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Replaced parts but still have an issue

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I have been having some issues with my blower fan not working all the time and I could never figure out what was causing it. So this week i checked the voltage coming off the newly replaced blower resistor control module and I had power but when I plugged it into the blower it didn't spin. So the other day I went down to an auto recycler and got a few parts that I needed including a blower fan.


They tested the fan but just hooking it up straight to 12v to see if it spins, it worked. i went and swapped it into my truck and it didn't start spinning right away, i had to give the fan a spin to get it going and then it stayed on. The last few times starting the truck, the fan did the same thing but since it's put back in i wasn't able to spin it. I have to turn the speed all the way down on the dash and then shut off the hvac and turn it back on for it to start spinning again.


Anyone have any idea why a blower fan would be acting so funny? Once it gets going tho, it goes.

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I have a 2006 Sierra.


I did check the connectors on the resistor module. It's one of the brand new resistor modules that cost me $150. I had to splice the new resistor module to the existing wires so I soldered the 3 wires. I have voltage coming off the tail from the resistor to the motor.


I may end up having to buy a brand new motor to check to make sure it is the motor.

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My blower motor resistor went at about 220,000km and my blower motor resistor never did have any melting. It all of sudden just got in the stuck on with no smell of burning. I replaced the module the next day and that was last summer. The motor worked most of the time after that but this winter is when it went all whacky and I decided i really needed to get it fixed before it gets really cold up here.


A new blower motor is $301.40 CAD at my local dealership... Stupid canadian parts prices.


EDIT: Called some other local parts stores and NAPA had a blower motor for $118 and Auto Value had a motor for $109.80


They both asked me if I had a custom console or not and I have no idea what a custom console is.

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I don't have any idea what a custom console would be, but just take the old one with you and compare them.



That's exactly when I am going to do. Pull the one I have in there out when I walk into the store.

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