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Carrier bearing and u-joints

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I have a 2003 Sierra with the two-piece driveshaft. I've had a little clunk when accelerating so I was going to grease the splines. Noticed my carrier bearing had some play, maybe 1/4-3/8" . From what I have read, it is normal to have some play in the rubber. I now have both driveshafts out and all u-joints and carrier bearing seem smooth. The truck has about 135,000 and no vibration when driving down the road.


Should I bother replacing anything or just grease things and put them back together?

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The carrier bearing has to be able to move in and out with the movement of the rear axle. Otherwise it would bind up the rear section of the shaft over bumps or when loaded. As long as the bearing is quiet and not causing problems I would not be concerned.

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The bearing and u-joints seem tight and smooth. I guess I will just put it back together and grease things up. I would have to take the shafts to the shop to change the parts out and really don't want to pay for that now if I don't have to.

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Just did this yesterday. I greased the splines with moble 1 . I noticed the splines have a blue coating to reduce binding. Im not sure if that is factory or if it was done when I sent it out for u-joints, carrier bearing and to be rebalanced. I still have the clunk though. I wouldnt even describe it as a "clunk" (the streering column rattle is more like a clunking) more like a "jolt". Its not really that bad on my truck so I can deal with it. Ill probably grease it again in a few months or maybe six.

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