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1996 Chevrolet k1500 4x4 automatic with 5.7 misfire mystery

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I rarely post for help on a forum..................but I am at the end of my rope.


Multiple random misfires on random cylinders.


I have installed new:

Cam Position Sensor

Crank Position Sensor

Distributor cap and rotor

Spark Plugs (ACDelco)

Spark plug wires (BWD)

2 new catalytic converters

All O2 sensors (4)

Fuel pump and sending unit (complete assembly)

Fuel filter

MAF sensor

Air temp sensor

Coolant Temp Sender


I haven't had the truck long.....not even long enough to get inspection and tags. I drove it for 70 miles Friday afternoon without incident.....later that evening the misfiring started.


Seems like it is losing current....the reason I say this is because without disconnecting the battery the clock on the radio resets randomly. I have wire brushed the battery terminals and wires....and put in new terminal bolts.



Current codes are (had these codes prior to Coolant Temp Sensor change, which is why I changed it):

P0118 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor High Input (scan tool reports the engine temp at 180F)

P1115 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Circuit Intermittent High Voltage


I will add that before the temp sensor change the inside gauge showed about 150F and now it shows about 235F


Any input would be greatly appreciated.




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Check intake manifold for leaks

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On your electrical... check and clean all grounds. Also look at the batt cables themselves. Many have reported problems with cables being faulty internally


Had a crank re-learn done?

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I wire brushed and tightened both ends of ground from battery to block, same thing to ground from chassis to block, same thing to positive battery to alternator.


Does the 1996 need a crank relearn? If so, will the snapon ethos tool do that?


Thanks for the suggestions!!

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