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  1. I test drove a 2016 Silverado with the new Off Road Sport Package today, and I really like it. I asked at the dealership if there's a bed cover that is compatible with the sport bar, bu nobody had an answer - anyone know any different? It will help me decide whether or not to get the dealer-installed sport bar or not, since the bed cover is more important for me than the sport bar and associated lights. Thanks.
  2. SOLD - $200.00 Truxedo Lo Pro Tonneau. Fits 2019(nbs) - 2021, Double Cabs. Used approximately 18 months. Excellent condition. I can send photos if interested. Local meets to 48611 only.
  3. Had been searching for a hard folding tonneau cover and eventually decided on the Fold-A-Cover G4 Elite, purchased from their factory store. This will cover a couple of the criteria that I was looking for in a cover and why I chose the G4 Elite and my thoughts on the cover after installing it and having it for a grand total of 2 days so far. I will try and post an update in a couple weeks after I get some more time with it. When searching for a cover I was wanting a hard cover that allowed quick access to the entire bed and I had to be able to pull the cover/panels off anywhere as I often end up with impromptu purchases(dang craigslist) that are large enough to need the entire bed. After initial searching I had narrowed it down to likely either the BAK Fibermax or Roll-X, however after seeing several positive comments here on the Fold-A-Cover I took another look at it as I had intially ruled it out due to not being able to get full bed access as quickly as the BAK line or some others. After reading the manual and seeing that the Fold-A-Cover did come completely off by simply removing (4) easy to access bolts I took a deeper look at this cover. Main reasons I chose this cover as opposed to some of the other options: Front and rear opening-I like to keep a couple bags with tools/straps/trailer accessories and other truck stuff with me and this way I can keep those bags strapped toward the front of the bed for easy access Mounts on top of side rails-The stuff I find on craigslist generally tends to be large so getting the rails up on top of the bed means more room in the bed and less chance of damage to the rails This cover was roughly $175 more than the other one I was strongly considering and I'm sure that I would've been happy with it, but I felt that for me the features this cover had over some of the others were worth it to me.
  4. Does the tonneau cover improve gas mileage over not using one? I've seen a few people take off their tailgates for better mpg, does this really work?
  5. Extang Encore Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau cover for 2019 -2020 GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado with 6.5' bed. In good shape. Needs new front lock because it is keyed for my truck. Sold locally Located in Thousand Oaks, CA. https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Parts/Extang/EX28620162-28.html https://extang.com/encore-tonno
  6. I'm struggling to find good options for tonneau covers that fit my 19 LTZ. A lot of sites say it will but list the same part# as previous years --> red flag. I've seen Bak, Retrax and possibly Extang on here that folks say fit but not much else. Can you list what you have, where you got it with price and with a picture would be doubly awesome. I had a Tonnopro on a previous Tundra that did the job and was relatively cheap (~$400ish if I recall). Looking for a hard or roll up cover. Below is the nakedness I'm dealing with...
  7. We are upgrading to a 2020 GMC AT4 HD 3500 and should be delivered soon. Asking $47,000 Follow this link for additional photos Facebook Marketplace ad So...Look no further for your next tow vehicle! Tow in style, tow with confidence!! This 2015 GMC Denali HD 2500 in Black Onyx has all the bells and whistles and more! She has only 52500 miles on her! This truck has been upgraded with BlueOx Gooseneck Hitch, a Second 7 Way connector in bed to secure your Gooseneck or Fifth-Wheel camper trailer wiring harness to help you tow in comfort and with confidence. It has also been upgraded with a Pop-A-Lock remote lock actuator for tailgate (unlocks tailgate when you unlock your truck). To help with those horrible GM headlights, this Denali has been upgraded with GTR Lighting Gen 5 HID 5000K headlights and Morimoto XB LED foglights...I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference this has made! For just that little bit of oomph or MPG, this GMC has also been upgraded with the Banks Ram Air intake and Banks exhaust with chrome tip. Upgraded Shocks to BILSTEIN 5100 series shocks at 43500 miles. A Banks AutoMind programmer, is available and negotiable with purchase of this 2015 GMC Denali HD.
