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Help with getting some new tires for my truck


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Hey folks


Requesting some help from the more knowledgeable folks here.


First here are the specs for my truck:

08 LMM Crew Cab Long Bed z71 4x4 LTZ Mechanically stock

Original factory tires and size LT 265 / 70 / R17 Load range E Bridgestone Duravis M700


Would like to know if a LT 285 / 70 / R17 load range E will fit w/o rubbing and w/o a lift?

As I do not have the money for a Lift and my truck is plenty high enough for my use / needs.


I tow a horse trailer that is approx 5-6k and I have to take my truck into the fields to get the horses.


I am also looking to get some suggestions for All Terrain tires and must be a load range E.

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With your truck being a 2500HD you might be able to fit 285/70/17 tires on it with stock wheels. But if not you can turn up your torsion bars a little to give you just enought clearance you need to clear the tires. For tires it would all depend on how aggessive you want the tires. I would recommend Nitto Terra Grappers or BFG all terrian KO's.

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