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Found 23 results

  1. My old F-150 had only the regular USB plugs so I used the slow-charging USB to USB-C cables. Since the charge was so slow, I had a QC 3.0 adapter plugged in the cigarette lighter if I wanted to charge it up quickly but would not be able to use Android Auto. When I saw that my new Silverado has USB-C plugs, I figured it was time to catch up and bought at least ten USB-C to USB-C cables. I also replaced all the USB plugs at home to USB-C. It's 2019, ya know? Now, I can quickly charge my phone with Silverado's USB-C plugs and be on Android Auto at the same time. The regular USB now charges my LED flashlight. I'm glad Chevrolet didn't make it all USB-C, I think the regular USB has a good fifteen more years to go before becoming obsolete. The regular USB can only go up to 2 or 3 watts, while USB-C can deliver up to 100 watts. My phone does up to 36 watts and I'm showing fast charging on my phone which is nice! No more deciding between two cables. If you're not sure why there's USB-C in your truck, now you have your answer. You may need to buy a USB-C to USB-C cable to fully benefit from it.
  2. I have a 2016 LS Tahoe patrol rig and the factory center console has been replaced with a Troy Products console. They did not add the USB media hub and I am trying to figure out how to install one so I can plug in my iPhone for music. I ordered a harness and hub off eBay but cannot figure out where to install it or if it is even what I need. There is a USB connector under the passenger seat but I can not find the correct cable/harness to run it to the USB hub. The top connectors are what is installed, the bottom is the harness I bought. Any help on what I actually need would be appreciated.
  3. I having issues using usb drives. I purchased the first shipment to the dealers. Had issues with the display between the gauges, locking up and turned blank. After the software updates my usb drive does not work anymore. I was using a 32 gig original after the first update to then the display stopped blanking out but the usb stopped reading in either port. The dealers showed me a tech bulitin that stated not all usb will not work, but could not tell me what would. I went down to a 1 gig and it worked until the last update now nothing’s works. Any ideas
  4. Part: GM 13525431, Receptacle Assembly, Multi Media *Jet Black Just posting a thread on here if someone who has a 2019 Silverado with the one USB type B port, you can easily upgrade to a module that has a USB-C, USB-B, and an SD card port very quickly and easily in under 5 minutes. I bought mine from eBay and it ran me $27.19 plus shipping. I bought a trim removal kit on Amazon and used the one circled to pry it from the bottom and when the bottom popped out a bit, I pried it from the left side and it just popped out very quickly. After that, just unplug the old one and plug in the new one. FYI, I also bought the module that just has just the USB-C and USB-B ports (without the SD card port) and I don't believe that one would work since it needs an extra cable to be plugged into and I was searching around and didn't find one -- you probably need a different harness for that one. What I've noticed so far is that Apple CarPlay will pickup my iPhone a bit faster, skip through the songs a bit faster, and it charges my phone a bit faster, as well. I haven't tried the SD card functionality yet but I can hope that it may be a necessary requirement for people that have IOR radios to upgrade to the IOS ones with navigation.
  5. Got my full console from Ebay used in like new condition. I did alot of research to figure out how to wire it so all the functions would work. I.e. wireless phone charger and usb/ cigarette liter ports for the rear passenger. I have a currently have a 22 2.7l Custom that doesn't have the required connection under the front passenger seat. After hours of looking at schematics and testing wires, I managed to hard wire my center console to the fuse box on the passenger side. Wire on the CC harness to Fuse box Both Red/white to F5 (Battery positive) Violet to F20 (Accessory on) Violet/yellow to F23 (Accessory on) BOTH Black to Ground below the Fuse box. The only section I wasn't able to get working yet is the USB in the middle of the console (the one with the map SD card). This one I believe needs to be connected to the radio that has the built in navigation. (once I get one I'll update this post.
  6. Does anyone have access to GM harness schematics? Trying to find the correct harness that goes from the center console to the dash (infotainment system). Installed the center console with storage, cigarette lighters and USB ports and would like to use the factory harness without having to cut and splice. Or does anyone have access to just the plug and I can add my own pins?
  7. Hello, I have a 2020 GMC Sierre Crew Cab with the bench set flip up console. I want to add USB ports inside of it. Any ideas or suggestions?