  8. I'm looking to get a soft roll up tonneau cover for my 2019 trail boss. I was at the dealer last night and they were telling me that since the 2019 trail boss has the auto open tailgate that you have to go with the GM version of the tonneau cover and that the other branded covers prevent you from utilizing the auto open feature. Does anyone know if this is the case. and if so has anyone ever had the GM tonneau cover? is it good quality? I have always been an access guy but would still like to still be able to use the auto tailgate open feature. does anyone have any experience with this? does anyone have the lorado access cover on their silverado and still able to use the auto open feature?
  9. Does anyone own or know anyone that ownes the Gator HR1. It's a hard roll-up tonneau cover. If not does anyone have a tonneau cover from this brand if so how is the quality from them. Below is an image of what it looks like
  10. Extang Trifecta - Fits 2014 - 2019 Legacy Double Cab 6’6” bed https://extang.com/trifecta-2-0/2014/chevrolet/silverado-1500 (not the 2.0 though) $150.00 Local Pick-up Only (Mid-Michigan / Tri-City Area)
  11. Have a request for all of the Retrax tonneau cover owners out there, wondering if someone could provide a measurement of the space remaining under the canister, between the bottom of the canister and the truck bed? Trying to make a decision on which cover to buy for my Silverado. Thanks in advance.
  12. I just got my 19 Trail Boss LT and I'm ecstatic! But... I'm trying to decide on which Tonneau cover to get. I'm down to the hard roll-up or the hard tri-fold. Or has anyone tried an aftermarket equivalent? I've decided on the bedrug for the bed but I'd like some feedback from those of you that have the tonneau covers on likes/dislikes/pros/cons, etc. Also want the Assist Black Sport Step but was wondering if anyone has tied after market. $900 shipped for the steps seems steep. Thanks in advance for your input. Ihope you all are enjoying your "All New" Chevy's as much as I am mine!
  13. Just installed an Undercover Ultra Flex tonneau cover on my Trail Boss. Fits perfectly, easily installed in less than 30 min, and the tailgate can open automatically with no issue.
  14. Hi. I have a 2018 Sierra crew cab with the shortest box. Looking to buy a tonneau cover. I’m down to the two I like. Access limited cover. Or the OEM gm accessories soft Tri-Fold. Or hard tri-fold. Anybody have either? Can you comment on how they seal, do they last, or any complaints/regrets? I’m in Canada. Snow, ice, and crap winters. Lol. thanks gents!
  15. Hey, new to this whole forum thing. Just wondering if anyone out there has installed a back rack with a roll up style tonneau cover. I've gone to back rack's website and tried to find the bracket that I need. But because it's a chevy branded cover, I can't enter the correct manufacturer in order to find the correct adapter that will clear the rails and cover. Anyone dealt with this? Thanks
  16. New in box Bakflip F1 hard folding tonneau cover. Fits a 2014-2017 GM Sierra or Silverado 5'9" bed. https://bakindustries.com/bakflip-f1/2014/gmc/sierra-1500 $800 Located North of Atlanta in Cumming. It costs a lot to ship - weight 70lbs - shipping from 30040
  17. For Sale.....(I originally posted this awhile back and it got deleted, but the rules have since changed) I leased a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation Edition 4x4 with a 6 1/2 ft bed. I had the tonneau cover for 2 years. I dont have the truck anymore, therefore, I have no use for the cover. It’s in excellent condition and im asking $200.00. It comes with rails and all the clamps. Serious inquiries and I will email pics. Also, I live in NJ. Thanks. Robert
  18. anyone have the hard roll-up tonneau cover? how do you like it? pros? cons? (besides price) and where did you get it?
