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07 brake shoe removal/ wheel cylinder

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I'm in need of a little help. I've got a 07 Sierra NBS reg cab standard bed 60 or so K on it. I've noticed over the past month or so it seams to be pushing while I brake, I did new rotors and pads up front this past October with no big issues. I figure I can tackle the rear drums now, new shoes should solve the problem, I've been driving in the city allot so I can justify new rear brakes. I took care of the 02 Sierra last summer brakes all the way around and in the past tore apart the full size Jimmy's brakes more than once with no problem. This time its a little different story. The drums look good, they don't need to be replaced, this is good. The Shoes even look ok, but I already bought new ones so why tear into it next year or in the winter and potentially have to replace more. I looked in to it and even drove (with the 02) to 4-5 different stores to try to find the right tool to pull the spring off, no one had it, not surprised. I figure and heard that you can do it without. So I tried, and just gave myself more work. As I was pulling/yanking/muscling to get the second shoe on (they came off smoothly) the first slipped off. I try to fix that one and slipped, I think. It happened so fast! The only thing I hear is the wheel cylinder pop its seal and fluid hit the floor. Awwwesommme!!!!!


My question is now what? Do I replace the wheel cylinder on Monday? Clean the parts and reassemble today? The boot and spring/parts look good, I just got pushed out. I have to bleed the brakes no matter what now. I was even thinking of flushing them all because it's been so hot in New England this summer. Any thoughts would be great. Also would anybody know of a place that might sell the single spring removal tool around Boston Ma, so I don't make a mess of the other side and to avoid having to wait with shipping if I order it.


Thanks in advance and sorry for the length/rant



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