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vehicles you have owned pros and cons


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so which have you owned and what were your like and dislikes here mine.


here is my list


1975 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme 260 v8 slow impossible to keep the windows from fogging up in bad weather.


1967 OLDSMOBILE delta 88 custom 425 v8 huge boat but fun to drive was a collector’s when I had it.


1968 Oldsmobile cutlass S 330 v8 2 speed auto fun and fast car , was an collector’s item when I got it, made it faster by build my own 455 v8 and 400 turbo 3 speed tranny in it.


1974 Oldsmobile delta 88 455 v8 boat bought to keep my 68 off winter roads ended up building the engine and putting it in the 68.


1980 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme v8 260 ran forever almost 200,000 when I sold it bought to keep the miles off 68 nice handling and looks


1985 ford escort 4 or 5 speed wife car unbelievable mph out of first gear good gas mileage.


1982 Chevy citation bought to keep miles off 68.


1986 Subaru bought to keep miles off 68 and save gas $


1989 Dodge shadow wife’s car something always was going wrong with it first and last dodge


1993 Chevy cavalier 5 speed bought in 93 to keep miles off 68 first newer vehicle ever owned nice car great mpg.


1993 Ford f150 5.0 v8 auto supercab 4x4 XL 8 foot box very long truck poor back seat very reliable truck rusting at 5 years old..


1992 Eagle summit wagon wife’s car good for starting family no problems.

1996 Chevy ck 1500 silverado extended cab 4x4 5.7 5speed loved this truck one of my favorites just got tired of shifting.


1998 Chevy Malibu base 2.4 nice car good power from a 4 cylinder heated/ac would always flash back and forth between recalculate and fresh air couldn’t stop it very annoying very nice riding car.


1999 Chevy Silverado LS 2500 extended cab 4x4 6.0 nice truck best interior of any truck I have owned worst mpg of any vehicle I ever owned exhaust bolts were rotting off unacceptable to me.


2002 Ford focus wife’s car ok at best I hated it but she liked it.


1998 Pontiac firebird 5.7 auto very fun and fast car t top my new toy after selling the 68 to buy our house.


2005 Chevy Malibu maxx LS 3.5 wife’s car she loved it best mpg ever and she loves hatchbacks for easy loading.


2006 Chevy Malibu LT2 3.5 nice car no problems lacking infotainment system, these 3.5 engine I think were some of the best ever made both our cars could reach close to 40 mpg on trips and have 30 plus on average this is not the same 3.5 that is in the impalas.


2007 GMC sierra SLE2 5.3 extended cab 4x4 new body very nice truck worst interior I have had in a vehicle it is like a lint magnet, otherwise it might be my favorite truck.


2008 Toyota rav4 2.4 wife’s car ok at best she is ok with it, I think it is one of the worst vehicles we have owned time will tell. Very rough ride worse than my 2500 truck mushy breaks, very touchy accelerator.


2000 Chevy Malibu bought for my daughter 3.1 LS nice car smooth ride better riding than both of the 05 and 06 Malibu’s nice visibility only one thing against it the 3.1 yes it knocks like crazy until warm GM never after all the years this engine was in service fix it unbelievable.


2011 Chevy Malibu LT2 3.6 ,6 speed auto just got it so far love it all except the 18” wheels for one these big wheels only worsen the ride and they are plastic. If this one stays reliable for me it may be one of my favorites. I believe with 16” tires this one would ride nicer than my daughters, the way it sits it is close but the 2000 is still smoother.

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2005 silverado short box , reg cab, 5spd,2wd, upgraded cloth seats,cruze,duel climate.


Pros good milage, comfortable seats , decent torque at low rpm, paint is still great, good little work truck to carry fire wood , atvs or trailer and atvs. Truck drives nice on the high way .


Cons gear ratio is to low . First gear should be slower and reverse gear is to fast.


was trying to put a pic up but camera memory card does not fit in my comp :(

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Every vehicle I've owned has been a GM product and here's a few of them.

1981 Pontiac TA 4.9 turbo V8.

Pros- Black and Gold an awesome looking combo, especially with the big firechicken on the hood, T-tops and girls loved it. Cons- horrible in winter and might be the worst V8 ever made.


1984 Camaro 5.0 HO.

Pros- again black and gold great combo, fairly quick for a 305, started no matter how cold in winter. Cons- pretty cheaply made, I've bought soup cans with stronger steel in them.


1999 Silverado 5.3l

Pros- nice looking blue and silver paint, interior very durable, put together well, never creaked or groaned in the 5 years I owned it. Cons- had an electrical gremlin that never got figured out, locks would lock and unlock randomly once and a while but thats about it, might be my favorite truck yet.


2004 silverado 5.3L

Pros- My first new truck, could go through mud and snow better than any other I've owned. Cons- Still don't like the looks of the front end, paint on alot of the radio buttons was wearing off.


2009 GMC Sierra AT 6.0L

Pros- its black, Good power, tows my camper easily, nice interior, love the body style, love the heated seats. Cons- Body might be made of aluminum foil, not the best gas mileage,power locks going to hell.


