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New plugs, wires now knock sensor codes

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2003 GMC C4500 Medium Duty truck 100,000 miles


Not running bad when I took it in for new plugs and wires.

Next day runs like crap barely acclerates to get on interstate spitting and sputtering under accleration.


Now it throws knock sensor codes.


Any relation between the plugs, wires and the knock sensor codes?

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I am no expert, but I think the two are probably directly related. I would consider posting in the "ask the GM tech" forum. I think it has to do with spark size related to the spark plug gap. Did they put in oem plugs? Did they check the gap or just drop them in? Sorry I can't better answer your question, but rest assured somebody will, either here or in the tech forum.

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* what kind of spark plugs and wires, did you / they install ?

* if those plugs were OEM did you gap them ? you should not

* spark plug wires not install correctly (dis·lodge)


you have knock sensor code due to cylinder missfiring :rolleyes:

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