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Interior door handle broke and cant find part number..

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Truck- 2008 1500 LT 5.3L


Well the drivers side interior handle no longer opens the door, I have to reach outside the window and open it. So tonight I took off the door panel to see what came off/ broke and the metal part on the handle that the cable hooks to broke.


I searched gmpartsdirect and the only thing that I could find, was number 12 on the diagram and of course there is no price listed and it says "Part included with door trim panel." does that mean I need to buy and whole new door panel for $300+ just to get the handle it self?




Here is the link so its easier to understand what I am saying.



Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Your best bet here is to just go to the dealer's parts department and show them, or email pictures to gmpd. Word to the wise, gmpd is pretty damn expensive, even though they are "discounted" from msrp.


Your link doesn't work. See if you can find the part on rockauto.com.

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shop local and actually look at a dealers parts screen and just order what you want .....



the god dammed internet is causing thoughts like this ,order shit on the internet and not just go buy it locally ,,to much couch shopping IMO


rant off ,no offence please

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Thank you!


I was planning on heading to the dealer tomm am to see what they can do for me as far as the part goes, I was mainly looking for a part number to bring with me just to make the search easier and the whole trip faster. Once I saw that gmpd didnt list the part seperate is when I figured I would ask on here just to see if anyone had experience with it... As far as price goes, im not that worried about it, it cant cost much just for the handle (which I did see is removable) and I cant see there being much of a price difference between different vendors.


Sorry for the link no worky, I guess I should have checked it before I posted.

govtech- no worries, none taken!

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If you've got chrome interior handles, tell them the chrome is peeling and they will replace them under warranty until 100,000 miles.

There is a TSB out for this problem. I just had all 4 of mine changed, they would cut my fingers if I grabbed them wrong.

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I got it, went to dealer and paid right around $30 after tax and all.. Guy at the parts counter did say I was lucky to find that piece seperate because there are quite a few vehicles that you are required to buy the whole panel.


Adamjeeps- I have black handles not the chrome so thats 1 reason I couldnt do that and 2nd is my truck has just over 120K on the odo so im a little out of warranty haha thank you though.

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Well... I was wrong, the part that was ordered turned out to only be the plastic piece of the handle that you grab to pull it. Turns out I need to order a whole new door panel to get a new handle which is over $500 from the stealership. In the meantime while I search for a cheaper solution, here is a picture of my temporary fix. All I did was route the cable through the door panel ziptied it in place and then used another zip tie as a handle to pull the cable... Openeing the window to get out was not only getting old quick but it wasnt safe if I needed to get out in a hurry.



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BlackZZ71- your link didnt work..


When I was at the dealer we were looking at the diagram and the part that looked to be the one I needed came up as part of the door panel assy.

I just looked again, and the door handle parts it lists say "PARTS: Part included with door trim panel." It does show the part to have a number I belive it being #4 but no price or anything for it. #11 looks to be the part that I ordered before which was just the plactic piece to cover the metal lever. Not what I needed by anymeans haha oops..


Is this what you were referring too, or am I missing something?



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