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Mountain biker considering buying a new Suburban -- have question

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I'm considering buying a new Suburban, but first need to know if I can fit my usual cargo in the trunk.


Usually, it's 3 people in the truck (inc the driver), but also need to take 2 mountain bikes and a large dog crate / kennel along. I'm willing to remove the 3rd seat, and perhaps fold one of the 2nd row seats, but bikes need to travel up-right, without removing the wheels or lowering the seat posts. Although the bikes are size small (16" to 17" frame), I'm concerned that they will not fit in the trunk because of them been too high.


Maybe I would be better served with a full sized van, like the Savana?


Thanks for reading!

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Get a receiver hitch bike rack and your problem is solved. if you are worried about security get a cable and lock them to the receiver. I do it all the time. the only vehicle I could find to put the bikes inside with both wheels and standing up is a Honda Element. I had a Element SC before I bought my Sierra and it was awesome for that purpose.

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