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Brembo Rear Brake drums 13" 82 - Current GMC/Chev 2500/3500

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I have a pair of 13" rear drums brand new in box from Brembo, part # W0133-1618675 They fit only 2.5" rear shoes 8600 GVW, with 10.5" ring gear, please keep this in mind (I bought the wrong ones not realizing this, my truck has a 9.5" ring gear, which is why I have and am selling these). I believe the difference may be if you have a full floating rear axle you need these drums.


Anyway I am asking $100 for the pair, local pickup preferred. They are located in Freeport, Long Island, NY.


I will ship them but I will warn you now they are almost 50 lbs each which means it will cost almost $80 to ship approximately, so consider this additional cost.

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