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Found 13 results

  1. Let me start off by saying I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to vehicles. I purchased a 2014 Silverado z71 crew cab hoping for a reliable truck that would last me well beyond when I pay it off. I figured I would come to this site to ask people that are much more knowledgeable than I about an issue I am having. I own a 2014 Chevy Silverado 5.3 with after market exhaust. The exhaust was put on the truck by a previous owner. At idle, the truck seems loud (and not from the exhaust) standing on the side of the truck by the front doors. I am not sure "ticking" is the right word, but that's about all I can come up with. I have heard some people talk about the DI causing this, but my brother also has a 5.3 and mine is way louder than his. It is almost embarrassing how loud it is when people are standing around it at idle because they are constantly pointing it out. My question is: Is this the direct injection, or could I possibly have another issue (such as an exhaust leak)? I have attached a video for anyone that has the time to listen and provide feedback. A big thank you to anyone that takes the time to provide feedback. I am looking forward to checking out this website in the future and increasing my "truck smarts." Thanks again. Here is a link to the video of my truck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK643x41t4g&feature=youtu.be
  2. I have an 06 Silverado with 215k miles. Has the L33 Aluminum Block 5.3 in it. It runs great, has good power, but has an odd ticking/knocking noise. It doesn’t make the noise until it’s been running for about a minute so I don’t think it’s exhaust. I also do not think it’s a lifter because it sounds more lower end towards the rear of the engine. Has anyone had any experience with these L33s knocking? It has been making this noise for a while now and it’s very annoying/embarrassing. I’m not sure if oil has anything to do with it but I use penzoil 5w30 full syn. Let me know if you have any ideas, thanks.
  3. Took my 2017 Chevy Silverado z71 to the dealer today . Engine was ticking on top end sounded like a lifter tick and slight deeper knock in bottom end . oil presure was all over the place would go from 65 psi to 25 psi at same rpm. I have 44,000 miles. Has anyone else had this issue? With the strike in play who know how long I will be without my truck.
  4. Hey guys, I got a 2015 Silverado 5.3l. 138,250km. started ticking sometime last winter. Would happen instantly at start up and last about 5 minutes then would fade away. Sounded like a lifter. Took it to the dealer they said they couldn't hear it. Sound went away so left it. Fast forward to this winter and as Soon as the weather started to cool down I noticed the ticking again. Took it back to the dealer said they couldn't hear it again. I went and picked up my truck right at closing, soon as I fired her up the sound was there but everyone was gone so no one to hear it. I took a video. Next day I called the dealer, sent the video. Took like a week to get back to me. In the meantime I had taken videos pretty much every time I started it. Long story short after a brief fight with them about them trying to say it's normal etc they agreed that it sounded like a noise coming from the valve train. Left my truck with them, they called me said they had to change all lifters. Went to pick up my truck and on start up the sound is still there. This was a month ago. Sent more videos and a previous video from before they did the work and they are saying they can't hear it again. Took it in in person they agreed that there's an issue again and they will look at it. Now they are saying it's possible bad injector noise but they can't figure out which one ?. In the meantime I took it to another dealership they changed the vacuum pump. After that the sound changed. Now it's no longer at start up but once the truck has reached operating temperature and is more of a dull sound. Took it back to that same dealer who did the vacuum pump and they said valve train noise and deffo not injectors. But they won't work on it because the other dealer already did. They didn't change the VLOM or the cam. I had/have no check engine lights. Truck runs awesome. Sometimes rough idle. Any ideas what it could be?