  8. Hello everyone, I just purchased a used 2018 Chevy Silverado, After doing so research I found that the cup holders in this truck are not removable unlink its earlier models. I am looking for a way to hide the cable that is coming from the inside of the centre console to my phone, that sits in the little rubber holder but I want it to be clean and not have a wire just hanging all over. I have nothing online as to any sort of way to run that cable in such a way that it is hidden. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to accomplish this clean look? Thanks for any input SeekNDstroy2012
  9. Hello everyone. I had such a hard time finding this info that I though I would make an account and share with you all. This is true for my 2016 Yukon Denali, so I assume it's the same for similar models. Here is the formats in order to use the Rear Seat Entertainment: Movie System Information Caution for Using Movie Files . Available resolution: Within 720 x 576 (W x H) pixels. . Frame rate: Less than 30 fps. . Playable movie file: .avi, .mpg, .mp4, .divx, .xvid, .wmv. --The playable movie file may not be played according to the codec format. . Playable codec format: divx, xvid, mpeg-1, mpeg-4 (mpg4, mp42, mp43), wmv9 (wmv3). . Playable Audio format: MP3, AC3, AAC, WMA. . Max video bitrate: - mpeg-1: 8Mbps - mpeg-4 (mpg4, mp42, mp43):4Mbps - wmv9: 3 Mbps - divx 3: 3 Mbps - divx 4/5/6: 4.8 Mbps - xvid: 4.5 Mbps . Max audio bitrate: - mp3: 320 Kbps - wma: 320 Kbps - ac-3: 640 Kbps - aac: 449 Kbps . Movie files to which Digital Right Management (DRM) is applied may not be played.
  10. I have a more uncommon configuration with the folding center console in the middle for a 6th passenger. Apparently, for the 2018 Sierra 1500, this configuration included a 3rd USB port in the glovebox. The glovebox USB port intermittently connects and disconnects when my phone is connected resulting in not being able to consistently use Android Auto apps, listen to anything from my phone, or even use the radio due to the sporadic disconnects and reconnects. My truck's still under warranty, and I keep being told that the glovebox USB port "doesn't support Android Auto" by the dealership, and then that same line is parroted by GM customer service. Does anyone know anything about this or is there a way to get GM customer service to take me seriously and actually do something to help resolve the issue? I've been through multiple new phones, multiple high-quality cables, and the issue is always the same. The ports in the center console work fine, but the one in the glovebox doesn't.
  11. Plugged in a 2 GB USB into the standard radio and it worked, but a 256 GB wouldn't. Can't find any specs in the manual. Does anyone have an idea what the the radio supports.
  12. 2014 Yukon Denali - I’ve copied all my mp3 music tracks to a 16GB USB 2.0 flash drive formatted MS-DOS FAT (FAT32). The flash drive containes 4,800 tracks. Handbook indicates should be able to copy “All Songs” from the USB port in center console to Infotainment’s internal 20GB hard drive and play from there. I am able to go to USB menu, select “record”, select “All Songs”. I’ve left it to work on it’s own but when I return hours later there’s only a couple hundred or so tracks uploaded. Also tried using HD Menu/Record/All Sings but no goodski. Surely there must be a simple batch mode to do this in one fell swoop? Any suggestions? Do folders & subfolders present any upload issues?
  13. As the title suggests the USB music is exhibiting erratic behavior. Sometimes folder view is not available (it is not indexing as the flash drive was not removed). When returning to vehicle and turning on key, the music played will typically be what I was last listening to; sometimes it will randomly play something else. Sometimes it shows “No Media Found” then after a period of time when it does recognize the USB it shows “No Artist Info”. The song title will display but no artist or album title. When this happens there is no sound and adjusting the volume control has no effect. If I press radio the sound works, then pressing media and now the sound works and the song title, artist and album display correctly. 2017 Silverado LT. The USB is Patriot Slate 3.1 256GB NTFS. I have another one which works fine in a 2017 Corvette. The owner’s manual page 203 states USB format FAT16/32 or ex FAT is recognized but NTFS is not. Page 201 states USB 2.0. However, page 27 of the Infotainment manual states that it supports file systems FAT32 and NTFS. So, what to believe? What do you guys think? Anyone have the same or similar issues?
  14. Recently had battery drain drastically on my 2016 1500. Does not want to charge on the battery charger. I can get it to start and, when running, the cruise control doesn't work and the USB ports on the center console don't seem to work; however, the USP port inside the storage area of the console does work. Only thing I had done differently lately is involves messing around with the cruise control, based on reading something in the manual that said that if I held down the cruise control "set" button while in park with the e brake on it would idle at a set RPM. That never happened, but there may be some consistency between doing that and the problems I am having. Any thoughts?
