck so these r next to go. They were professionally painted/buffed and light shines through them perfectly, no cheap paint was used. Including BRIGHT LED reverse bulbs that I bought to see when I reverse at night. They have been on the ride for about a year or so. Paid close to $350 from GM Parts Direct. Asking $300 shipped OBO for them. Please PM me or reply if interested or have any questions.
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