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help with wheels for 35x12.5R20 Nitto tires


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So I am super tired of cleaning my chrome XD badland wheels. I have had them for a year and a half and I am totally ready to put them on CL. Anyways, the nitto trail grapplers are 35x12.50R20 and I plan on mounting them on a new BLACK wheel.


Will they fit on a 20x10 wheel?


Will the 20x9 XD monster OS: 18mm BS: 5.71" fit?




20x10, 6x135/5.5 OS: -12mm BS: 5.03"?


I think the 18mm OS will rub. Who out is running these or really knows what they are talking about. Thanks!

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35x12.50/18x9 +18 offset = rubbed a little plastic in reverse at full lock that hangs down up near the bumper. Probably be the same for you IMO since it looks like you have a 6" lift.


This took care of the rub:



35x12.50/18x10 -25 offset = rubbing bad on inner fender, had to cut metal and hammer on it(look up inner fender mod).



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