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OGM1 Rear Audio Fixed! - Amazing Advent Team

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I just wanted to share my experience with my OGM1 navigation system. I just got a 2012 Acadia and wanted a nav system for it. I did my research and got an OGM1 from Walt at ADCMobile. He doesn't disappoint with his level of service and great install notes and videos.


Apparently there is a known issue with cars that have a separate rear audio control. The problem is that when the rear is turned on by someone in the back seat, the audio that was playing over the cabin speakers goes silent until the rear is turned off again. I found this very frustrating. Walt already had a firmware patch for me to try. Something to do with a tweak to the RSE. After banging my head a few times and repeating, still no luck.


Walt took the problem to the guys at Advent to see what they thought. First thought was to have me try again, so I did. After another unsuccessful attempt, the Advent guys really rolled up their sleeves and came up with a special firmware fix just for my situation. As they wrote:


"We have been working non-stop to figure out the problem. It all has to do with CAN code , timing of the command, and a very specific wave length of a pulsed command. From what we have learned it seems that these can vary"


I just gave it a try last night an eureka! Now everything is working perfectly, rear audio controls and all. For a while I though I was going to be out of luck, but Walt and the guys at Advent really came through. Thanks guys!


One question, if anyone knows. If a new firmware update comes out, will I lose my special rear audio fix again?


Thanks again! Amazing work. Very glad I picked-up an Advent.

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I have an 11 Acadia with the rear seat controls shutting off the sounds and the controls acting weird. I tried the beta update, which did not work. I just put in the new complete firmware update and it finally works great!!! I spoke with Walt and Advent several times, and have told Walt thanks and told him to forward this to the advent guys. Sounds like this was a more common problem with the Acadias for some reason....only problem is that the kids don't even care anymore....they have have iPods now with their own tunes.....

My ogm1 has had little quirks / issues, but Walt and advent have been very responsive in addressing them all.

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