  5. My engine is ticking and it seems to be getting louder. I read up and the Direct Injection ticking being noisy, but does this sound right? https://photos.app.goo.gl/ge3qqYU9YrzvPx3l2
  6. I'm doing my best to isolate this ticking sound that is persistent, yet intermittent. Data so far: 2018 CC SLT 1500 6.2L 4WD Max Tow 19K miles, all stock Doesn't happen when motor is cold, much more prevalent when motor is warmed Doesn't happen when letting off throttle (only under application of throttle), can be heard in neutral, park, and in drive (not in reverse enough to tell--but it happens when transmission is not engaged) Sound follows steady or increasing RPM of motor Under light to medium load, noise is prevalent, under heavy acceleration it subsides (not because of engine noise) If I turn wheels hard left, the noise disappears, straighten wheels, it returns (like wheel is blocking noise from traveling) Sound only heard on driver side If I hit some oscillating bumps on the road, it can stop for a while before returning back (under varying loads as well) If left in tow/haul mode, at 2500 rpm under light load it can still be heard Ran 2 bottles of Red Line injector cleaner and it didn't eliminate/help noise The truck was silent until the 700 mile mark and I hit an expansion joint (nothing out of the ordinary) and the sound started and has remained ever since I've checked exhaust/manifold connectors and no sign of leaks (soot) I put a hollow aluminum rod (2 foot long) to the vacuum pump and did not hear any abnormal noises directly from the pump Obviously heard injector noises when put to the injectors; haven't had chance to stop on side of road when the sound disappears to run comparison tests Sometimes it'll run dead silent when driving down the road (after complete warm up) and power delivery doesn't change but noise comes back within a minute or two Sound heard in both V-8 and V-4 modes, and while in manual shift mode Use premium 91 gas ever since purchase (93 not available in Bay Area)--use Costco Top Tier fuel (high volume station) Oil changed with Mobil 0-20W Full Synthetic every 5K miles religiously and OEM filters (indicator usually states 37% remaining at around 5k miles) 90/10 Highway/City driving Any thoughts? My MPG is seems close to normal. Lifetime average of 17, most of my time driving is short city trips or long highway driving with a bed full of gear and a dirt bike. Some of the actions seem like it could be a noise related to the vacuum pump but the pump doesn't exhibit any noises itself. Sounds kind of like exhaust leak--exhaust seems to check out (no notable soot around connections or along piping that is visible). If it was something loose, I would think that even under deceleration (letting off throttle) would cause the noise to persist. It follows increasing RPM. I've checked around the footwell and haven't noiced any plugs missing or issues there. The fact that the sound is not there when cold or after some bumpy roads makes me think something else is up. Thoughts? Things to check? When it is quiet, this truck is wonderful. The ticking in the background that comes and goes is like a form of Chinese water torture. The fact that it does go away sometimes makes me even crazier as I know it could be better. When I bought it, it did not make this noise. Only after 700 miles of driving did it begin to tick tick tick away.
  7. Hey all! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday morning. I’m reaching out to y’all because i purchased my 2014 Silverado 5.3 used, with 76k highway miles. From purchase, it had a decently loud engine, which after reading some posts about direct injection and the oil delivery of these engines, thought it was normal. But after comparing engine sounds to other 2014-2016 5.3 engines, I’ve come to the realization that my engine is obviously not operating the way it should be. My transmission acts up a bit, but that’s GM transmissions... I’ll have it checked out when I take it for a warranty service. Anyways, I wanted to hear what you guys think on this topic. I can’t seem to figure out what the whining is from, and why it’s incredibly quieter on other trucks. Maybe my (part that produced the whine) needs to be replaced? I don’t know what it is. My starter grinds sometimes and it’s a nasty sound, but I heard starters aren’t covered under warranty. Then, I noticed, if I get on the pedal and let off, there’s a chirp...I have no freakin clue what that is, so any insight on that helps. Next up is my lifters. I have to definitely get new lifters, and I heard that the lifters go bad after many miles thanks to the B.S. AFM. Once I get the full service I’ll be tuning out the AFM. Then, finally, is my driveline. I get almost like a “clunk” somewhere along the driveline towards the end when I’m coming to a stop, and going... I think it might be my UJoint. Thank you guys for any input you leave, it’s greatly appreciated.
  8. Hey guys, Need some help. I've got a 2016 Sierra Denali with a cold air intake,Whipple supercharger, Gibson short tube headers alongside with an aftermarket cat-back exhaust. I know I'm probably going to get roasted for the shorty headers but unfortunately long tubes are illegal where I'm from and to be very honest, I have heard long tubes with the after market cat-backs on the GM 6.2L....WAYYY TOOOO LOUD!! Coming to my issue, where I need your expertise is that there seems to be this noise from the driver's side footwell after I installed the short headers. Can't even describe whether the noise can be calleded a clicking/ticking/chattering or what, I have absolutely no idea. All I know is that it comes with acceleration. If it was a constant I wouldn't mind but it's super annoying because it's got a mind of its own. Sometimes it's not even there, then it decides to come back and even when it does, it doesn't always present itself at the same volume. Sometimes its at a soft volume, then sometimes medium and sometimes quite loud, however all the times it is with the acceleration. Most of the time it's there, it's there at a medium volume. At first I had my dealership install JBA short headers. We got this sound and my dealership