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Try iHeart Radio & Stitcher on your OGM1...

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If you're an Apple guy and you don't use these apps, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you plug them into your OGM1 - you'll get all the album artwork and data just as you would from your Pandora source, only without control from the deck, and both sources will pause when you receive a phone call and resume when you hang up as well.


If you're not familiar with either app, they're both free, and both allow access to hundreds, if not thousands of channels - iHeart Radio gives access to AM & FM stations from every state in the country, while Stitcher allows you to build your own stations from live radio and podcasts, and allows you to download content to your device so you don't have to burn data while driving to listen to your favorite stations - it's very cool!


iHeart Radio:


2012-10-15 18.13.26.jpg


2012-10-15 18.18.44.jpg




2012-10-15 18.33.05.jpg

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