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Can Bad Egr Valve Cause High Idle?

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93' Suburban 2WD.


Recently had issues (see my previous posts) with ignition issues and believe I have solved that.


Now that I believe I have that solved, I hear a very high pitched vacuum leak. Have isolated that whistle to the EGR valve...can squeeze the diaphragm from below the valve and whistle goes away...so, assuming EGR is leaking vacuum.


Question is, my burb is idling 1000-1100 rpm or so...smoothly. I am also continuing to get code 35 (Idle Air Control). Can a bad EGR cause these things? high idle/code set 35?

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Sounds about right. Time for a block off plate....If you don't have emissions laws where you are.


If you have a Vac leak, you will either idle high or rough. High idle will cause it to not idle rough for the most part.

Disconnect your Positive batt terminal for 2min to reset codes, pin the EGR valve diaphragm up with a clothes pin or something similar and let it run to see if the code returns.


Or you can pull the vacuum lines off the EGR and just plug them off, and see if your code returns.

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