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Need advice with adding a whole lot of electrical equipment

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Hey guys,


As a few of you know, I have air horns, meaning a compressor, tank, solenoid, ect, I also want to put the LED mod in the bed so I can see what I'm doing at night, as well as a 3 way switch so I have normal horns, like when I just want to lock my car without people three blocks away hearing it, amd air horns for when the oblivious prius driver does something stupid. Anyway, I want to put a few switches in the truck (I'm thinking somewhere around 5) because I found a few templates for five switches, meaning I need to add 5 new fuses, meaning I can find some way of getting enough power out of a single wire and split it with this: http://www.amazon.com/Bussmann-BP-15600-06-20-Quick-Connect/dp/B001BXKLNQ/ref=pd_sim_auto_1, or I can wire each fuse with a different tap, however the lights require something like 40A and I've yet to find a fuse tap that says that thats a good idea.


I guess long story short, I suck with wiring/fuses, whats the easiest way to get a 60A wire out of my fuse box? I'm assuming that fuse tap's won't like the load, and I know there's all sorts of sensors I'd hate to piss something off.




P.S. It's an 07 NBS LTZ Z71 5.3L

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I misread them... it's only like 2 Amps, bit of a big difference, but I was still thinking about putting new fuses in the stock box, now I might just have an "offset" fuse box with a kill switch for when I get out of the car.

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