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Sunroofs, Any one else have trouble with them as of late?

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Making my 2nd to the dealer for a leaking sun roof. First time it was leaking down the front drivers side piller. Took it in an the drain tube wasnt hooked up dooh. They re hooked it and on my way.

Last night we got some good rain and this morning i find my seat abit wet and the middle piller between the drivers door an ext door wet. Same side as before but now the back instead of the front.

Hoping for another easy fix and hopefully the last time for it!


Just a little rant :)


BTW truck is a 011 ext cab, and a little over a month old

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NO issues with this one. I had a 2002 Bonneville and it had the drain tubs disconnect from it an leaked in the car too. I fixed this myself because that car was out of warranty for it. What I found was that GM did not have any kind of clamp on the tube and my best guess is the tubing got soft over the years and fell off. I put a clamp on it and never had an issue after doing so. I wonder what the dealer did for your fix, other than just re-connecting the tube. Good luck with it.

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