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6l80/6l90 Transmission In Gmt800

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As I plan to wrap up the first 6L80e conversion on a GMT360 Trailblazer next week, I figured... hmmm... maybe the GMT800 guys would be interested in a bolt in kit that allows them to keep their cruise control also.


I know Speartech has a wire harness and ECM system for the platform, but I'm talking a total bolt in kit and you can keep your cruise control complete with new harness/ECM.


I'm not sure what all comes and doesn't come with the present kits on the market, but I believe we have cracked the code on how to get make late model GM vehicle (technically ANY vehicle) run with the 6L80E/6L90E computer system.


This project would have been done already had we not had the difficult issue of having to make a custom transmission to transfer case adapter and transfer case input shaft. Fortunately for you guys, I believe that these components are already available from GM, severely reducing projected costs and lead times.


The following are among the "stickies" that we are addressing/have addressed and plan to made available in the total package and/or a la carte.


Utility Features:

-Use of factory cruise control

-Variable Valve Timing

-Tap up/down shifting

-ECM managed boost control.


Conversion Hardware:

-24X LS-motor retro fit kit WITHOUT having to pull the motor/crank (SBC/BBC systems to follow)

-Fully inclusive wiring harness

-All hardware to retro fit RWD or 4WD trucks

-Shift linkage relocation to keep Neutral Safety Switch/Reverse Lighting features


Because the initial design approach was to make this universally applicable, we are now considering expanding the market

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