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Remotes - 2007 Sierra NBS

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I bought a 2007 GMC Sierra NBS for $3,500 in 2009.

Truck was missing parts, fire in the back seat area...

Three years later I am still working on it...


I know my GM came with remotes for the alarm, doors and auto start.

I purchased 3 remotes and tried to program them and cannot do it.


Took it to a local body shop to do some stuff and they were unable to program them. I was told the BCM needed to be updated and this would fix, however the BCM was at the most recient revision. The body shop replaced the bcm with one from the local gm dealer and this did not help or fix the problem.


I get to the relearn remote and press the check and nothing happens.

Still cannot program the remotes. I have one remote I bought from the dealership and two others. Still cannot get them programed.


What was done to the truck? Replaced all air bags, SDM (think that's the name) was reset) body wiring harnesses (if it was a wiring harness and in the cab it was replaced except rear doors and pedal/brake wiring) replaced, new boss stereo, air conditioning controls, leather, radiator, side mirrors, console programmed and inside cosmetics...


Anything I else I can do or do I just bite the bullet and take it in? Is there anything I could be missing?

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