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Dealer Wants $2,300 - Your Opinion?



2004 Yukon Denali with 115K miles. Front end "growling" noise - kind of like studded tires on pavement.


GM Dealer diagnosis - Bearing Failure in Front Differential. Estimated repair cost is $2,300.


Are there other issues that could be causing this noise? I would appreciate any advice from the experts out there.


Great site! Thanks.

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$2300 sounds like they're putting a new differential in instead of putting new bearings in your current one.


Find a trans shop around your area and see how much a rebuilt would be... you'll probably get all new bearings and seals for less than a grand.


Idler and pitman arms are not related to the growling noise.


Without hearing the noise for ourselves and poking around, its virtually impossible for us to diagnose it. It could be wheel bearings, axle bearings, carrier bearings, pinion bearings or even something within the T-case. I'd bring it somewhere other than the dealer IMO.

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03-04 GM with the AWD are known to have bad carrier bearings from the factory..at 115k you are lucky

it lasted as long as it did. my 03 SS front carrier bearings were bad at 190 mi. i picked it up new. had it repaired, still bad, they replaced the hole unit with one right off the assembly line, and it was bad also.

a sub contractor screwed up a HOLE bunch of carrier that got put in before it was caught. est. 25,000

but i'm still fighting GM over the low speed growl when turning. also GM stopped making the case in 05, so any repairs will have to be done on the case you have, or out of a junk yard. there is a few CO. that will ship you a new front diff. but it is someones else core..


good luck



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Y'all are awesome. Thanks for the fast responses.


The Denali is AWD all the time. Could this feature possibly account for the high repair estimate?


And no, I don't plan to have the dealer do the repair. They were a convenient stop and at least I now know worst case cost, huh?!


Enjoy the site. Lots of good folks here.

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My 01 silverado z71 had a similar issue but the noise was coming from the rear end. Dealer quoted $615 to replace the rear differential carrier bearings. I did it myself for $125 which included new bearings, fluid and labor by carquest. I removed the carrier assembly, took it to carquest and they pressed off old bearings and put new bearings on. No gear and pinion re-set up was required, just bolted carrier back in and new fluid. Noise is gone.

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