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Artist rendering of 2014 silverado

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Seen this posted over on Silveradoss.com.. figured i would share.


I have no idea how close this is to the actual truck but from the few SPY pics that are posted up in this section, it looks to be right in line with the idea.


I like the drawing at least.. we'll have to wait and see what actually rolls off the line.

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i think the biggest changes are going to be in the interior. the existing exterior on the 900s isnt all that bad, it just needs an update. i think the rendering reflects that, although it could use a bigger bowtie and the split-cross bar should be solid. and im not a fan of the chrome surrounding the headlights- keep it to the grille. and the fender bulges seem excessive....but it is just a rendering though so we'll see.


Is the sierra changing also..Or just the silverado?



sierra is also.

and i feel like gm has been oddly quiet about it.

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