  15. 2017 LTZ with 8" MyLink. Periodically the truck fails to recognize USB devices when I start the truck, including USB flash drives and my phone via Android Auto. If I press the Media button, I see the phone via Bluetooth but I do not see the flash drive. It doesn't matter which USB port I use and the music was playing via the flash drive before I shut off the truck. The Projection button on the radio screen does not change to Android Auto as it would do under normal operation. This will likely be a warranty issue but if anyone's seen it beforehand so I can point the dealer in the right direction that would be helpful. Video
  16. So last night, on my way home, my stock stereo worked as advertised, with the exception of not continuing from the playlist that I was listening to on my way to work. Started heading to work, this afternoon, stereo booted up right where I had left it last night, EXCEPT it was NOT playing. Tried pressing the play arrow, skipping back to the beginning/end of the song, thumbed through the media options ("iPod," "My Media Library," back to "Chris' Music" [my thumb drive], etc), still nothing. It didn't start playing until I switched it to "RADIO," and back to "MEDIA." My other radio related issues have been it randomly rebooting after I had its memory reflashed for backup camera brightness issue, and the rare times where the skips would NOT work (steering wheel NOR on the touch screen on the radio). Has not randomly rebooted since my last service visit, when I said something to my service rep. They may have fixed that, while they were doing my oil and all.
  17. I've had my truck now going on 3 years this past 4th of july, ive been having issues with my USB port and 110v Plug not working tried using new cable for Apple Car Play and still no luck, i called dealership and was told i am out of warranty (of course) and have to pay $199 just for inspection ......... I Dont Think So. Does anyone else have the same issue and solution? Ive already checked fuses and all look good, might i also add that at times my screen goes DARK while the truck is on as well thanks.
  18. I don't know where to begin...I haven't had any OS updates for my iPhone X in over a month, the last software/firmware updates for the truck were done last Fall, so last week...the phone is hooked up via USB & Blutooth. This is normally how I have been hooking up the phone to my truck since I bought my truck over 3 years ago. If I disconnect the USB and run the phone straight Blutooth, music will play through the trucks stereo system. As soon as I hook up the USB cable, the infotainment system will display what song is being played and all related information...but you will only hear the music playing from the ear speaker of the phone. If you unplug the USB cable again, the infotainment system will want you to select the Blutooth media and the song will pick up where it left off when the USB cable was plugged in. Things I've tried... Resetting the phone and the Infotainment system for a fresh sync. Tried a different USB cable and all USB ports in the truck. Checked every setting on the truck and on the iPhone. Anyone got a clue what to do? -TheImpalaMan
  19. I would like to install a custom USB hub for my truck. I am fixing this thing up for camping trips and we will definitely be needing some juice. Can anyone direct me to some products? Truck: 1992 GMC 1500
  20. Hello, Recently purchased a 2016 Sierra. I plugged the ipod in a couple days after and it worked fine. Go back to the audio menu to choose the iPod to play music and see it's no longer in the audio menu. All I see is one option, "AUX". I've tried everything. I turned the iPod on and off, I tried 3 different USB cables which I know work with the lightning power adapters. It disappeared from the audio options. I can however play the iPod on bluetooth but then I have to disconnect my phone, you can't have two devices connected simultaneously. Any help, suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks to all in advance
  21. Yesterday, 11:28pm 2015 3500 WT Crew 4X4 SRW - Going to be upgrading several things and hard wire all my USB stuff. Surprisingly Google research shows nothing on this subject for having been done this way or location. Rather then purchase a hardwire kit with a converter step down box, isn’t there a factory one already in the vehicle for the USB port in the center consule I can tie into and where is the location of it, in the console itself? Other research shows its only a .5 amp and if so, anyone know if the box in the truck is ONLY .5 output or if it has multiple outputs? If not and factory box is only .5 amps, it’s all a waste of time! Need 2.4. Thinking now probaly easier just to install a 12 V outlet directly to battery and use the standard plug-in adapter and hide it under the dash! LOL
  22. Has anyone added USB ports in a 2005 Silverado? I am adding a new head unit and it has several USB cables. I would like to add the jacks like you can find on Amazon, but I would like to locate them where they are easily accessible, but look factory.... I would like to keep both cigarette lighter ports though, so I am trying to figure out a good spot.
  23. If you saw my comment in our Live Review of a 2014 Silverado over the last week, you know that I ran into some issues trying to listen to Bluetooth audio through my phone. I've since confirmed using some diagnostic apps that using multiple devices running Android 4.2.2 and 4.3, only the left channel is played through the MyLink system. What we can't figure out is... why?? Is there anyone else with these new trucks that has tried Bluetooth audio streaming? How is it working for you? Also, what device, OS, and OS version are you running? What version of MyLink is installed on your truck? Here Devices we tried Galaxy S4 running Android 4.2.2 Nexus 7 running Android 4.3 This Silverado was running MyLink software "version" 23174395 and we only heard audio from the left channel Any one with other Android and Apple devices that can try this out and let us know what happens?
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