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5.3l 4 speed towing RPMs

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I think I may have asked about this before but its been a long time since I've towed heavy for very far. Im about to tow a load a few hundred miles and have a question about rpms. Im going to try and put it in D with tow mode activated and see how it goes. But incase it is shifting at every slight incline, I'll need to leave it in 3rd. Will it be okay if its running 3000 rpms in 3rd gear with tow mode activated? I kinda doubt it would be as high as 3000, but incase I do want to get my speed up that high would it be safe for the motor and trans?

'04 5.3l 4 speed with 3:73 gears.

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I usually pull 65 in 3rd, approx 2500 RPM. You're better off pulling it down to 3rd, it will get about the same fuel mileage, only in 3rd your transmission won't be shifting around the whole time.

Same here. These engines love to be held at the higher RPMs. 2500 to 3000 rpm all day long and will still get "decent" gas mileage. Like kstruckcountry said 65 in 3rd at 2500 RPM and I will average about 12-13 mpg in my truck hauling my travel trailer (4200lbs GVWR + gear/people in truck).
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I pull a camper that weighs ~6800 lbs when loaded, plus the family. I keep it in 3rd w/ T/H engaged, and use 2nd on steeper/longer hills. You can run these motors at 4000 rpm all day without issue, but I spend most of my time in 3rd @ 2500 rpm @ 65 mph (or less).

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Thanks for the info. I'll experiment with it some. At least I can rest easy knowing that 3000 rpms won't hurt anything incase they get that high. Now if I could just figure out how to deal with that drone from the exhaust when running high rpms ha.

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