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Fuel Pressure testing on 1996 Silverado Z71 4x4 5.7L Vortec

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Ok, so I know my next step in getting my Baby running after 5 years is to test fuel pressure. My question is how do I do this? I know I need a fuel pressure gauge... what I need to know is where do i test it? I've looked for how-tos and cannot find specific to my year information. Everything I've read shows how-to, but the information doesn't match up to what I see under the hood.


I don't really want to sound like an idiot... I've just never worked on fuel injected vehicles, much less a Vortec.


And since we're on the subject, if fuel pressure is off, I need to next change fuel filter, correct? Wanna add on the step-by-step for this as well, please? :)


Thanks in Advance!



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Since it has been sitting, you might listen for the fuel pump to prime when you "key on". It could be shot. I would change the FF anyway


Testing port should be at the rear of engine on the fuel line. Will have a screw off cap on a schrader valve, attach pressure gauge there


Central SFI 60-66 psi key on engine off


Check the FPR. Remove the vacuum tube at the Fuel pressure reg and check for the presence of fuel. replace if found





(1) Fuel Pressure Regulator Assembly (2) Fuel
Meter Body (3) Fuel Line (4) Fuel Injector Assembly (5) Poppet Nozzle (6) Fuel Pressure Regulator Assembly

The fuel meter body assembly

is mounted to the lower portion of the intake manifold.

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