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2011 3500 HD oil pressure

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I bought a 2011 3500 HD DRW for work last summer and i can't help but notice the oil pressure gauge and how the truck idles right at start up.

The oil pressure at a cold start is right at 40 although after it warms up its sitting at around 30. Now at 3000 rpm it jumps to about 50. How does this compare to what you guys are seeing?

Also since it got colder when i first start my truck it idles real rough for like 3 seconds like a drag car although it never stalls. Do any of you guys experience the same thing?

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How many miles? I just bought an '07 6.0 with 190K and the gauge reads about the same except when hot it shows 20 psi at idle. And my temp gauge is at 210 when warmed up which seems high but when I plugged in a scan tool it showed 195 from the sensor, so the gauges may be off a bit.

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My 2012 6.0 has less than 1000 miles on it and oil pressure range is about as the OP described. Also warms right up to 210F and stays there. I have not noticed any rough idle when cold - starts right up and high idles smoothly for a few seconds then drops to normal idle speed, however we have had almost no temps below mid 40's here since I took delivery of it. Note that something is likely wrong if the idle when cold is as rough as the OP indicated.

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