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97 K1500 Front End Noise

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I just cant seem to find what this noise is. It only does it when you first get in and drive the truck. If you make a sharp turn to back out of the drive or out of a parking spot. It sounds like there is a part moving and its dry, causing friction but after that first initial turn and then return to center it doesnt do it again till the truck sits for a while. The pump resevoir is good, it doesnt whine or leak that I can tell. Any ideas?

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just a guess. But you may have a burnt up hub. When the wheel is turned it loads the hub causing a metal grinding sound... you could always jack the front, pull the tires and turn your hubs by hand. It should be buttery smooth, if not, the hub could be toast.


I've roasted a hub, and it was so bad it felt like it had gravel in it for bearings.

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Sounds like a clunk. The only thing I can think of that would do this is a cv half shaft, or possibly a bad ball joint... although I've never hear a ball joint thunk, they just get sloppy.



I just can't imagine what else that is...


Anyway, I'd jack that front and check the control arms and ball joints for slop. But I'm still leaning toward the CV half shaft. One or all of these is going bad.

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