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Headlight Bulb Replacement : How To?

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2012 GMC Sierra SLE


Just replaced low-beam bulbs with H11 Silverstar Ultras (life expectancy 150 hrs, on back of pkg).

Passenger side:

1) Remove 4 star screws from top of filter box.

2) Pull up on bottom of box to pull it free from 2 grommets in base plate under box, then push box towards driver side. Take note of underside of box and base plate to which it mounts to ease re-installation.

3) Turn upper bulb (for low beams) counter clock-wise @ 1/8 turn and pull out assembly and remove bulb from socket prying up clips on side of socket.

4) Replace bulb and re-install in reverse order.


Driver's side:

1) I had to use long needle nose fishing pliers to be able to grip and turn the bulb socket (counter clock-wise) enough to remove the assembly from the headlight. Took me about 10 minutes, as I was being very careful when reinstalling the bulb assembly into the headlight.


Note: I'll see how long they last as I use DRL 100%. I don't do much night driving, but when I do, I need as much illumination as I can get. Age 60+ (Hold the jokes please ! ) :)


Hope this helps anyone!

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I have a 08 GMC and can access the bulbs from inside of engine compartment. I can't believe the Chevy is any more complicated?



To replace one of these bulbs:

1. Open the hood. See Hood Release on page 5-11

for more information.

2. If you are replacing the bulb on the passenger side

remove the Engine Air Cleaner cover. See Engine

Air Cleaner/Filter on page 5-17 for more information.

3. Reach in and access the bulb sockets from inside

the engine compartment.

4. Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise to remove it

from the headlamp assembly and pull it straight out.

5. Unplug the electrical connector from the old bulb

by releasing the clips on the bulb socket.

6. Replace it with a new bulb socket.

7. Plug in the electrical connector to the new

bulb socket.

8. Reinstall the new bulb socket into the headlamp

assembly and turn it clockwise to secure.

9. Close the hood.


High-Beam Headlamp 9005

Low-Beam Headlamp H11

+1 on this.

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On 3/7/2011 at 7:53 AM, Ianf said:

At $80-100 a pair and a realitively painless install, HIDs are the way to go. In Canada my low beams are my daytime running lights and therefore get 160 to 200 hours use each year. That is beyond the average life expectancy of highend halogens every year! @$25 a pop I will stick with my HIDs, My last set in my old Astro lasted seven years and are still running. The new H11 set in my S'10 Silverado will probably last me the same amount of time. Changing the bulbs may be a tight squeeze, but, if you only have to do it occassionally, it will be a time saver.


(also put LEDs in the interior, rear cab lights, license and backup lights)


What brand did you use? There seems to be so many knock off stuff, I don't want to end up buying some cheap POS. Thanks.

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So it appears that I broke the old bulb and the center piece is still in place and interfering with putting the new bulb on - how do I remove the piece that is still in there?



ETA: Wrong bulb pulled - worked just fine once I found the right bulb to replace - piece of cake thank you.

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So all is well now?

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