Overall all my GM products have been pretty impressive, no drivetrain problems what so ever, only costs have been maintenance items



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1990 Silverado. Cons- brakes suck, used to always need work. Burns oil. Not a ton of power. Rusty. 10-11 MPG. Pros- reliable, always starts. Rides better than most new vehicles. 4:10 gears. Will go anywhere, and then further once it's in four wheel drive. Sounds awesome.


2006 Silverado. Cons- rattle in dash, radio forgets time occasionally, and the CD changer messes up every other time you change tracks. No cabin air filter, hence keeping interior clean is a nightmare. Pros- has decent power, decent ride, great to drive. Runs like a top. Pretty good mileage. Good speakers, auto A/C. Pulls well. Looks pretty good, it manages to remind me of the old K sometimes, which is the best you can give any truck I think. :thumbs:

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1968 Chevelle Malibu 4-door with a V8 - 307 in it. I was 18 and it was my first car I could afford for $300.00 and it did its job. It had over 100,000 miles on it and back then, that was a lot of miles. It used a quart of oil every 300 miles.


1964 Chevelle Malibu SS hard top. Around 1978 my brother sold my 68 without my permission and so he gave me his old Chevelle that was rotting away in his backyard. I fixed the car up and restored it. Used to cruise on Friday and Sat nights with friends. Wish I still had it, it would be worth a fortune now.


1973 Pontiac Ventura. This was given to me after my dad died. It had 20,000 miles on it. He bought a new Pontiac every year since 1958. This was his last car. It had the 350 V8 and the turbo 350 tranny. Man that car would peel rubber anytime, anywhere. Loved that car. I kept if for about 15 years and had it specially appraised for insurance purposes and finally sold it in 1990 with 186,000 miles with the original engine and tranny. It did not use or leak anything. Wish I didn't sell it. Last time I saw it, it was trashed. You couldn't give it to me. Really sad to see what people do with cars.


1983 GMC S-15 V-6 2.8Liter short bed. I put over 450,000 miles on this truck. It was guttless but got 24mpg. It couldn't move out of its own way, but it got me around, and I learned to live with it. It had the 3/4 ton package and it would haul 1800 pounds in the bed and was the best most dependable vehicle I have owned. Easy to work on and had over 200,000 miles on it before it finally broke down and I realized that it could break down. Went through 3 engines due to crappy rebuilds and 3 transmission rebuilds. That 700R4 wasn't the best transmission. I didn't like the rope seal design on the V6 and it was too hard to just fix the rope seal leak without pulling the engine completly out. At one point the engine leaked a quart of oil every 30 miles. I used straight 60 wt oil in it and it still leaked just as bad. Lesson learned. I still loved that truck.


2001 Chevy Silverado base model reg cab, short bed, V6, std trans. This truck was crap!. The front left side sagged. Looking from the rear you would think it was parked in a pot hole. Chevy tried to fix it several times, but the left front fender was still 1 inch lower than the right side. Never could get it fixed right. Tranny sucked. If you didn't drive it for more than 3 days, you had a heck of a time getting it into reverse. Then you had a heck of a time getting it into 1st. With only 10,000 miles on the truck the dealer still couldn't find anything wrong with it. I got stuck several times in traffic because I couldn't get the truck into 1st at a stop sign or signal. After it was driven 20 miles then it would be ok, but cold, you would be stuck.


2002 Chevy Silverado base model plus(had extra chrome, carpet, Automatic trans, etc.) reg cab, short bed, V6 and Automatic trans. Wonderful truck. I really liked it and had no problems. I loved the way it rode and liked being higher up to see over other vehicles. Sold it with 40,000 miles on it to buy a more fuel efficent vehicle. The color was Indigo Blue. I love that color.


2006 Honda Civic Coupe LX. Loved this car. Great gas mileage 38mpg. Very smooth engine and pleanty of power. At 65 -70 if you floored it, you would be doing 90 in no time. Sold it cause I missed the superior ride of the Silverado. I put 72,000 miles on that car in 2 1/2 years.


2009 Siverado LT Ext. Cab. V8, 4 sp Auto Trans. This has got to be the ultimate truck for me. I LOVE this truck. It has so many options on it that some are not available on todays trucks unless you get the LTZ model. This truck was loaded from the factory. Even the rear end is not available as an option now unless you buy either the cheapest Silverado with the V6 or else the 3500HD. The only thing I wish I could have gotten was a GPS, but I didn't want to pay for the updates every year so I opted to use my portable garmin. This truck has lots of chrome and even though it is white, I think it looks great. It has lots of power, and I love to hear that tone of the V8 when I step on the gas. The only thing that keeps me from driving it more is the gas prices. I ride my Honda Goldwing most of the time so in the summer months, I leave the truck parked with the battery tender on it. I currently put about 6 - 8,000 miles a year on it.


I don't plan on buying another vehicle, I am going to be 54 this year, and this truck should last me at least 20+ years so I guess it will be my last truck unless I get a hair up my butt to buy a Camero or win the lottery and buy a Vette or something. Since I take real good care of my vehicles, when I am gone, someone is going to get a really nice low mileage old truck.

