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Removing chevy rear bowtie

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I want to remove the rear bowtie from my 08 Silverado. I know how the debadging process works (fishing line, heat gun, goo gone) but I was just wondering if the process would be any different for the rear bowtie? I think I read somewhere that there are two "pin" type things that stick out of the tailgate to hold on the bowtie, and I sure as hell don't want those sticking out if I decide to remove it. Is there any truth to that?


Any advice/input is appreciated :)

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Nah there's nothing sticking out from the tailgate. There are two pins sticking out of the back of the bowtie if I remember correctly. While you're stringing the fishing line behind the bowtie you'll reach a point where you can't go any further. You'll just have to start again from the other side until you meet in the middle. I'm pretty sure this is how it was. I can't remember 100%. I do know there is nothing coming off the tailgate though. Also I was told not to use goo gone. I was told it could take off the clear coat. I used 3M addhesive remover. Works really well.

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there are no holes or pins from any of them I have ever taken off. Its just double sided tape



Yeah you're right. Now that you say that I remember there's nothing but the double side tape.

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I actually just got done removing mine and installing my black billet bow tie. Like the other guys said, there is nothing behind the emblem but adhesive tape. Heated it up a little, took some fishing line down the thin part of the left and right side, and was able to pull it right off. With some fingernail work and 3M adhesive remover, it took me about 15 mins to get it off and cleaned up.

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