claimed it was a leak. They resurfaced/machined the headers down, TWICE, changed the gasket even once, yet the sound remained. Then we changed over to Gibson short tube headers and unfortunately the same issue here too.... At the end they just gave me my truck back and said this is how short headers are and nothing can be done about it. Apparently they claim they spoke to JBA and Gibson and it seems they were told by them that it is due to the difference in size of the exhaust outlet in the engine and the inlet on the headers. I somehow don't believe my dealership because they always try to pull a fast one when they can't solve a problem. I've attached an audio file, please tell me what you think the problem could be. The dealership had my car for 43 days and after all of the fiasco above, they said whatever it is, it certainly is not a leak... so...PLEASE HELP!!!!! Voice 001_sd.mp3 Voice 001_sd.mp3 Voice 001_sd.mp3 Voice 001_sd.mp3
  9. im new to the site, im nick i drive a 2002 silverado 4.8L 2wd step side mileage 240k dont tell me to sell or junk my truck the truck has been kept up with pretty well. In the mornings or after the tuck has been sitting a while i will get a pretty noticable ticking for about 30 seconds at startup until the engine warms up, i also get kind of a cough up of white smoke out the pipe at the same time, both of these symptoms go away after about 30 seconds. the truck will drive normal and strong until the first time i have to gas it into traffic or an incline/boat ramp, pretty much anytime i get into the gas pretty hard i get the loud ticking and smoke with a big sluggesh power loss at the same time. things to note- about once every 2 weeks i get a low oil light, i check the stick and its bone dry...heres where it gets funky, if i add only about a quart and a half the stick reads alost an entire half inch PAST full on the stick, so from bone dry to over full with a quart and a half????? No, there is no oil stains on my driveway no coolant in my oil or vice versa it is the oem factory dip stick i did a compression check, all the chambers on the drivers side are even at 140 in all cylinders, all chambers in passenger side are at 170 exept one was 180, im not worried about the pressure changes from that 10psi on the passenger side of the motor but what i do find strange is how one entire side is lower by about 30psi than the other head, warped head? head gasket? the plugs did look a little white corrosive and a few inparticular had a bit of carbon build up on them i took my valve covers off and inspected the lifters checked all the oil passages that i could see from there, no sludge or anything to note, brand new valve cover gaskets, no visible leaks from the exterior of the engine were could all this oil be going, it doesnt seem to be enough smoke in the orning or while im hitting the gas hard to be burning that much oil? could a cracked or bad valve seat be the culpret? im starting to get frustrated and how the heck can it go from empty to full with 1 1/2 quart??? ive tried this while hot and cooled down, always on level ground... im sure whatever is going on with the oil loss is the culprit for the ticking and smoke, I just cant seem to figure it out any help would be appreciated
  10. I have a 2006 Yukon that we love, but recently we have been having a few issues. All of a sudden I have a horrible chirping/ticking coming from under the hood. It seems like it is on the drivers side (but that could be because that's the side I am on). I have run Risolene through it thinking it is maybe a lifter. I have replaced the tension pulley and another pulley that had a little noise. Belts look good. I am still having the issue. It gets louder and more noticeable as I am accelerating (super embarrassing at stop lights). It seems to get better once the RPM's drop, but maybe there is just enough road noise that I can't hear it. As mentioned, I love this truck and want to make it right. Any suggestions. I have included a clip. You can kind of hear the clinking chirping. As I accelerate it becomes more pronounced. It sounds like it is coming from near the bell housing. Thanks for everything!
  11. 2014 5.3 Crew bought new 41k right now And no it is not the normal injector noise, service manager and techs have confirmed. after it warms up from a cold start for 5-10 minuites it starts a random ticking noise from the lower front of the engine. it goes away after fully warmed up. been to the dealer 4 times for the noise, just picked it up last night, and they just keep throwing parts at it. water pump, radiator, starter sheid clips or something. and the noise is still there. I have even told them I think it is the vacuum pump. I just don't get how GM can afford to piss off customers and toss money at parts for nothing. off to call the dealer again. Then there is the crappy shifting tranny, I mention it every time, and they drive it and say its normal Truck would be gone if I could afford it.
  12. Hello. Just so you know, i am new to these forums. anyhow, I have a 2006 sierra with 5.3 vortec. Love spinning tires and such, which sadly has led me to have to put a new transmission in. Considering i am 17 years old, with what i think is a decent amount of experience with mechanics throughout my life, i tackled the job myself in my dads garage. The was Tranny put in good, shifts correctly and everything proper temperature, oil level and all. passed inspection for warranty, but...heres the issue... at idle it makes a ticking sound. The sound seems to be in sync with the RPM - as i rev the engine the ticking accelerates. I pulled the starter and double checked the torque converter bolts, they are tight as possible. I am stumped. WTF is the issue here? could it be the plastics on the sides of the transmission somehow (plastic around starter and by oil filter) ? Any advice would be great! thanks!
  13. My new truck sierra 1500 slt crew cab started ticking at 5000 km 2nd oil change at 12000 ticking continues Garage says lifters completely collapsed Does it make sense to ask for a new vehicle Seems like another lemon Your thoughts
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