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Here you go in order of ownership:


1988 S-10...First vehicle that was all mine. It did everything I needed it to do. It was a reg cab, 2.5L, 5 sp manual. Never had an unusual problem with it. It was sparse, unrefined, and under powered. Lots of memories in this one.


1987 Camaro....Sport Coupe V8 T-Tops. My favorite car of all time. Never had any problems.


1996 Taurus....No problems, but it was a Taurus...ugly, but comfortable.


2004 Colorado Z71 Crew Cab...Loved this truck. Probably my favorite truck I've owned. I still think this is a good looking truck. Never had any problems. If there was one thing it was in need of more power.


2001 Camaro SS Convertible...Nothing like the open air and power! No problems ouside a power window motor and trim on same window.


2006 Silverado Ext. Cab Z71...No problems at all. Very reliable and dependable. No stand outs in likes or dislikes.


2007 Silverado Crew Cab Z71...Loved the truck, but had rear seal leak. Got rid of it.


2009 Hummer H3...Surprisingly uber capable off road. Had a lot of fun and it was comfortable. Had no problems, but it did need more power.


2010 Camaro SS...Fun, fun, fun. Had an issue with rear axle that was quickly fixed. Liked pretty much everything about it.


2011 Silverado Z71 Crew Cab LTZ...Fully loaded with all amenities. I like the luxury. I had a lot of problems with the stabilitrack. It took 5 trips to the dealer to get if fixed. No more issues so far.


What's next? Maybe a new Camaro ZL1 and/or 2014 Silverado.

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1976 Pontiac Firebird Formula- 350/350 combo. Pro- looked awesome con- never drove it. i was 14. i sold it at 16

1989 Chevrolet S10- 2.5L 5 speed work truck. regular cab, short bed. Pros- it would take a beating, torquey lil four cyl. easy to park. managed to drive over 10 miles to get me home after it threw a rod Cons- no power steering.

1992 Acura Integra- 4 door, 1.8L 5 speed Pros- ran like a raped ape Cons- liked to overheat

2004 GMC Sierra 1500- 4.8L auto Pros-easy to work on, love the ride, it can take a beating Cons- the standard GMT-800 issues

1991 Chevrolet Corvette- 350 TPI 6 speed Pros- women loved it. Cons- liked to overheat in traffic, and a pain in the ass to get out of. didnt own long

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'75 Trans Am

Pros Looks awesom, very fast ( ok it's not stock ) red with bird on hood, shaker hood

Cons. Gas mileage sucks, could use 5 speed instead of 4 speed trans.


'04 Gmc Sierra slt ext cab

Pros. The heated seats are the best I ever had, looks great ( hated the front of the Chevy in '04 ) never had a problem with it.

Cons. Can't think of anything


'03 Mercedes cl55amg

Pros. Looks, massage seats, very fast, super charger sounded good.


Cons. Way over priced, nav system sucked.

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1996 buick lesabre custom

Pros- roomy, rode like a dream, incredibly comfortable, old school dash/interior, perfect for sound systems, 3800 series 2 v6 is an awesome engine

Cons- rusted way to quick and easy


2006 gmc sierra sle crew cab

Pros- roomy, great ride, awesome interior, bucket seats, large center console, engine bay has lots of room, came with great sound system

Cons- no room under rear seats for anything, the lame gm truck knock

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1995 S-10: Pros - 4.3L V6 (great little engine), great mileage in both city and highway, sounded great with exhaust, all around very solid truck.

Cons - 5-speed got old espcially in traffic, single cab, manual everything, towing/payload capacity, seemed to drink coolant with no visible leaks, 2wd, cloth, not very fast or overly powerful.


Even with all the cons, I still loved that truck and sometimes wished I had never sold it and kept it. Even though I started to hate the manual, sometimes I wished I still had it when I wanted to drive a manual.


2008 Silverado: Pros - V8, Crew Cab, 4wd, automatic, good mileage, rides great, love pretty much everything about it.

Cons - random rattle in dash

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heres a truck i inherited i didnt have it long couldnt afford to keep it because diesel sky rocketed. i loved the truck. ran great. 2002 F350 dually 2wd



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65 Corvair - great winter car, too small for my taste.

69 Pontiac Grand Prix 428 HO - Best car ever, plan to restore one. Inherent spark knock problems that couldn't be solved, eventually I just gave up and ignored it, never cause an engine failure.

70 Pontiac Grand Prix 400 - Better gas mileage than the 428. Drove it for 17 years. Con - less power.

98 Buick Roadmaster LT1 engine- probably the best highway cruiser ever. Embarrassed more than one Ricer.

98 K1500 - Horrible/dangerous brake design. Rear brake lines rusted out after 6 years.

02 Yukon - lot of room, marginal handling, Transmission failed at 12K, again at about 20K.

09 Challenger SRT - lot of fun, feels like 1969 again. Gas mileage 17.5 which is good considering how I drive it.

10 Jeep GC SRT - It is a rampaging beast. I don't know why they built such a thing but I'm glad they did. Less room than the Yukon

11 Sierra - Great brakes, MPG and good handling. Decontenting PO's me though.

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