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Transmission dip stick broke?!?!?

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OK its a 2010 ext cab, Z71, 5.3 4X4 with 6 speed automatic. I'm working away from home so I got the transmission fluid filter done on the road. When they went to pull the dip stick out the tube came out with it. They said it was broken half way down. They said it had rust around the break. To be honest I remebered checking it once or twice shortly after i got it so I haven't checked it in quite a while. Is this a common problem? Got a dip stick for sale?




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I forgot to mention it was the tube and not the dip stick it self. The dealer had one in La Quinta, and I found a cool shady spot with grass, not an easy thing to do out here. The tube was $15 and the gromit was $5. Replaced it in 20 minutes.I could have tried and warrantied it but I need my truck for work and a few hours with out work is way more than the $20. I didn't want to risk sand getting into it either. The replacement one looks exactly like the old one so I guess it will break too? I'll take a pic and send it to the dealer. There was slight surface rust, and south west rust is not like south east rust.


Another thing I noticed, near where the dip stick goes in to the transmission there looks like a cable connector. I couldn't see a mate for it and it looked dirty like it wasn't pluged in to anything for a while. If it was supposed to be plugged in I would have more issues.


Thanks to all who answered.

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