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Truck door lock punched today, how easy to repair?

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05 sierra 1/2 ton


Damn truck was broken into while golfing today. Drivers side cylinder is rattling around the inside of my door somewhere. Can I simply buy another lock cylinder from the dealer and install this myself? Can I assume that I need to get that cylinder keyed alike to my existing keys?


The plastic door handle part itself isnt damaged, but Im not sure of the part where the cylinder attaches to from the inside is broken or not :(


Any thoughts...?


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Same thing happened to me a few years back - I did all the repairs myself.


You just have to buy a new door handle assembly - and you'll probably be able to use the old lock... if not, you'll have to buy a replacment for that as well.


I recommend getting a set of Jimmy Jammers to prevent it from happening again - I ended up putting them in both the front and rear doors as you can pop the door handles out if even if there is no keyhole.

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