  19. Does anyone here have the Gator Evo bifold tonneau? I'm looking for a tonneau that will fold all the way up for access to the entire bed, mainly for access to a below-rail mounted toolbox. Hard to tell if it would provide enough clearance. Don't have much experience with tonneaus, but thinking about putting one on this truck. https://tonneaucoversworld.com/shop-by-vehicle/chevy/silverado-1500/2014-2016/5-8-bed/gator-evo-tonneau-cover-gc15018.html
  20. I have a back flip MX4 that I have had less than a year. I want to post it for sale, but not sure where to do that... can someone guide me please? I don't want to get in trouble for posting where I'm not supposed to.
  21. Brand new design Bakflip MX4, model BAK-448120. Also included is the Bakbox foldaway storage box, model BAK-92120. Both are in perfect condition. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Come see for yourself, the perfect condition of the cover and storage box. Designed for use on a 2014-2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 or GMC Sierra 1500, short bed pickup. Both products retail for $1188 together. I bought these brand new from authorized Bakflip dealer 5 months ago. Save over $450 with this package. I am selling because I got a new job, that requires a camper shell on my truck. Photos are too big to upload. I will email photos to anyone interested. Asking $725 for BOTH. I can also install, if you are local.
  22. Hey guys I'm needing to get into a new tonneau for my '14 Sierra. I am considering the new Revolver X2 but, since it's just an updated roll-x I would like to know from users of the Roll-X, how do you like your cover? I'm looking for something that's mostly water tight, if a few drops get in after a heavy rain I don't mind but, I don't want several ounces puddling in the truck bed. I really like the look of the roll-x and I don't think you can beat the functionality of a rolling cover for full bed access. Thanks for your feedback! FWIW my other serious contender is an Extang Solid Fold 2.0.
  23. Such a great forum and community. Great job to all the moderators and contributors. I just got my 2014 Silverado a week ago and I love it. My first truck was a 93 Sierra so I'm glad to be back in the Family. I traded an 09 Sierra in for this one. I couldn't be more happy for the upgrade. Loves: - MyLink: I know some members have mentioned it being "laggy" but I'm completely happy with it. It's a computer. In my truck. That tells me the 5 day forecast and brings up Pandora faster than I could do it if I pulled my phone out of my pocket. Pretty incredible. - Driving Feel: From the steering wheel to the power steering to the reduced road noise. It feels quality. - Added Features: Cargo Light, Parking Assist, Back Up Camera, Insane On-Star incorporation. It's truly incredible. DisLikes: - Not even close to having any major ones. - Front Plastic Fascia: This is a full sized V8 Truck. But the ground clearance is so minimal it might have a hard time with some curbs. QUESTION: How necessary is it to keep that on? Will I completely alter MPG or ride if I take it off? - Downward Stance: QUESTION: Has anyone put on a leveling kit they would recommend? I don't need to "jack it up" like I wanted when I was 16. But bringing up the front 1-2 inches would really change the look of it. Possible Purchases: - Tonneau Cover: I want a tri-fold that can come off easy. Would prefer a solid or hard cover but spending anything over $500 is more than I'm willing to do. - Spray-In BedLiner: I'll likely just go with Rhino Lining. - Bed Camping Tent: Because I plan on putting this bad boy to use. Thanks for reading. Any comments would be great.
  24. Well, it's time to get ideas on tonneau covers. My brother has a Roll n Lock, and I have found Retrax in my research. I like the idea of a cover that retracks (sp?), but don't really know the right way to go. I want security, and waterproof. What are your recommendations? Thanks.
  25. I have just purchased a 2016 Colorado- the package came with the manufacturer installed tri-fold tonneau. I need a watertight tonneau that I can have closed with a sport rack for surf boards above the tonneau (boards plus dry luggage). Has anyone heard of a rack that can be installed with the tri-fold tonneau or of another combination of tonneau/rack that allows this? Chev says their racks can't be used with a closed tonneau. I had something worked out for my F-150 but the bed was different, and it isn't going to work out for the Colorado.
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