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Camper Mirrors and hd grill..still confused

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I ran into mixed reviews when I made the change on my 1500 and am running into the same thing with the 2500.


I have an SLE which has regular, non signal mirrors with heat and power. I want to put camper mirrors on the truck and keep power, add signal and possibly keep heat (not worried about this has much). This should be plug and play like the 1500 was correct? On the 1500 I didn't have the power fold, which I didn't need and the approach light..again don't need. Will I be able to maintain the camper mirrors with signals, power and heat without switching interior switches?


Also, as I remember the Denali has a 4 bar chrome grille and the slt has a 3 bar chrome with the SLE having a black 3 bar. I've read a few things on the web that make me believe the SLE's grille is my black one with a chrome overlay? Is this true? It should be an easy upgrade? Should just have to buy the overlay? If I have to update the entire grille I would go wih a Denali on(4 bar) which should work with my truck correct? This would have to be a full replacement though correct?


Sorry, this has probably been posted 100 times before but none of my searches were bringing anything back.

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