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How to disable AFM?

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Dont mind me...I am just posting up my experience with AFM or DOD in case anyone wants to search for info on the subject. You will see plenty of search words in here, so some things might sound kinda obvious.

I bought a NNBS truck with Active Fuel Management and at first thought it was kinda novel. After about 2 weeks with it, I had to find out how to ditch it.

When I bought the truck, it had true dual exhaust running through glass packs. Not really my bag, but I had to run it that way for a week or so. At first I noticed a very slight change in exhaust note on the freeway and thought the truck was shifting in and out of overdrive. After a few seconds scrolling though the Driver Information Center I realized it was kicking in and out of "v4 mode" and "v8 mode"...kinda cool, right? not IMO.

A few days later I went to have a Flowmaster 50-Series installed running a single muffler with dual inlets and dual outlets. Now that I was no longer running a true dual exhaust, the exhaust made a distinct fluttering noise when the AFM kicked in. People on the boards say it sounds like a rice burner, but having owned many tuned imports, I disagree. An import can be tuned to sound just as sweet as a V8...although they rarely are. To me, the sound is more similar to the sound your tires make when you run over the ripple strips on the side of the highway that are supposed to get your attention if you veer off the road. So after a day of that kicking on and off, it got very annoying.

Now that I could plainly tell when the AFM was activating and deactivating, i could tell how much throttle response it was robbing from me. If I were to try and pass, I would press the pedal, the AFM would deactivate after about .5seconds and then the tranny would downshift another .5 seconds later. This was even more annoying and coupled with the terrible sound, it was intolerable.

So, I began trying to figure out how to disable AFM, which led me to tuners and, to make a long story short, led me to EFI Live. A friend and I split the cost on the EFI Live Scan and Tune V2 and starting "tooling" with it. Disabling the AFM is as easy as selecting it in a menu and hitting the "off" button. Actually tuning the tranny program is making the truck all-around more drivable and more responsive. The stock tranny tune is laughably lack-luster.

An alternative way to diable the AFM would be to have BlackBear or any other tuner include the disable in their tune. I think they do it for a very nominal cost.

Now, if you just want to get rid of the AFM drone, but keep the AFM option, you have to run true dual exhaust or stick with the stock exhaust. Again, I am not a rocket scientist and dont think I am. I just like to post things that I find useful so it can be found in a search by another n00b like me.

Jacob Hoppe
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I have just purchased a 2007 Chev1500 with AFM. This truck runs and drives great. I have noticed that when going down hill and then accelerating it puffs out white/weird smelling smoke. Is this a problem with the AFM. I would have thought valve seals,but not blue smoke and does not smell like oil??

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OLD thread revival.

There's a new player in this game:



Is competition good for the market or is it just imitation?

First off I have a 1026 Cc SB 6.2 8spd truck and I recently had the GM Borla catback dual exhaust installed at my local dealer. After the exhaust install I am annoyed when it changes from V8 to V4 at low speed, to me it sounds like a helicopter has started hovering on my tailgate. I looked at this Diablo unit and the Range device but I wanted to be able to just keep AFM from going on until I reached highway speed so I ordered a Hypertech Max Energy 2.0 part #2000. Seems to work well so far I have set the AFM to come on above 50mph I am pleased.

I do not mind the AFM at highway speeds, the 8spd and 6.2 are responsive enough that the V4 is hardly noticeable and I hope that helps maintain the current average of 20mpg. I am of course a bit concerned about the warranty but the Hypertech has a feature so you can put everything back to stock tune and to me WHY buy a new vehicle if you cannot customize and enjoy driving it.....

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The last 2 posts...........


At first glance, I'm not sure whether Lacross is referring to actual blue or white smoke.


MyFaveTruck.......seems to like AFM @ highway speeds; however, most of the anecdotal evidence seems to imply ring loading incurs when AFM is engaged, long term.


Not trying to disagree. Just trying to understand.

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On 9/17/2016 at 11:22 PM, lacrossedad said:

I have just purchased a 2007 Chev1500 with AFM. This truck runs and drives great. I have noticed that when going down hill and then accelerating it puffs out white/weird smelling smoke. Is this a problem with the AFM. I would have thought valve seals,but not blue smoke and does not smell like oil??

Doesnt white smoke indicat burning anti freeze . does smoke linger or disaper fast.

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Hybrids are their own special beast because from what I remember reading the OEM PCM computer is just a slave to the hybrid computer that all the thinking.


Even higher end programmers like HP Tuners and EFI Live do not want to work with Hybrid trucks.

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